Finally!!! A Christian coaching certification program that trains and equips you to guide and partner with clients on all levels so they not only achieve their goals, but they fearlessly become the person God created them to be.

A 12-week Coaching Certification for Christians
Tuesdays, June 21st - September, 6th, 2016
7:30pm – 9:00pm EST

with live Q&A from 9:00 pm EST – 9:30 pm EST
via National teleconference line

This Coaching Certification is like NOTHING else being offered.

This coach certification equips and guides you how to tap into their spiritual DNA to see who God created them to be and teaches you how to pull it out of them in a way that they never go back to their old, limited self.



 This training is for:

  • Christian Business Owners who are serious about going deeper with clients so they can produce the results they truly desire
  • Ministers who long to see true transformation and manifestation the lives of those you serve
  • Leaders who are ready to see everyone who looks to you for guidance to turn their lives into the lives they were created to live
  • Those ready to launch a coaching practice because you have a deep longing to see transformation in the lives of others
  • Coaches who have taken coach training before, but still feel like something was missing for you to build a highly successful coaching practice and sustainable business.

A NOTE FROM ERICKAEJ sitting in boss chairFINAL5x7

16 years ago, my life was an overwhelming mess! I felt stuck in corporate America knowing that God has created me for a huge purpose yet feeling like I was miles and miles away from living the life I truly desired.

I was stressed out beyond belief as a single mother of a toddler and I was being suffocated by the life I created for myself. I had turned from my calling and purpose to make ends meet in corporate America.

I began public speaking when I was 18 years old and it didn’t take me long to see that something was missing.

While I love the process of teaching and inspiring from the stage or front of the room, I began to notice that it did not lead to the transformation that I longed to see others experience.

I realized that people needed deeper follow-up and partnership to truly realize and walk in their God-given purpose.

I discovered professional coach training and was taught by one of the founders of the International Coach Federation!

Coaching was so new and ground-breaking that there were only six (yes! SIX) coaching schools in the entire country at the time.

Now, the word "coaching" has become a part of our daily conversations.

The need for personal coaching has increased in a way that is indescribable.

But, it didn't take long for me to notice that traditional coaching training was missing some key aspects to what it takes for people to attain the success they desire.

This was missing even more from Christian coaching programs that did not bridge the emotional, spiritual and mental needs that client after client needed.

I began tooling a comprehensive coaching technique that takes client beyond where traditional coaching could take them – all too often with an action plan, but lacking the emotional, mental and spiritual tools to actually achieve their plans. This left them actually relying on their coach to keep them on track and hold them accountable for months at a time.

I continued to apply what the Holy Spirit was adding to my coaching process and noticed that it was taking less and less time for me to guide clients to not only achieve their goals and desires, but to leave their old selves behind and actually BE the person God created them to be.

What was taking other coaches months to just begin to scratch the surface was only taking me a few sessions and the change was lasting.

Clients were easily reaching and completing their goals, but they had changed on a deep, spiritual level that kept them moving forward and not needing accountability outside of themselves.

Something INSIDE of them was being released and it provided a permanent compass that guided them each and every day toward achieving their heart’s desires.

I knew I was on to something!

The more people I coached, the more passion I developed for the specific technology and skill set of coaching added to the convergence process that the Holy Spirit taught me.

Coaching is the only technology that goes inside of someone to literally adjust their emotional, spiritual and mental compass to bring forth their calling and walking in their purpose in the shortest and most direct path – through the heart of God in Jesus.

The Convergence Method that I created and have perfected over the years removes years off of the traditional coaching process and guides clients in a firm, loving and powerful way toward living inside the bull’s-eye of the life God created for them to live.

I invite you to join me on this journey of having the privilege of walking along-side someone to help them become the person God created them to be and then to powerfully manifest it in the world in a way that produces an impact.

