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Ericka is on a mission to provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to fully live God’s purpose for your life and business. Help yourself to these ministry and personal success strategies for increasing your income and maximizing your success. Help yourself to these free Christian e-books, e-zines, articles, and pod casts.

When I moved from Seattle to Raleigh, Marjorie, a long time family friend, welcomed me and my daughter with open arms. We call her our Aunt Marjie. The first time we visited her home, she told us, “Make yourselves at home.” That meant helping yourself to food in the fridge, curling up on the couch with one of her magazines, changing the channels on the TV, and staying as long as we’d like. In the spirit of my Aunt Marjie, please help yourself to these tools and resources. Stay as long as you’d like. Make yourself at home…

eBooks and Special Reports

Top 7 Ministry Mistakes to Avoid Ebook CoverThe Top 7 Ministry Mistakes to Avoid eBook
This complimentary resource is a result of a personal study the Holy Spirit led Ericka to complete that takes a look at the top charismatic ministries over the last 100 years. What were the mistakes they made that either damaged their ministries or caused their demise? She shares her findings so others called to lead ministries that are predestined to make a large impact in the Kingdom of God.

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The Kingdom Ministry Manifesto
This complimentary resource helps you understand the difference between what Ericka calls “general Body ministry” and moving into the Kingdom of God. It outlines some of the challenges you may be experiencing with traditional religion and why you are longing for more. It also shares why even today’s churches and seminary programs are not truly equipping those the Lord has called to build His Kingdom.

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Free Audio Recordings

Now is Your Time mp3
14:17 min.

Open up and connect with your sense of urgency to commit to and live the fullness of God’s vision.

The 7 Components of Vision mp3
19:58 min.

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Learn the 7 components of vision and how to apply them to your life so you know God’s vision for your life. No more confusion between dreams, purpose, calling, etc.
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