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What a great year 2015 was! It was a year of revealing and positioning for me. Great progress was made, but it also seemed like there was something else going on. There were many things in my life and in others that were promised but did not seem to come to pass.

I just had to ask the Lord what happened. He replied to me, “So many of my children were in fear that they did not obey the call and instruction that I gave them [in 2015].”

He then continued, “These things are not denied, but they have been delayed.” Deep!

2015 was the warm-up for what is about to manifest in your life in 2016! It is going to be awesome!!!

I share three ways to make 2016 your best year ever in the video. Fear blocks your belief and therefore your blessings. It is time to launch into 2016 with NO FEAR whatsoever. Enjoy!

Love, Ericka


I became a step-mother over the weekend.Close-up of four business executives standing in a line and applauding

My husband’s fifteen-year-old daughter moved in with us from Long Island, New York.

While I am very grateful and excited at the opportunity to pour into her and help her become the woman God created her to be, I realized two things as we sat at the dinner table last night.

The first is that I need more chairs. Somehow over the years, two of the four chairs have disappeared. This is okay when there are two of us, but not okay when God adds more to the mix. This is the easy one.

The second is that greatness needs to be modeled.

Greatness is being notable; remarkable or exceptionally outstanding.

Greatness doesn’t need an introduction, it simply IS. It doesn’t need fanfare, it announces it’s own presence. And people take notice.

When someone recognizes the presence of greatness, there are only two possible reactions. Either they are inspired and rise to a new level, or their inadequacy surfaces and tries to attack or reduce the greatness (or the person operating in greatness) so they feel more comfortable.

Always choose to rise in the presence of greatness.

Someone walking in true greatness seems elusive. Almost impossible.

This is because few people have ever witnessed it without other areas of our lives being deeply off-kilter and out of integrity.

Most people never see true greatness demonstrated. They never witness what true excellence looks like so they remain at their current level and never rise to new standards and ways of operating.

While it is wonderful to talk to someone and share with them what they should do to improve their lives, it is much better to simply model it. Without saying a word, demonstrate what greatness looks like in every area of your life. They will notice. They will rise to the occasion and the standard which you create.

If you look around and don’t see anyone modeling greatness, just become the model.  You do not need someone else’s permission to be great. Don’t wait on anyone else to lead the way. It is who you are.

I realized that the key to truly being an inspiration to the newest addition to our family is not to talk about it. BE it.

It means taking a good, long look at myself and noticing what areas are off and getting them in alignment with who I know God created me to be. I know exactly where to begin.

Here are a few steps to becoming a model of greatness:

1. Choose An Area For Greatness. In what area of your life do you desire to uplevel? Avoid the urge to work on more than three areas at a time. You have a certain bandwidth (your current capacity to get things done) with which God created you and you don’t want to overwhelm your bandwidth. When you overwhelm your current bandwidth you end up not getting anything done.

2. Identify Your Greatness. Before you can model anything, you have to know what it looks like. How it moves. What it feels like. Take some time to discover and get really clear about what greatness looks like for you in the area(s) of your life you are seeking to improve and uplevel.

3. Clarify the Vision. Get a clear image of what it will look and feel like when you are walking in it it. Sit with it. Literally. Take some time first thing in the morning to sit and truly allow yourself to FEEL what having greatness manifest this particular area of your life will feel like.

4. Make the Connection. Once you have chosen, identified and clarified, the next step is to DECIDE. In order to decide, you have to make the internal connection with what it is you want to accomplish. It is not enough to want or hope for something, you must decide that no matter what, you will do whatever it takes to get it done.

5. Take the Steps. Once you have truly made the connection that you are willing to do whatever it takes, then it is time to map out the steps it will take to get it done. Where are you today in this area? Where do you desire to be? What behaviors do you need to uplevel? What steps stand between where you are in this area of your life right now and where you want to be? It is okay if you don’t know all the steps. You have at least one step you can take to move forward. God seldom gives you all the steps. He tends to only give you up to three steps at a time. Have faith and He will provide the step-by-step process to move this area of your life into total alignment with what you truly desire.

6. Have fun! Make it a game. Challenge yourself to do better everyday. No beating yourself up. No looking back. Just keep moving forward and you will arrive at your greatest Self in every area of your life.

When you uplevel every area of your life into greatness, your business can’t help but to reflect greatness. Greatness must express itself. It must manifest. It cannot be hidden. It HAS to shine.

Here’s to expressing your greatness!

Dedicated to Your Success,



Happy New Year! Today is the first day of the New Year of the Jewish calendar, which is critical for all of us. This year has been a year of positioning, order and pivoting so the last three-and-a-half months of your year can be explosive!

This is a time of intense focus and execution. You have moved to new heights in your capacity to carry out the critical activities that will move your business forward.

This is a time of increase and expansion for your business. It is also a time that you cannot afford to carry ANY fear into this New Year.

If you are still dealing with procrastination, holding back or hesitation, get enrolled in the upcoming Freedom From Fear Forever Telecourse.

Take a peek at this video so you can be prepared for a powerful finish in the remaining months of this (traditional) calendar year.

Dedicated to Your Success,


Greetings! shutterstock_267178457

There are five levels of fearlessness in which you were created to walk in and experience. When you are fearless on EVERY level, fear won’t even cross your mind. You will never have to push against fear again. It will be gone forever.

When you master all FIVE levels…you are unstoppable.

Yet, most people have not even mastered the very first level.

The Five Levels of Fearlessness are:

1. The Thought Level – When you are fearless on this level, fear does not even cross your mind. There is no doubt, hesitation or negative self-talk you have to overcome. It simply does not exist anymore.

