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There is so much that shifts in your life when you truly commit to and place your primary focus on completing your Kingdom Assignment. In my quiet time last night, a list of the shifts that take place started running through my mind.

These are just a few of the things that you experience as you build your Kingdom Assignment:

  • You develop a closer relationship with the Lord and His Holy Spirit
  • You are more patient
  • Your ministry message impacts more lives
  • Your business begins to thrive on new levels
  • The joy you experience and express increases
  • You become  a master at overcoming obstacles
  • Your circumstances line up to support you
  • Your relationships strengthen
  • New acquaintances and relationships seek you out
  • You become more organized and on top of things
  • Your gratitude increases about even the small things in your life
  • Your mindset strengthens
  • Your discipline and habits are elevated
  • Your capacity to receive increases
  • Your mindset and outlook on life become stronger
  • You happiness increases
  • People begin to seek you out to work with you
  • Your time becomes in high-demand
  • Your revenue increases
  • Your creativity expands
  • Your motivation and inspiration multiply
  • You easily magnetize all that you need
  • You release excess emotional baggage
  • You are slower to irritate
  • You become more focused
  • You draw more friends and potential team members
  • Your ideas that you have had for years start to easily come together
  • You become masterful at knowing what to do to manifest
  • Your energy increases
  • Your capacity to carry the “bigness” of your Assignment continually expands
  • You smile a lot more
  • and…favor and provision opens up to you in amazing ways!!!

In other words, when you focus on your Kingdom Assignment first and foremost, everything else is added to your life.
Don’t put this off another day!

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I’ll talk to you this evening!
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When you are actively manifesting your Kingdom Assignment, every area of your life begins to feel lighter and more enjoyable.

Click below on this 5 minute video and learn that fully realizing and living your Kingdom Assignment lightens your load and moves you
in to manifesting with ease . Enjoy!

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A more cohesive family. Weight release. More like-minded and like-spirited friendships. A better marriage (or having your life-partner presented to you). Joy. Being better organized. Peace. Confidenceshutterstock_229868482. More stable and thriving finances. Increased giving. A more powerful walk with the Lord. A highly profitable business. Every thing your heart desires…

The answer to the manifestation of whatever it is that you desire lies in focusing 80% or more of your time, energy and effort in understanding and implementing your Kingdom Assignment.

When you focus on completing your Kingdom Assignment, everything – and I do mean every aspect of your life – moves into it’s proper place and order.

It is ALL in Moving Your Kingdom Assignment forward.

The Kingdom of God is the manifestation of the Heart of God – Jesus – upon the earth. Your assignment is something specific that you, and only you, are called to complete by a certain date.

Your Kingdom Assignment is God’s heart fully manifested in your life. It is the building of something evident (a successful business, a thriving ministry, a large-non-profit organization, etc.)  that is a result of your faithful obedience to His will and instruction.

This has been confirmed over and over for me since I dedicated my life to fulfilling my Kingdom Assignment more than 20 years ago.

The problem is that we think we know what our Kingdom Assignment means. We think it is synonymous with our dreams, purpose, calling or vision. Yet, it is something far greater.

You can easily be on purpose and even living His vision for your life, but missing fulfilling your Kingdom Assignment.

My primary gift is hearing and receiving new revelation directly from the Throne of God. The gift God gave me to share what I hear is my speaking and teaching. The other gift He gave me to carry this out is leadership.

If He had not given me a full understanding of my Kingdom Assignment, I would have very easily been traveling around the world speaking about being on God’s vision for our lives and building successful businesses.

This would have been on purpose, even walking out His vision for my life, but the fullness of my Kingdom Assignment, to walk in the mantle of an Apostle to train, equip and uplift others and lead them in manifesting every aspect of our Kingdom wealth by building world-class training systems, would not have been fulfilled.

He also confirmed this promise as He instructed me not to look to my left or right for my husband, but to release the fullness of  His assignment for my life and on that path my husband will recognize and find me. He was right! Even my husband was inside of my Kingdom Assignment!

With every new level and dimension of success He moves you to in order to complete you Kingdom Assignment, your resonance or vibration becomes one of more and more light (and less and less darkness). Old habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors will no longer fit you and they will simply fall away from your life with little or no effort. The old simply cannot accompany you as you move to new heights of manifestation.

I had been trying for more than a year to get off of caffeine. Ever since I moved out of my home office and into an office building with a Keurig machine was handy, I noticed that I fell in to the habit of starting my day with a cup of coffee. I have never been a coffee drinker so for me this cup included caramel macchiato creamer and additional sugar (as if the macchiato was not enough).

This was sending me into a carb-craving frenzy for the rest of the day. As  result, I gained 25 pounds in the last year-and-a-half.

I knew better and kept trying and trying to eliminate caffeine and sugar to no avail.

When I checked in with the Holy Spirit, He would always tell me not to worry, just remain 100% focused on my Kingdom Assignment.

