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Once my first alarm goes off in the morning, I hit the snooze button, then take that time to make the transition into “awakeness” by asking the Lord http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-business-people-holding-word-vision-arms-raised-image39650813on what He would like me to focus on or share that day. On Monday of this week, He gave me three words. Having these three words actively working in your life and vision will create massive results.

These three words are:

1. Challenge.
2. Accountability.
3. Consistency.

You are not be the same person you were yesterday. Each and every day is an opportunity to close the gap between who God created you to be and where you were yesterday. Every day your habits need to be refined so you create the results you desire to see in your business and ministry. New levels of challenge, accountability and consistency will do this.

Challenge. In order to accelerate the tasks that you are crossing off of your To-Do list, you must first challenge yourself. It is far too easy for you to remain at the same level of comfort for days, months or even years at a time. This just won’t do.

In order to move forward, you must constantly challenge yourself to be better, bigger, bolder each day. Stretch yourself. Keep stretching yourself until living in that place of constant stretching becomes normal for you. Don’t allow yourself to become comfortable with anything less than the results you need to produce to operate at the level to which you are called.

Accountability. A funny thing happens when you commit to being extraordinary. You have less and less people who are “flying at your altitude.” This means less and less people to even understand what you are building, not to mention helping to hold you accountable and on task.

This is when your vision becomes between just you and God and it is easy to cease holding yourself accountable because you are already doing more than most. Yet, you know that there is so much more in you that needs to be expressed and released to produce the results to which you are called. You must have a powerful form of accountability, preferably to more than one person so you can take advantage of the capacity for success of more than one person.

I have learned that others actually have a capacity or limit for YOUR success. When you brush up against the limits of their capacity for YOUR success, you will recognize it because they will either begin to say snide, biting comments about you or themselves in relation to how your success is making them feel.

This is why is it important for you to connect with multiple people to keep you accountable, focused and holding your “feet to the fire” to push you and encourage you dig deeper than you have ever dug before and experience more than you have ever achieved before. Once you are challenging yourself on a regular basis and have a team to hold you accountable, then comes the final ingredient to this trinity.

Consistency. Consistency takes you deeper than the goal, or outcome, to what it takes to naturally create that goal. I all-too-often hear people say that something (that diet, that training program, that gym membership, that new planner, etc.) did not work for them. It is not the program that did not work for them; it is that they did not develop the necessary consistency to get the result of achieving their goals. When your activities, habits and behaviors change, your goal is easily realized.

Being consistent requires that you have support structures that keep you focused and your eyes solely on the consistency at-hand so no distractions seep in and you can remain consistent no matter how you are feeling, whether you have or have not, or what circumstances are showing up in your life.

When you have all three of these things solidly in place, which takes practice and a process, you will easily SOAR into the reality of your goals being attained and your vision being fulfilled.

And, as always, enjoy!

With Love and Dedication to Your Success,



big-girl-pantiesThis is the time to DIG-IN. Or as my best friend and I put it this week, “It’s time to put on our big girl (woman) pants (okay, we actually said, “panties,”) and make some things happen!” It’s time to do all that you already have learned to do but have not make the time or aligned effort to complete.

The Lord has shown you in what areas He is calling you up to a new level of focus and discipline, it is now up to you to make it happen.

Discipline (Self-Control/Temperance) is a Fruit of the Holy Spirit and it is a natural part of who you are. You are already disciplined.

The question is, in what are you being disciplined and consistent? If there are things you are doing that no longer serve where you are desiring to be, it is time to drop those old ways and habits and diligently work on adopting new behaviors that support who God has called you to be. This increases your joy and makes life much more enjoyable! 

Being strong spiritually without the mental where-with-all to follow-through and complete what you know spiritually can leave you feeling frustrated and like something is missing. It can leave you feeling pressure without knowing precisely what to do about it to keep moving forward. It can leave you knowing you are called to BIG things but experiencing overwhelm and isolation on the way to making things happen. It can also leave you feeling unclear and not knowing exactly what your next step should be.

You must create a strong mindset and new habits that push you beyond where you have ever been before.

One of my favorite mentors shared something that truly elevated my understanding of discipline. He shared, “Discipline sets your value in the marketplace.” DEEP! And SO true!

If you want more from your results, business and ministry, your level of discipline must move to a new level.

Is it be time to get to bed earlier so your mind is fresh and operating at peak level?

Is it time for you to set some clear office hours to build your vision (block them out on your calendar and make sure you show up when you say you will)?

It is time to utilize your calendar and time management tools consistently?

