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What if I told you that you already have a very special key that can open the door to anything you choose to manifest?  A key that if you learn how to turn it just right, you can access the deepest parts of who God created you to be and what he created you to bring to the world.

Learn how to access an utilize the power of this key to open the secret compartment of your heart’s desires in this video from my Facebook live broadcast below.

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Click Here to see the video and learn how to walk in true power. Enjoy!


In my mission of supporting Christians in building business and ministry empires, the first thing I notice is that we come in two forms – powerful or powerless.

In order to truly move forward in your life, it is imperative that you understand your power.

The Holy Spirit defined power to me as, “your ability to co-create.” You sit at the right-hand of the Father in Christ. What does this mean to you on a day-to-day basis? It means that you have the power to co-create with God.

You have a co-creative force inside of you that gives you the ability with God to pull something out of nothingness and into manifestation.

You have the ability to utilize thought, faith, your heart and works to bring forth things that the world has never seen before.

You have the power to create your circumstances – I mean to literally bend your circumstances to line up with who God created you to be.

Whether or not you are aware of it, you are manifesting every moment of your day. The question is, “What are you manifesting?”

It is time to get clear about the areas in which you are not yet in your power.

I shared more about this in a Facebook Live last week and I wanted to make sure you got a chance to see the video.

Dedicated to Your Success,



Are you ready to be more power-full? Are you ready to remove any and all areas in which you have been walking powerlessly? Take a listen to this video as Ericka shares How To Feel More Powerful Now. Enjoy! Love, Ericka



This is one of the things I wish someone would have told me when I said, “Yes,” to the Kingdom Assignment God placed on my life. I pray that it helps you better understand the process of manifesting success.

Dedicated to Your Success, Ericka



I hope this note finds you doing incredibly!

This is a time in which I am more “stretched” than ever. It is truly requiring creating some new habits. The old ones just won’t do.

I remember one of my dear friends and mentors asking me a question that truly impacted me. He asked, “Ericka, do you know the one thing you can do to increase your value in the marketplace?” I could think of many things, but no ONE thing was coming to mind.

He simply replied, “Discipline.” He then shared that the more disciplined you are in a particular area, the higher your value becomes in that area.

If you are a more disciplined athlete, you will win more and create more opportunities for endorsements, sponsorships and people who will value your wisdom and knowledge.

If you are a more disciplined as a business owner in the time you spend reaching out to the right people, you will find out their needs and be able to provide your products and services as a solution. You will sell more and create more value for your company.

If you are more disciplined with your time, people will begin to notice and ask you how you are doing what you are doing. They will put more value on your expertise and will be happy to pay you to learn more about your mindset, habits and behaviors that can help them get similar results.

On and on it goes…

The more disciplined you become, the faster you will achieve your goals and increase your value and level of provision.

But where do you begin? As I looked around my life, there were many areas that needed a discipline-adjustment. I needed to give more time and energy to getting consistent exercise. I needed to give more time to being able to personally reach out to those in the organizations I lead to make sure they are taken care of. I needed to give more time to marketing activities and getting the courses fully developed for my two online learning centers. I needed to be more present on social media to share the incredible things I do in my day-to-day life. The list continues…

This can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

I had to identify my “domino.”

I made up this term years ago as I was moving to new levels of success ( I call this “upleveling”). I was in meditation on day and the Lord showed me a long line of dominoes standing on their side.

He highlighted the one domino at the very beginning of the line. He was showing me that instead of focusing on each of things I needed to do (which seemed never-ending), focus on the one thing that needs to be in place that will impact the rest of the dominoes and create a domino effect.

What was the ONE thing I could do that would positively impact everything else? It took me a bit of thinking to discover my domino.

Then! It hit me – getting more rest.

If I felt more rested, I could literally get up earlier and get to everything else with clarity and energy.

You also have a domino. What is the one thing you can shift that will impact all of the other areas in which you need an increase in discipline?

Once you identify it, you need to do whatever it takes to develop a consistent discipline in this area.

Really focus in on your domino.

When you do this, everything else becomes easier.

Remember to ask the Holy Spirit for an increase of the fruit of self-control or self-temperance. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and part of your birthright to walk in full self-control and discipline in every area of your life.

No beating yourself up on the days you don’t get to your domino. Keep working on it and it will be a new habit sooner than you think,

I will talk to you soon!

Dedicated to Your Success,