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I sent an email out the other day to share about this upcoming Clearing the Way training and I received a response that said, “I have been a Christian for more than 30 years and I received my Dr. degree in Theology 7 years ago.” That was it. That is all it said.

Then it hit me! That was her reply to let me know that she considered herself already spiritually free.

That prompted me to take a question to the Holy Spirit. I asked, “How do we know when we are free? ( I share a bit about it in this video).

We know that the Scripture tells us that “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36) But, how do we REALLY know when we are free?

The Holy Spirit then shared the three dimensions of spiritual freedom. You know you are truly free when you are free from:

1 – Your Past.

2 – The World.

3 – Satan/ALL darkness.

When you are free from your past, you will have absolutely no emotional flashbacks to situations from your past. You will have no emotional triggers that remind you of anything you have been through in your past. When you are free from your past, you truly do forget any and all emotional trauma you have experienced. While the Lord allows you to remember the situation, it is for the sole purpose of sharing your testimony and freeing others.

When you are free from the world, you simply are not interested in what people think, what you have or don’t have and all of the things that the world considers important. You are simply focused on being the light of Jesus and walking out your high calling in your business, ministry, profession and life.

No more materialism. No more competition. No more striving for others to notice you or give you accolades. You are clear about who you are and you are 100% committed to fully expressing it in your life with no insecurity or hesitation.

There comes a point in your walk with the Lord where darkness can no longer touch or access you. Satan simply cannot touch you. Spiritual darkness flees from your presence and people carrying darkness cannot come near you. You are freed up to love and be loved by others who have done the emotional and spiritual work to be free and truly walk in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

You are no longer on the defensive in your walk, constantly praying against thing in your life, but you are on the offensive where each and every desire of your heart is easily coming to pass.

HOW do we get here? How to we get to this place that is promised throughout scripture. There is a way to experience true spiritual freedom right here and now so you can fully access the power of the Kingdom of Heaven in every area of your life.

It requires revelation knowledge and true purification.

It has taken me more than 7 years to build the capacity to carry the messages from the Kingdom of Heaven that I will be delivering in this upcoming  Clearing the Way: The 7 Step Process That Every Christian Needs to Know to Remove Emotional and Spiritual Hindrances 6-week training for individuals ready to become emotionally and spiritually free. Clearing the Way kicks off this Thursday and will take place from 7:30 pm EST – 9:00 pm EST Thursdays, July 24th – August 28th.

This work is so important that I am offering a special coupon code for $20 off of the registration price. Simply visit www.clearingtheway.info, get registered today (you can pay the deposit and create your own payment plan) and enter this coupon code when you check out: FREEANDCLEAR.

I’ll talk to you Thursday evening!

Dedicated to Your Success,



Greetings! Release Your Kindom Wealth

I have known for years that I am called to guide others to manifest their Kingdom Wealth. Yet I had not been fully released by the Holy Spirit to put it out there in a big way.

Until now…

Last month I just had to get away to think. Business and ministry was pulling on me. I was tired. I was stretched. I felt like I just needed some space.

I got away for a “think-ation” at a dear friend’s condo on the beach and after disappearing between the plush down comforter and foam memory mattress for several hours of undisturbed sleep, the Lord began outpouring to me. He said that it was time for me to release the fullness of my calling – Releasing the Kingdom Wealth in others.

You may have noticed that I revised the header on my website and facebook page to reflect this.

It really is time to release your Kingdom Wealth!

What is your Kingdom Wealth? Your Kingdom Wealth is having an abundance or profusion of anything. Having a plentiful amount of health, emotional wholeness, greatness, revelation of the Lord, provision, instruction, resources and any and everything else you need to walk in the fullness of what you are called to do.

Kingdom wealth is your birthright as a child of the Most High God. And through Christ, we have a way to access it on a daily basis.

All of the work I have done up to this point has been to prepare for this full release.

What began with clarifying your vision evolved into fearlessness. Fearlessness evolved into building thriving ministries and businesses. Then the message moved beyond being free not only from fear but from all 14 stronghold spirits and their fruit in your life in your heart and spirit.

That has evolved into removing all hindrances from your life so you can truly BE who God created you to be . No holding back. No watering it down. No shifting so others smallness is comfortable. Each and every one of these are a phase you must go through in order to fully release ALL you were created and called to be.

Now comes the fullness of my calling. Now is the time to truly release and LIVE your Kingdom Wealth!

It’s a whole new altitude! Off we go!

Love, Ericka


MP900435893 You have genius inside of you that holds the power to deeply impact the Kingdom of God.

Genius is  having a natural ability or capacity; having a strong inclination toward a specific   area of expertise.

What is your genius?

Whether you are building a business or a ministry, the Lord has set aside a specific group of people who need to hear precisely what He has placed inside of you – your genius. This is your flock.

Every experience in your life up to this moment has fully prepared you for this.

There are people literally praying and crying out to hear exactly what you have to say just the way you have to say it.

Here’s the key – you have to SHARE and RELEASE your genius.

No fear. No doubt. No hesitation.

The Lord placed it inside of you so you always have provision flowing into your hands.

When you don’t share and release it, the provision cannot flow.

I wanted to send a quick reminder to you to make sure you revisit those ideas that have been placed inside of you to present your genius to your flock or ideal target market.

I know…life happens and these things can easily fall to the bottom of your To-Do  list.

But, time is of the essence.

You are being called into Kingdom provision and you must, must, must release what has been placed inside of you in order to activate the provision.

I always hear people say, “Where God gives a vision, there is provision.”

So true. But something is missing from this statement that I want to make sure you get.

He ONLY releases the provision if you MOVE.

Make sure you are not waiting before you MOVE.