Love, Ericka

business woman thinking

Participants in this certification will learn how to:

  • Understand what coaching REALLY is (not the watered-down versions we all-too-often see today). Gain a clear understanding of how coaching differs from counseling, advising, motivating and consulting
  • Master 30 main skills and techniques of coaching
  • Powerfully partner with clients to yield accelerated results
  • Properly package your coaching offerings so clients receive measurable outcomes
  • Understand the process of guiding others through removing emotional barriers that have been holding them back
  • Implement the art of facilitating a breakthrough for your clients
  • Apply the key skills and coaching techniques to equip you to walk others through transformation
  • Guide clients through their inward and upward journey to access their Heavenly Blueprint
  • Create a marketing system to work with your natural gifts and talents in order to keep a full client load
  • Set up the business aspects of setting up a thriving coaching practice that yields multiple streams of income
  • Set your prices in a way that people say yes to what you have to offer
  • Learn how to easily keep and take care of a full client load

Here is what graduate coaches are saying about this course:

Josephine Manuel

My recommendation is not to waste your time and money on any other coach training. This training not only trains but equips you to partner with clients on the spiritual, emotional and personal levels so that the client can achieve their goals as well as become the person that God created them to be.

Josephine Manuel
Matters of the Heart 2Day
Shonna Ronelle

Hold on to your hat and enjoy the ride!!! Seriously though. Convergence Coaching is AMAZING and life transforming technology for both the class participant and their niche people group. I would HIGHLY recommend that everyone in ministry take this class to sharpen their ability to impact their flock.

Shonna Ronelle
Freedom of the Heart
Beverly Burns-Clay

This course is life-changing! Not only for your coaching business/ministry, but for your own life. By taking this course you will move into heights never envisioned.  No matter how much you thought you knew, this course will reveal new revelations!

Beverly Burns-Clay
Clay Enterprises and Wells of Life Ministries & Consulting
Chris Smith

I liked that practical stories, examples, how-to's, techniques and the personal sharings of how to work with clients. This may well be the last coaching training someone will need. Having it after other trainings was fantastic - the frosting on the cake, with the Holy Spirit to assure you every step along the way.

Chris Smith
Reap As You Sew, Inc.

 This course includes:

  • 24/7 access to all recordings and handouts on an online learning center.
  • All handouts and document templates you will need for client work.
  • Additional resources to help you build a successful coaching practice.
  • Live partnering that will help you perfect your coaching techniques.
  • A certificate of completion and an icon to use on your website and other places of your choosing.
  • Ongoing support, oversight, guidance and continuing education.
  • A supportive community of highly trained coaches.

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About Ericka

EJStanding201x188pxEricka’s primary gift is having ears that continually hear from the throne of God. The Lord gave her the gift of speaking to share what she hears with The Body of Christ. As gifted and passionate as she is about teaching and speaking, she is equally passionate about the  technology of coaching as she partners with her clients to guide them in creating the business and ministry to which they are called.

She is a Master Coach and Trainer with more than 16 years of expertise in guiding thousands of people in getting to the core of what has been holding them back, breaking through it and accessing and manifesting their greatness in their businesses and ministries. Her more than 20 years of waling in her anointing as a speaker, and humor as a natural entertainer keep you entertained even as she teaches on the deepest of topics.

She trains and equips Christian business owners and Kingdom ministers (those called to found and lead ministries outside of the four walls of a church or denomination) with advanced spiritual and business teachings and leadership skills to create thriving businesses and ministries.

She is a natural innovator and has developed more than 20 teachings and training programs. She is the founder of The Convergence Center, The Kingdom Minister’s Association, and The International Alliance of Christian Business Women.

She is the author of Self Coaching: Living Inside the Bull’s-eye, When God Calls, The Fearless Living Challenge, The Power of Vision, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life and Your Heart is the Key. She shares her insights, revelations and expertise with Christian business women and Kingdom Ministers across the world. She resides in Raleigh, NC. When she is not guiding others to manifesting their greatness, you will find her reading, watching movies, trying to paint, and doing something that makes her laugh.

You can find out more about Ericka's life work at

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