Is it time to release foods that do not support having natural high-energy from your diet?

Is it time to set aside prospecting time in which you are picking up the phone and connecting with your target market consistently every day?

Is it time to increase your time in the presence of the Lord so you can receive His specific instruction and begin each day completely aligned with you He created you to be in every area of your life?

For me, a major shift is not only to get my full 8 hours of rest, it is honoring my body by exercising daily. As a past athlete, my body needs movement and to be pushed in order to feel it’s best. It is time for me to incorporate this this is a new habit and do this no matter what is going on in my world – whether I feel like it or not.

As you move to new levels of discipline, remember that your vision is only as good as your temple. If your body is tired and drained, then God’s vision comes through you tired and drained. This is also a time of heightened self-care and renewal. Take the time to feel balanced, clear and strong as the Lord moves you to higher heights of discipline.

Here’s to moving to new levels (upleveling)! Last but not least, remember to enjoy the process.

Dedicated to Your Success,



After all of the time and energy I put into guiding you in doing your spiritual work, I am clear that manifesting the fullness of your business or ministry vision is a matter of mindset.

It is so important to not only spend time developing your spiritual life. You must spend just as much time strengthening Businesswoman by Computersyour mindset so you keep only focusing forward no matter what circumstances or obstacles that come your way.

Being highly spiritually developed without an unshakable mindset leaves you like a body builder who spends all of her time lifting weights to develop her upper body, but she has chicken legs that can barely keep her standing.

Having an immoveable mindset enables you to access and release the untapped potential of your mind so you can naturally accelerate your clarity and productivity and fulfill your high calling in business or ministry without a hitch.

When your mindset is fully focused on manifesting your vision, you easily glide over life’s challenges, obstacles and setbacks with joy and determination.

When your mind is not strong, you easily get discouraged and can begin to feel isolated. Obstacles seem bigger than they are and begin to slow down your progress.

You all-too-often find yourself venting about what is not working or dreaming about what your life would be like if things were going better. Not to mention the extra trips to the pantry to grab yet another cookie that you tried to talk yourself out of.

You can even find it difficult to do the very things that will keep you moving toward obtaining your goals.

Last week I received a call from Debbie, one of the graduates of my Ministry MasteryTM course, who was wondering if I ever had to deal with crazy circumstances while I was building my vision. I laughed as I thought back over the many, many challenges that seemed insurmountable at the time they came into my path.

She shared that it seemed to look so easy for me and that she couldn’t imagine that I had to overcome massive difficulties to keep moving forward. She thought that what she was going through was unique to her situation.

Overcoming hurdles, obstacles and limitations is simply part of the process of manifesting the vision God has placed on your business or ministry.

In my more than 14 years on this journey of creating a thriving business and ministry, there have been more challenges than I care to count.

Building a business as a single mother with a demanding 5 year-old, starting a business without a penny in savings or capital, having every possible financial challenge come my way, being a target for spiritual hindrances to come my way and being called both to train business owners and minsters (when just one of these Kingdom assignments in huge) just to name a few.

If it was not for the fact that my parents deeply instilled a strong mindset in me all of my life, I would have crumbled under the “bigness” of my calling and gotten derailed from my vision path many times over.

It is time to connect, activate and harness the dormant power of your mind to fulfill the spiritual calling and destiny on your life.

This requires an intentional investment of time, practice and intentional focus to strengthen your mind for the next level of success.

Here are a few of the basics that will get you moving in the right direction to have an unshakeable mindset:

1. Identify from where your thoughts come.

2. Pull down every thought that is not aligned with where you are going.

3. Reframe old thoughts and beliefs.

No more feeling strong in the spirit and not being steady emotionally and mentally so you can wake up each and every morning with laser-beam-like focus and tenacity to walk through your day efficiently and energetically.

You can do this!

In fact, having an unshakeable mindset is so important to what you are called to do that I teamed up with an amazing woman to teach the comprehensive process of developing an unshakeable mindset.

If you are ready to take this work deeper, for the first time, my course, Developing an Unshakeable Mindset for Success, is available as a home study course.

I pray that it is the missing link you have been asking for that will catapult your vision to new heights and dimensions of success.



Dedicated to Your Success,


Business Breakthrough Day Header

A Day Long Business Intensive
Saturday, September 27th, 2014
Lead Mine Rd
Raleigh, NC

9:30 am – 4:30 pm EST

Attention: If you’re an entrepreneur serious about understanding some key insights and steps that will help you end 2014 with a ‘bang’, this is for you!