Don’t wait on the time to get it done to present itself. It won’t. You have to make it happen.

Don’t wait on people to come and help you. They won’t. They won’t show up until you have already produced some fruit by moving forward.

Don’t wait until you know what you’re doing. You will be learning each step of the way.

Don’t wait until you have the money. It is your action that releases the provision to come into your hands in the form of help, time, money, resources, know-how and the energy to get it all done and carry it to others.

What genius can you focus on releasing so you can witness the provision of both the natural and supernatural realms manifest in your hands?

How much of it can you get done this weekend if you set aside some “time-on-task?”

You can DO this.

Just focus in. Do not allow your current circumstances to sway you.

Go ahead and get ‘er done.

Have a life-changing weekend!

Dedicated to Your Success,


No More Plan B

I remember the precise moment I decided that there would be no Plan B for my life. I was going to give Plan A my all. I am SO glad I made that decision!!! I have learned a TON on this journey to manifesting my Plan A.

Yet of all of the lessons, there is one that sticks out above the rest. I share this absolutely necessary skill that you must master in order to live out the life God created for you. I share it in this 3 minute video. Enjoy!

Kill Your Plan B Video Player


There is so much going on that I just HAD to stop and give you an update. It has been ages since I last got an e-zine out to you. I have literally been overtaken with blessings and am being stretched in HUGE ways to learn how to manage it all. I think I am finally catching up! Whew!

The only thing I can call it is being “in the stretch.” You know, when you are doing all you know to do and it still doesn’t feel like quite enough because the Lord is calling you to more?

It is truly about experiencing when the scripture reminds us that “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more (Luke 12:48).”

Being stretched is the only way we can grow. I share a bit about it in the video. Enjoy! I pray that this helps you on your Kingdom journey!

Love, Ericka



To truly succeed in business and ministry, it is about doing it in spite of fears and insecurities, it is about getting rid of them once and for all. This is done in the spiritual realm and removes the obstacles in your business and ministry.

As you build your business and grow your ministry, there are many potential distractions or strongholds that are hiding along the way. One of the most powerful things you can do is to make sure that the spiritual root has been destroyed so you don’t have to expend the tremendous amounts of energy it takes to try to move forward in spite of fear, doubts, procrastination and so many other things that can plague you on the way to the top of your chosen area.

But, how do you truly identify something so you know what you’re dealing with and how to truly get free from it? Because those little, nagging issues that can divert and distract you from manifesting your vision only respond by name or nature, it is imperative to know  the spiritual root of your issue.

Every spirit produces fruit and once you identify what fruit you are dealing with, you can easily identify the spirit that is responsible for it. When you do this, the issues associated with the spirit also leave. For example, fear is not something made up. It is not something that you learn to operate in-spite of. It is a spirit and it produces procrastination, worry, stress, disorganization, overwhelm and doubt (among many others).

This critical understanding is not being taught and as a result we all-too-often end up on the defensive side of our visions and never make it to the place where building your business begins to feel simple, fun and exciting! Or growing your ministry feels joyful, light and exhilarating.

I share more about this in this short video. Here’s to building your vision with ease! Enjoy! Love, Ericka



I pray that this message finds you doing incredibly! At this time in the Body of Christ, the Lord is intensifying the callings He has placed within each of us to elevate. It is actually going to become more difficult to avoid moving on these instructions than it will be to simply be obedient and to move forward in fearlessness to manifest your vision.

You should be feeling the shift. Ideas and instructions are flowing into your mind at seemingly random times. New ways that you haven’t thought of before are “popping” in your head to show you how to carry out His instructions. And this is only the beginning. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward. I actually call this phenomenon, ‘Visionary Overwhelm.”

Here is a video teaching that will help you move through Visionary Overwhelm and easily focus on how to prioritize all of this in a way that easily brings your vision into full fruition. Enjoy!

Love, Ericka


Greetings!  With all of the wonderful growth the ministry and business has experienced in the last several months, my time has really gone into training new team members and getting things with TAG Christian Women’s Business Network where they need to be to truly impact Christian Business Women.

It has all been wonderful, but has kept me so busy that I haven’t gotten a chance to stop and get my regular newsletter out to you. So…here it is.  I’ve included some great updates for you. Enjoy!

Dedicated to Your Success,

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Inheriting the Kingdom of God does not automatically come to every Christian. Walking in the power, dominion and authority of the Kingdom of Heaven requires removing anything in between you and the full power of Jesus working in your life.

While each of us are loved unconditionally by The Father, access to His secrets of Heaven and mysteries of the gospel comes with conditions. (I know…we seldom talk about this truth in our walks with the Lord!). But, it is true.

The Word is quite clear about what is required in order to truly access your inheritance. And remember, to inherit something means to access it while you are living. There is a wealth of knowledge, power, revelation and authority we are not accessing on a daily basis. I am absolutely committed to fully experiencing ALL the Lord has for each of us and the impact we are called to make upon the earth.

But, what stands in the way? How do you identify it? What is the next step to you walking into accessing the promises of God? I share a bit of it in this video. I hope it is a blessing to you! Enjoy! Love, Ericka


There is a blueprint that holds everything you need to succeed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer have to figure out how the Lord intends you to bring forth your success? I mean waking up each and every morning and receiving the specific instruction for that day in a way that you do not have to fill in a single gap with your own understanding.

This is what is available to each and every one of us who is diligently pursuing the things of Jesus.

Whether you are called to business, ministry or both there is a way to access this heavenly blueprint that holds your step-by-step instruction to bringing forth the fullness of your calling. There is also a process to accessing this heavenly blueprint. I share all about it in this video teaching. I hope it blesses you as the revelation did when the Lord brought it to me. Enjoy!

Love, Ericka