Calling Business and Ministry Founders SERIOUS about making it rain success, clients, revenue, joy, clarity and power in their businesses and ministries.

If you are ready to make it RAIN, I invite you to take a closer look…

A No Fluff Trusted Mastery Program to Help You Easily Produce the Consistent Results and Provision You Need So You Can Fulfill Your Calling.

Be a Part of The Accelerate Fearless Success Inner Circle!

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During my more than 25 years of building businesses (and a ministry) there are several things that I have MASTERED.

These areas of mastery have enabled me to create a business that keeps growing, create a vault of highly sought-after trainings, certifications, and resources, build an international network of thousands, and become proficient in the transformational process that shifts you into “success mode” way faster than you can normally do on your own.

After many, many requests, I am committing to spending the next12 months pouring into an exclusive group of students who desire to MASTER achieving consistent and expanding results in their business and/or ministry.

Joining me will also be some of my top students who will be sharing from their own experience and expertise so that YOU can have the best education possible.

In order to move into increasing levels of success (all while working smarter and not harder so you have time to enjoy your family and life) you have to be maximized in all three dimensions of success:

  • Inward success (being clear about who you are, healed from your past, and knowing who you are in Christ and who He is in and operating with no insecurities or fear);
  • Upward success (clearly being connected to the Lord, His vision and instruction and and a clear connection to the Holy Spirit so you are in touch with your unique Heavenly Blue Print on a daily basis)
  • Outward success (the tactical habits, skills, actions and execution necessary to manifest your success).

This program will propel you into mastery in all three dimensions of success you can accelerate the results you desire.

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WARNING: If you can’t make at least a 12 month commitment to this process, this is not the program for you. Expanding your business is not something you just play around with and this process will take you past working your business at a hobby-level.

The Accelerate! Fearless Success Circle, my high-energy 12-month accountability and achievement program in which I will partner with you for an entire year to give you the structure you need to propel you to fulfill each and every one of your business (and personal) goals.

You’ll have access to my expertise, know-how and spiritual guidance DAILY. You can ask questions, apply what you’re learning, go through our training step by step and create results that you’ve been dreaming about but couldn’t get your finger on. star divider

As Christians our success should EXCEED whatever someone in the secular world can do without Jesus.

You have the keys to the Kingdom of God inside of you and this program guides you in unlocking and releasing these keys and the tools to be more successful so you can surpass every perceived limitation and move into “life and life more abundantly.”


Until now, the only way to work exclusively with me for business and ministry growth and development has been to set up private coaching session or to be a graduate of one of my advanced 12-week – 24-week advanced training or certification programs.

This costs between $300 for an hour or private coaching or consultation up to $800 – $1000 (and it will cost even more in the near future) for a advanced training or certification.

I am now offering a consistent and ongoing program to fully support you throughout the process of increasing your revenue.

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Accelerate Will Guide You In copy
  • Understanding and walking through all 7 Steps to Manifestation.
  • Taking you beyond your subconscious comfort zone and “familiar.”
  • Increasing your confidence, organization, motivation, inspiration, faith and focus.
  • Connecting you with powerful like-minded and like-spirited visionaries who are excited about your success.
  • Operating at a new level of discipline and focus with ease.
  • Providing a system of prioritization so you eliminate overwhelm.
  • Removing ALL fear from your vision-journey (which impacts EVERY area of your life).
  • Manifesting your three biggest goals in simple, daily steps that produce major results.
  • Grounding you deeper in the person God created you to be with no holding back.
  • Creating new systems, habits and behaviors that easily yield the results you desire.
  • Moving you to new heights in accessing the power of the Kingdom of God within you.
  • Increasing the resources and wealth to which you have access.

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Accelerate Exclusive Access copy
  • Weekly video trainings and updates from Ericka that take you deeper into mastery on each of the topics.
  • Monday 15-minute POWER calls (from 12 noon – 12:15 EST each week) to keep you aligned with your greatness and focused on making an impact.
  • Action Steps and Insights you can take immediately each week to elevate your results.
  • Complimentary reviews of your websites, product or program ideas, sales copy, or other business-building ideas that will keep your business moving forward.
  • Clear templates for you to outline your specific and most pivotal goals to achieve in this program.
  • Live daily interaction and accountability check-ins, encouragements and answers to your questions with Ericka in the Private Facebook Group for Accelerate Inner Circle Members ONLY.
  • LIVE laser and group coaching during the monthly Coaching Gym for Accelerate Members ONLY.
  • LIVE monthly calls every third Monday at 7:30pm EST – 9:00 pm EST with Ericka and the Accelerate Inner Circle Group (all calls are recorded if you can’t make them live).
  • Access to Ericka’s online learning center and her vault of NEVER BEFORE released teachings.
  • Weekly action and prophetic messages from Ericka to keep you energized and moving forward.
  • A system of structure and focus that keeps you on track and producing results.

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 Accelerate! Members Are Saying…


“I’ve found that the more I put into this process, the more I get out of it. I guess it’s true what the say, “showing up is half the battle.” Connecting with all of you through Accelerate has been a true gift for me. Accelerate is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you!” – J. Davis-Loeb

green-check “Accelerate has given the tools and support needed to rewrite my story that gives God glory! My job assignment is over and I am so excited to see what God has for me.! I have Sister-Leaders to love and support me in a safe Spirit – filled environment. THE KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE!”  – G. Davis

green-check “I quit my job and I’m right in the bull’s eye of my Assignment. My goals are on target to be met at the 12 month mark. What more can I say? This program has been one of pure and accelerated manifestation!” – W. Cotten

Your Investment:
$97.00 per month for 12 months

– OR –

a one time $897 payment
12 months with a $267 discount off regular price (a more than 20% savings!!!)


There is an application process to be accepted into Accelerate.
Please submit your information below and your application
will be immediately available.

 Once you fill out your application and return it to Ericka for consideration, Ericka may contact you with further questions before acceptance. You will be notified as to whether or not you have been accepted within 24 hours. Once you are accepted, please be prepared to handle your payment (monthly or full payment) within 48 hours. If you are unable to do this, please do not apply to Accelerate at this time.

About Ericka

ej-sitting-in-boss-chairfinal5x7-croppedEricka discovered her passion for entrepreneurship when she was just five years old.

This was the year that her family began a successful business where she worked every summer and spent countless hours learning the inside operations that create business success.

It was this knowledge and understanding that caused Ericka to start her first business on her 18th birthday. By the time Ms. Jackson graduated from college her workshops and speaking engagements were in demand nationally.

Ms. Jackson utilizes her strong business background to teach ministers how to build thriving ministries outside of the traditional church. She trains those called to business in how to grow their businesses to fulfill the vision for which it was created. She trains people all over the world how to step into the fullness of their power and calling and ministers and business-owners.

In 2001 she created The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class business and ministry training organization for Christians. She founded The International Alliance of Christian Business Women, where she facilitates women called to build successful businesses of impact (

Ericka is the author of numerous CDs, podcasts, articles, trainings, teaching tools and five books including The Power of Vision, The Fearless Living Challenge, Inside the Bulls-eye, When God Calls, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life and her most recent work, Your Heart is the Key. She is  the founder of The Kingdom Ministers Training Institute and serves on the Board of Directors for national and international ministries. Her work is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can learn more about Ericka and her life’s work at