Business Breakthrough Day Subtitle

woman in sun

Finally…a single day that can catapult your business forward and help you achieve every one of your business goals before the end of the year.

arrow_s3_orange4_sh Have you been working hard all year and still have some business goals for this year that have yet to be achieved?

arrow_s3_orange4_sh Are you working long hours in your business and are ready for your work to pay off in bigger ways?

arrow_s3_orange4_shDo you have a future vision for your business for which the last quarter of the year can get you in perfect position?

arrow_s3_orange4_sh Are you putting forth a lot of effort that has achieved only a fraction of the revenue your business needs to earn so you can easily cover all of your overhead and costs to grow your business?

arrow_s3_orange4_sh Are you craving some time to strategize how to shift from the tactical level of your business to the transformation level?

It is time to shift your long hours and hard work into increased strategic moves that yield predictable results, profits and expand your client-base as you get the message of your business out in an irresistible way.

There is still time to make some pivotal shifts that will catapult your business forward to achieve the goals that will elevate your business for months to come.

It is time to GO! 
(But do it much smarter in a way that is fun and yields some serious results!)

traffic lights

You’ve been  working at your business for even more years and you are ready to stop the hurried juggling and worry about money and move into a comprehensive process helps you in three key areas so you can move from “owning a job” to growing an business of impact:

checkmark Having an effective product and service offering system.

checkmark Easily and deeply connecting with your target market in a way that keeps them buying from you.

checkmark Having the time and productivity to implement these three keys to make a huge shift forward in your      business.

excitment3After more than six years of co-founding and perfecting Touch and Agree (TAG) Christian Women’s Business Network, which meets during the business day on third Fridays, I have heard over and over again from Business Owners who can’t get away during the day, but would love to attend a TAG event because the training truly impacts businesses and moves them forward.

After listening closely to Christian Business Women’s desires and frustrations, I have designed a day that will have great impact on their business.

I have the rare gift of being in the “laboratory” of what makes the hearts, minds and spirits of Christian Business women soar in the business world.

Whether you are currently a solo-prenuer or you are building a team to help you manifest your business vision, it is imperative that you take some time to step away from running your business to working ON your business so your work is done with ease and enjoyment, instead of feeling constantly stretched and panicked about acquiring your next client or waiting for your next invoice payment.

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 Here’s what you can expect…

Key 1 Subtitle


Move from responding to the financial needs of your business to a proactive, profit-increasing process.

Activate the power of your product and service portfolio so your clients have access to all of the wisdom, expertise, and know-how you have to offer at highly-valued price points.

In this portion of the training, you will learn how to:

checkmark Streamline your product and service offerings by implementing a clear, succinct path of products and services that consistently yield increased profits and more clients without feeling pressure to constantly create new offerings.

checkmark Know precisely what your clients desire next so they can keep reaching their objectives.

checkmark Set up a comprehensive training and support process for your clients and customers that maximize their lifetime value.

Key 2 Subtitle


Your ability to connect your products and services with the right people who highly value what you are offering and are ready to invest in themselves is paramount to your business success.

arrow_s3_orange4_shIs your marketing all over the place and inconsistent?

arrow_s3_orange4_shAre you unclear as to what your precise marketing activities should be with so many directions you can go?

arrow_s3_orange4_shDo you have a hard time finding all of the time you need for marketing with all that is already on your plate in your business?

arrow_s3_orange4_shAre you getting good feedback but not connecting or turning those connections into customers and sales?

In this portion of the training, you will learn how to:

checkmark  Clearly and concisely identify your daily marketing activities that will lead to increased customers, sales and results with a simple marketing formula that is unique to your strengths and passions so it feels light, fun and inviting (instead of something that is always lurking because you know it has to be done but you can’t seem to find the joy in it).

checkmark  Eliminate all ineffective marketing and promotions activity that is not producing high-yield results in sales and increased clients and customers.

checkmark  Clarify your business anthem so your potential clients easily recognize you above the chatter of the marketplace to know that you and your business are what they need to connect with.


Key 3 Subtitle


This is the time of year when our schedules need to be “tightened-up” to improve your productivity so you can generate more revenue no matter how much you have to get done.

arrow_s3_orange4_shHave you been asking yourself, “WHEN am I going to get all of this done!!?”

It is easy to learn more and more of what needs to be done, but grow continuously more frustrated because you do not have the time to implement what will yield the results you desire. 

In this portion of the training, you will learn:

checkmark  You will learn some critical time and energy management techniques and tools that will help you carve out the time to implement these three critical keys to business success.

checkmark  Learn some simple advanced techniques that seemingly expand your time and effectiveness.

checkmark  Easily implement the one thing that a multi-millionaire friend and colleague of mine shared with me that will transform your productivity.