When I moved to a new level of my Kingdom Assignment a couple of weeks ago, my craving for caffeine literally stopped. It was gone and I have not had the urge for coffee at all.

Then the urge for sugar disappeared. This was HUGE!

Sweet items have always seemed to call my name and I would often answer. I could always justify my sweet indulgences because, “I work hard and deserve it.”

I have had no urge for sugar since. As a matter of fact, the sweets in which I used to indulge are now making me cringe.

How can this be? It is because everything I need and desire is INSIDE of  fully committing to completing my Kingdom Assignment.

With every step of moving closer to complete your Kingdom Assignment, you become more and more of the person God created you to be.

He moves you closer and closer to His perfection and everything  just simply moves into order.

I know this sounds familiar. “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).”

We KNOW this intellectually, but all-too-often have perceived it as saying, “But seek first my walk with the Lord and all these things shall be added unto me.” This is not what this scripture means.

It is your walk with the Lord that causes you to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness (the preordained and pre-established order of the Kingdom of  Heaven to be manifested as the Kingdom of God). It is not your walk alone that causes things to be added unto you.

Things will be added unto you to the extent that you solely focus on bringing forth your Kingdom Assignment.

But, where do you begin? You begin with fully identifying, understanding, formulating and implementing your Kingdom Assignment.

This process can take years. Even a lifetime. But it doesn’t have to.

If you are ready to identify and understand the precise reason God created you and the specific assignment He has on your life, then I invite you to be a part of this upcoming 3-week tele-class training, Release Your Inner Greatness: Understanding and Implementing Your Kingdom Assignment. It begins this Thursday and you don’t want to miss it. Click Here to See Full Details and Save Your Space Today (www.yourkingdomassignment.com).

Your Kingdom Assignment awaits!

Have an incredible day!

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I often hear people say “Where there is vision, there is provision.”coins

Yes, there is always provision stored up that covers the cost of the vision.

But the rest of this is that there are some prerequisites to God releasing the provision into your hands.

We often forget that the right timing must be present in order for God to release of the provision into ready hands.

When the provision is truly released it comes in two different forms – constant flow and an influx.

The first form of provision comes as you need it. It is released “just in time.” You have the ongoing money to fund the growth of your vision, but it is coming forth on an “as-needed” basis so your faith can be exercised.

The second type of provision, influx, comes as the Lord touches people’s hearts to give and share their resources with you and by supernatural means.

This could be in the form of people purchasing your products and services or giving to your ministry. It could be in the form of an idea that will produce revenue for you. It may even be a supernatural  manifestation of money where there was none just moments before.

The great news is that you hold to power to impact how quickly God releases the provision for your vision.

Once you complete these pre-requisites, you are ready for Him to release the resources into your hands (and accounts):

1. Obedient action. No waiting on the provision to move. You must move in faith and then, and only then, the provision will come.

2. A Pure Heart. There is a saying that money magnifies what is already in a person’s heart. This is very true!

The Lord does not release the full provision until your heart is full of light and is carrying little or no worry, anxiety, disobedience, anger, emotional wounds from your past, insecurities, rejection or negativity (and other forms of emotional darkness). These delay the manifestation of provision.

3. A Cleansed Spirit. God must be able to trust you as a Kingdom distribution center.

If there is spiritual darkness such as pride, arrogance, materialism, insecurity, selfishness, fear, envy, sickness, unbelief, disobedience (and many other forms of spiritual darkness) still standing in the way of you being a pure vessel for His giving it to others, then He will not release the full provision into your hands.

He must know that you are ready to selflessly steward it appropriately.

But sadly enough, this is not something you will learn from the traditional church experience.

You have to seek deeper understanding from the Lord and more advanced training.

Just as a student who seeks to learn more about their chosen topic of study should pursue higher forms of education such as a Masters or Doctorate degree, this who seek higher and deeper understanding in the things of Jesus and His Holy Spirit should seek advanced training and equipping so they can have all of the provision released into their hands.

It is time for you to eliminate anything standing between you and the full provision for God’s purpose for your business, ministry and life.

This is the only training available that includes 6 revelations and many, many insights that will guide you in going inside the scripture to purify your heart AND cleanse your spirit.

Once you do this, darkness will never be able to stop you again.

In addition to emotional certainty, peace, joy, and increased open dialogue with the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, you will have a constant flow of money, time, favor, currency and support moving you forward in manifesting Gods calling.

Join me for the advanced training, Clearing the Way: The 7 Step Process That Every Christian Needs to Know to Remove Emotional and Spiritual Hindrances, a 6-week Live Tele-course so you can remove anything holding back the provision for you, your family and your vision.

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There is more for you and it is time to fully access it so you can be the person God created you to be.

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Do you feel it? Do you feel that strange feeling in your stomach? That knowing that it is time to burst forth like never before?

It is time for you to move to your next level and new dimensions of success. But, we need to make sure your heart and spirit are ready.

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Dedicated To Your Success,

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