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working woman stressedThere are many things in business that can cause anxiety and increased stress levels for Christian business women that may not affect non-Christian business owners in the same way. This stress is often in your “blind spot” and causes you to unknowingly back off of doing the very things you need to execute so the calling on your business can be fulfilled. Yet you can still be unclear about why things aren’t moving forward as forecasted.

When these stressors are present, the energy and creativity it takes to keep producing your desired results can dry up like a withering plant just waiting for more water. The follow-up calls that need to be made don’t get completed in a timely manner.  The products don’t get properly released to your target market. The marketing activities that your business needs to thrive do not get carried out. You may silently be frustrated and stop significant forward movement in your business.

As Christian business women we often do not feel like we have the space to admit that we have the same struggles and secret fears that plagues other business owners. We know that the scripture informs us that we should not worry or carry fear. We know that it promises that if we seek the kingdom and his righteousness first that all things shall be added unto us.

We know that Jesus did not give us the spirit of fear but yet it runs rampant in our businesses and lives without us even understanding what is really going on and its cause. We often lead with our hearts and can struggle with the many necessary aspects of building a business for longevity. Bits of shame can even sneak into our thought process because there is something deep within you that knows you should be doing better.

These stresses are caused by fear, which creates the existence of anxiety.

Here are a few of the things that cause Christian women undue stress in business:

  1. Fluctuating revenue. All-too-often Christian women do not enjoy focusing on the numbers of business. Over the last 7 years building Touch and Agree Christian Women’s Business Network, I have heard countless women declare, “I don’t like numbers!” or ” I am not good at the numbers.” This leaves you feeling a lack of  confidence in areas of fiscal management required to properly leverage to grow your business.
  2. Being spread too thin. Juggling family, taking care of ourselves and trying to get through our ever increasing to do lists while not always having the help we need to  can be exasperating. You can stay very busy handling the administrative aspects of your business and never get to the marketing and revenue-generating activities that keep your business thriving.
  3. Feeling isolated. As you build your business and handle all of the aspects of your family’s life (that you do so well that it might even be taken for granted), it is easy to look up and not have time to connect with other like-minded and like-spirited business visionaries like yourself.
  4. Lack of marketing clarity.  Women are amazing promoters and lousy marketers. We are great at sharing our upcoming programs or events with anyone who will listen (promoting) yet don’t always have the clarity about only promoting to those who need what you have to offer and can afford it (marketing).
  5. Lack of budget for outsourcing and hiring. Without the proper team on-board we can stay busy doing non-revenue producing activities and not operating in the fullness of our gifts. This keeps you in a tail-spin of frustration as you try to get everything done on your own while longing for the right people to get the vision of your business and help you carry it.
  6. Making decisions with our heart. Christian women are heart-people.  We are gifted at loving people and not so gifted at having the tough conversations that are an everyday part of doing business. From hiring and firing to writing proposals to saying no to opportunities that don’t fit with your vision, moving beyond making decisions only with your heart can be uncomfortable and quietly add to your stress factor.
  7. The guilt of greatness. Traditional teachings that value humility and meekness can often stop you from boldly putting your products and services out to those who need them. There may be something within trying to convince yourself that it is not okay to openly market your offerings and ask for the sale. And have a bank account that is constantly filling up as as you do so. It is not only okay to fully accept and express your inner  greatness; it is necessary to fulfill the calling on your business.

All of these things can paralyze us and keep us from moving forward. But make no mistake about it, each one of these things is a manifestation of fear. Once you clearly identify which of these stressors potentially keep you up at night you can go through a process of completely eliminating them from your business so you can enjoy every minute of building a powerful business enterprise and walk in success with no fear or hesitation.

I will be walking a select group of business women through the a specific process of eliminating these stressors and more this weekend at the Business Breakthrough Day: Walking in Fearless Success. Click Here to Learn More.

Dedicated to Your Success,



There is so much going on that I decided to lay a quick video to share some great developments with you. I also wanted to take a moment to go into a bit more depth on one of the most challenging aspects of upleveling.

You can read the full teaching on The 7 Rules of  Upleveling by Clicking Here. Enjoy!