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Your Registration Includes:

  • A full training notebook
  • Ready-to-implement plans the moment you return to your office
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Connections and resources to keep you inspired and moving forward

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Your Investment:

if registered by midnight on Wednesday, September 24th

$227 after the 24th

Register Now greenYour 2nd payment is due no later than the Business Breakthrough Day.

extra bonus

The first 5 people to register with full payment receive a FREE Private Breakthrough Coaching Session with Ericka (A $250 value) that will uncover any blind spots and help you identify the fastest and most effective way to take your business to new heights.

You will be notified of your coaching session via email to schedule your coaching session.



About Ericka Subtitle

Ej standing hand no bck copy

Ericka discovered her passion for entrepreneurship when she was just five years old. She is a 3rd generation business owner and building business is literally in her blood!

Growing up in a successful entrepreneurial family demonstrated the power of impacting lives and communities through creating employment and opportunities for others. She started her first business when she was only 18 years old.

Ericka is the creator of the P12 Business-building system™ for  Touch and Agree (TAG) Christian Women’s Business Network, the organization she co-founded that guides Christian Business Women in growing thriving businesses.

Her strategic edge is that she not only brings years of insight and tactical business expertise, she also carries a profound spiritual understanding that removes all spiritual and mental barriers that are hindering business owners from building the thriving businesses of they envision.

She is the creator of numerous articles, trainings, teaching tools and five books including The Power of Vision, The Fearless Living Challenge, Inside the Bulls-eye, When God Calls and her most recent work, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life. She is also the founder of The Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute. Her business is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her newest book, Uplevel and Rise: The Christian Woman’s Guide to Business Success will be available in early 2015.  You can learn more about Ericka and her life’s work at www.erickajackson.com.

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Sponsored by
TAG Logo White



Vision Elevation Package Header


God placed a vision within you to bring forth for such a time as this. In order to achieve the fullness of your vision, there are a few tools you need so you are fully equipped to move forward in humility, power and boldness.

This Vision Elevation Package helps you clearly identify your vision and the gifts and talents the Lord has given you to bring it forth and then know how to carve out the time to get it done.

One of my areas of passion is time and energy management and I truly lay out all of the components of Christ-centered productivity that literally supernaturally stretches the time you need to bring forth your vision in one of my best teachings ever, Time Management Mastery: The 7 Keys to Effective Christ-Centered Productivity.

My eBook, The Power of Vision: Recognizing God’s Call helps you become clear about what God has called you to do and precisely what gifts and talents He gave you to know how He called you to manifest it.

Once you are clear about your vision, I am often asked, “Ericka, how do I make a smooth transition from my day job to working in my business or ministry on a full-time basis in a way that can financially support me?” I have answered this question by guiding you in creating a clear path of transition in the eBook, When God Calls: Living God’s Vision For Your Life.

Once you are clear about your vision and have developed a clear plan to fully live it, then comes the next question, “When in the world do I get all of this done?!” While the Lord gives you His vision for your life, He seldom tells you the specifics of when and how to get it done. Enjoy! – Love, Ericka

 It’s Time to Power Up and Bring it!!!

Time Management Mastery audio teaching 3D Cover2

Time Management Mastery: The 7 Keys to Effective Christ-Centered Productivity Business Training and  Handout

Second to knowing your calling, creating the time to get it done is the next important thing to living the life for which you were created.

After more than 22 years of studying time management and productivity, I have become a master of time and energy management and shares her best tips, techniques and tools in this life-changing teaching. Learn how to keep Christ first and get all you are called to do done with energy left over. MP3 Audio training (a $47 Value).

Your Vision Elevation Package also includes:

The Power of Vision: Recognizing God’s Call eBook

The Power of Vision 3D Book Cover
Vision. Calling. Purpose. Dreams, etc. What is
the difference and how do you understand these differences in order to become crystal clear on how to manifest all God has created you to do
with the specific gifts and talents He has bestowed upon you? This quick and simple
shows you how (a $9.95 Value).

When God Calls: Living God’s Vision For
Your Life eBook

When God Calls 3D Book Image

This is the book Ericka wishes she had when
she was called out of corporate America
into full-time ministry and business. Learn
how to identify the signs of timing and make
a smooth financial transition from your secular job to your business or ministry in this step-by-step guide (a $15.95 Value).

(a $73 value)

order-now_1-6_blueYou will be emailed the files for immediate download.

This Offer Expires on Monday, September 15th at midnight.