2. The Spiritual Level – When you are fearless at this level, the spirit of fear is no longer in you or cannot come near you. Your Holy boldness increases and you truly become unshakeable.

3. The Experiential Level – This is when you are outwardly manifesting your fearlessness in your business, ministry and every area of your life.

4. The Provision Level – You know you are at this level when you have no fear around provision and finances. If God called you out of your job tomorrow, you would not veer, waver or even so much as get nervous because you KNOW He has you. You are able to “pull down” supernatural resources and are focused and centered whether you have or have not.

5. The Kingdom Level – This is when you are moving in the fullness of what you are called to do on the earth. You are walking in the full dominion, power and authority of Jesus and He is using you mightily for His works and His greater works to be ushered in.

You know that God did not give you the spirit of fear…Yet 98% of the Body of Christ is still silently struggling with fear.

You will leave this experience with a whole new understanding of fear and a deep connection with other people soaring to new heights in their lives.

Fear is costing you WAYYYY too much.

It is costing you relationships. It is costing you promotions. It is costing you lost clients. It is costing you a loss of income. It is costing you your health. It is costing you your spiritual divine right and inheritance. It is costing you love. It is costing you time. It is costing you stress. It is costing you your sanity. It is costing you far too much to remain in fear.

Make sure you are not one of those who still live with fear.

If you are ready to learn new levels of revelation about fearlessness and truly be FREE from fear, I want to invite you to join me for A SPECIAL 4-PART TELE-COURSE, Freedom From Fear Forever: The Tele-course.

Tuesdays September 15th, 22nd, 29th and October 6th

We will need every moment of this 4-part class to truly move you into unshakeable fearlessness.

This experience will take you beyond temporary relief to the elimination of fear. After participating in this experience, you will be free to fully focus on moving forward with no detours, obstacles, stuck areas or delays. No more holding back.

For the first time EVER, this course is being offered as a tele-course so you can experience the revelation no matter where you are located.

There IS a way to be free from fear so it NEVER stops or slows you down again.

Join me and release the FULL power to impact the world in a HUGE way.

This course is the cure to procrastination, anxiety, worry, stress and overwhelm.

Dedicated to Your Success,


As a visionary, your life is not your own.

It belongs to the Lord. Therefore, your time is not your own.

Your time has to do woman watching watchdouble-duty. You have to get more done than others who have not yet heeded the call on their lives.

When you say, “Yes” to all that God has created you to be, you enter into a very different relationship with time and how you spend it.

You still have 24 hours in a day, but how you approach our 24 hours varies greatly.

As a visionary you have a big vision for what you desire to accomplish in your life. It is different from choosing what you want to do – this is having a dream. A vision is from God and it chooses you.

The way visionaries think about time has to be different because of all that is expected of you when you are called to make an impact in others lives.

Whether you are helping eradicate hunger, leading married couples to having successful relationships, working with youth to keep them on a productive path for their lives, working to rid the streets of gang violence, leading others to a deeper relationship with the Lord, or building an organization that supports single mothers, your time is not your own.

The message the Lord has given you is to be shared with others and not kept to your self.

Visionaries must be much more intentional with our time.

Not only do visionaries juggle the many obligations of spending quality time with your loved ones, taking care of your children, making a living to support your family and the day-to-day obligations of living, you also carry the God-given burden of being called to make a difference in the lives of those to whom you are called with your gifts, talents, and purpose.

As part of your vision, you often have teams to supervise, volunteers to manage, products to design, services to provide, clients to serve, content to design and deliver, marketing and promotions to do, fundraising to execute, teachings to write, seats to fill, finances to oversee, travel schedules to maintain, project timelines to meet and new contacts to make among the seemingly countless tasks to carry out in order to manifest God’s vision for your life.

And doing all of this while maintaining your health, balance and body so you can be the best vessel for His work.

The nature of having a vision is huge. You can naturally take on too much because your vision is so vast. You know you cannot do it alone and must be a vessel for the Lord to do it through you.

This causes the ever-present feeling of a never-ending To Do list that has the potential to weigh heavy on you. This is different from how others carry their relationship with time.

I am always amazed when I hear someone say they are bored. I remember when my daughter was 12 years old and would sometimes complain of being bored. She asked me one day, “Mom, don’t you ever get bored?”

I tried to explain to her that this was not part of my reality. I shared that the Lord has given me more than enough tasks, projects and instructions to keep me busy for the next 7-10 years. She looked at me completely bewildered.

Now that she is 20 years old and building her calling of TV and film acting, she is having the same experience.

She is constantly challenged with the pull of trying to get everything that she is called to do done. She now looks at her peers in bewilderment when they complain of being bored and not having anything to do. She wishes she had more time to get more things done. She often calls me asking for time management tips, tools and techniques.

In order to get it all done as a visionary, you cannot approach time as usual.

Here are some steps to mastering time so you can build God’s vision for your life in the time frame in which He has given you:

  1. Move beyond time management to time mastery
  2. Change your mindset as it relates to time.
  3. Understand the principles of time mastery.
  4. Practice the skills and disciplines of time mastery on a daily basis.
  5. Learn how to communicate the importance of your time to others.
  6. Be proficient in the techniques and actions of time mastery.
  7. Have effective tools that work for the way God wired you.

If you are ready to move from trying to manage your time into a new relationship with time mastery, I am teaching a three-part tele-course on precisely how to do each of these seven steps. It is coming up in a few weeks and is something you don’t want to miss. You can find full details here – http://tandagree.com/time-mastery-for-visionaries/. Enjoy!

Dedicated to Your Success,