Dedicated to Your Success,


Business woman.There is a word for the process of God moving you into new dimensions and levels of success and achievement – upleveling.

When you uplevel, it is a palpable and clear shift that you can feel as you move to new heights. Upleveling is powerful and part of the process of achieving success but there are some aspects of upleveling that no one shares with you yet it is part of the process.

Here are a few rules of upleveling that will help you navigate your elevation so you can enjoy a smooth transition into new heights of success:

1. The old must go.
You cannot take the old beliefs, habits, mindsets or patterns into your new reality. Take some time to identify that old behaviors that are no longer supporting where you are and where you are going.

2. Everyone cannot come with you. You will see a shift in your relationships with you as you move into new heights and dimensions of success. This can be an emotional experience so make sure you take time to let your heart heal from those who you cannot bring along. The key to this this is to remember that there are plenty of new friends and acquaintances who will welcome you to the new level with open arms.

3. Clean up the inconsistencies. What are those areas that are no longer consistent on who you’ve become. One of the most challenging areas of inconsistency for visionaries is “the gap.” Vision always proceeds provision so there is usually a gap between where you are in building your vision and the balance of your bank accounts. Make sure you close the gaps of inconsistency as you move upward and onward.

4. It is not about you. As your work gets out in the world, make sure you have done your self-work and you are clear that is it about the work and not about you. Make sure you stay grounded and always remember what you’ve come through so you do not start carrying arrogance or false humility.

5. Stay on top of the little things. As more and more people become familiar with your name and work, it will be easy to fall behind in taking care of the small details that keep you organized and not overwhelmed. One of the little things to make sure you are handling is your rest, balance and self-care.

6. Manage the isolation and share more of yourself at the same time. One of the challenges with upleveling is that you become more public and can feel more alone simultaneously. Make sure you take time to pray for the right mentor who has already achieved what you are moving into and will not be threatened by your success so you can always feel like there is someone who understands what you are going through. The hardest part of this is that it is all-too-often NOT your family members and spouse who will understand and this can feel frustrating.

7. There will be counterfeits. One your way to new growth and progress, you will meet a lot of “counterfeits.” A counterfeit is a person who says they can help you, but they really aren’t assigned to the vision so they don’t last. I always think of counterfeits as those sent to better prepare me for the ones God set aside to help me move ahead.  Be grateful for the counterfeits because they prepare you to be ready for your dream team.

Most of all, enjoy the process. It always takes more time to get ready than you think it will because God has more refining to do in you. Success is all about the quiet work you do in the background while no one is looking. If you diligently move forward in obedience everyday when no one is looking, God will bring you out of hiding and present you powerfully when all to whom He has called you takes notice. Be present to the process and relish the time you have to yourself because one day soon those moments of quiet intention will be traded in for people seeking out your gifts, talent and expertise.

Here’s to smooth transitions and  happy upleveling!

Dedicated to Your Success,



Once my first alarm goes off in the morning, I hit the snooze button, then take that time to make the transition into “awakeness” by asking the Lord http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-business-people-holding-word-vision-arms-raised-image39650813on what He would like me to focus on or share that day. On Monday of this week, He gave me three words. Having these three words actively working in your life and vision will create massive results.

These three words are:

1. Challenge.
2. Accountability.
3. Consistency.

You are not be the same person you were yesterday. Each and every day is an opportunity to close the gap between who God created you to be and where you were yesterday. Every day your habits need to be refined so you create the results you desire to see in your business and ministry. New levels of challenge, accountability and consistency will do this.

Challenge. In order to accelerate the tasks that you are crossing off of your To-Do list, you must first challenge yourself. It is far too easy for you to remain at the same level of comfort for days, months or even years at a time. This just won’t do.

In order to move forward, you must constantly challenge yourself to be better, bigger, bolder each day. Stretch yourself. Keep stretching yourself until living in that place of constant stretching becomes normal for you. Don’t allow yourself to become comfortable with anything less than the results you need to produce to operate at the level to which you are called.

Accountability. A funny thing happens when you commit to being extraordinary. You have less and less people who are “flying at your altitude.” This means less and less people to even understand what you are building, not to mention helping to hold you accountable and on task.

This is when your vision becomes between just you and God and it is easy to cease holding yourself accountable because you are already doing more than most. Yet, you know that there is so much more in you that needs to be expressed and released to produce the results to which you are called. You must have a powerful form of accountability, preferably to more than one person so you can take advantage of the capacity for success of more than one person.

I have learned that others actually have a capacity or limit for YOUR success. When you brush up against the limits of their capacity for YOUR success, you will recognize it because they will either begin to say snide, biting comments about you or themselves in relation to how your success is making them feel.

This is why is it important for you to connect with multiple people to keep you accountable, focused and holding your “feet to the fire” to push you and encourage you dig deeper than you have ever dug before and experience more than you have ever achieved before. Once you are challenging yourself on a regular basis and have a team to hold you accountable, then comes the final ingredient to this trinity.

Consistency. Consistency takes you deeper than the goal, or outcome, to what it takes to naturally create that goal. I all-too-often hear people say that something (that diet, that training program, that gym membership, that new planner, etc.) did not work for them. It is not the program that did not work for them; it is that they did not develop the necessary consistency to get the result of achieving their goals. When your activities, habits and behaviors change, your goal is easily realized.

Being consistent requires that you have support structures that keep you focused and your eyes solely on the consistency at-hand so no distractions seep in and you can remain consistent no matter how you are feeling, whether you have or have not, or what circumstances are showing up in your life.

When you have all three of these things solidly in place, which takes practice and a process, you will easily SOAR into the reality of your goals being attained and your vision being fulfilled.

And, as always, enjoy!

With Love and Dedication to Your Success,



big-girl-pantiesThis is the time to DIG-IN. Or as my best friend and I put it this week, “It’s time to put on our big girl (woman) pants (okay, we actually said, “panties,”) and make some things happen!” It’s time to do all that you already have learned to do but have not make the time or aligned effort to complete.

The Lord has shown you in what areas He is calling you up to a new level of focus and discipline, it is now up to you to make it happen.

Discipline (Self-Control/Temperance) is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit and it is a natural part of who you are. You are already disciplined.

The question is, in what are you being disciplined and consistent? If there are things you are doing that no longer serve where you are desiring to be, it is time to drop those old ways and habits and diligently work on adopting new behaviors that support who God has called you to be. This increases your joy and makes life much more enjoyable! 

Being strong spiritually without the mental where-with-all to follow-through and complete what you know spiritually can leave you feeling frustrated and like something is missing. It can leave you feeling pressure without knowing precisely what to do about it to keep moving forward. It can leave you knowing you are called to BIG things but experiencing overwhelm and isolation on the way to making things happen. It can also leave you feeling unclear and not knowing exactly what your next step should be.

You must create a strong mindset and new habits that push you beyond where you have ever been before.

One of my favorite mentors shared something that truly elevated my understanding of discipline. He shared, “Discipline sets your value in the marketplace.” DEEP! And SO true!

If you want more from your results, business and ministry, your level of discipline must move to a new level.

Is it be time to get to bed earlier so your mind is fresh and operating at peak level?

Is it time for you to set some clear office hours to build your vision (block them out on your calendar and make sure you show up when you say you will)?

It is time to utilize your calendar and time management tools consistently?

Is it time to release foods that do not support having natural high-energy from your diet?

Is it time to set aside prospecting time in which you are picking up the phone and connecting with your target market consistently every day?

Is it time to increase your time in the presence of the Lord so you can receive His specific instruction and begin each day completely aligned with you He created you to be in every area of your life?

For me, a major shift is not only to get my full 8 hours of rest, it is honoring my body by exercising daily. As a past athlete, my body needs movement and to be pushed in order to feel it’s best. It is time for me to incorporate this this is a new habit and do this no matter what is going on in my world – whether I feel like it or not.

As you move to new levels of discipline, remember that your vision is only as good as your temple. If your body is tired and drained, then God’s vision comes through you tired and drained. This is also a time of heightened self-care and renewal. Take the time to feel balanced, clear and strong as the Lord moves you to higher heights of discipline.

Here’s to moving to new levels (upleveling)! Last but not least, remember to enjoy the process.

Dedicated to Your Success,