Tuesdays, January 30th, February 6th, 13th & 20th, 2018

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm EST
with BONUS Q&A - 9:00 pm EST - 9:30 pm EST

Say Goodbye to Vision-o-phobia forever! You no longer have to wonder how you are going to fulfill the BIGNESS of your vision with no overwhelm or fear...ever.

There is always a gap of time between where you are today and the complete fulfillment of the vision for your business or ministry as God gave it to you. It is in the gap that you must be unshakable, unstoppable and completely fearless.

When you are "in the gap," you are very vulnerable to experiencing worry (or anxiety), doubt, procrastination, stress, double-mindedness (one week you are certain and feeling strong then the next week you are wondering if this thing will ever work), and disorganization. These (and more) are evidence that you are dealing with fear.

How many times have you started a project but haven't finished it? Or you got a great idea that will move you forward, but things keep getting in the way of you implementing the idea. Whether or not you recognize it, it is fear that is slowing you down.

We know that God did not give us the spirit of fear...Yet 98% of the Body of Christ is still silently struggling with fear.

Make sure you are not one of those who still live with fear.

Why? Because there are five levels of fearlessness and most people have not yet even mastered the first level. Join me and release the FULL power to impact the world in a HUGE way.


This tele-course is the cure to not only procrastination, but anxiety, worry, stress and overwhelm.

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"I have placed the answers to all of the world's problems in My Children. But their fear is stopping them from doing what I have called them to do." These are the words the Lord spoke to me twelve years ago when He gave me the assignment of eliminating fear from the Body of Christ.

There is new revelation on fearlessness that has recently been released.

Most of what you have been taught about fear is not true.

It is time to learn the WHOLE truth about fear...minus the falsehoods that have been taught for decades about fear that keep holding you back without you even being fully aware of it. 


  • Fear is NOT False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • Fear is not something that you can overcome with positive thinking and a good attitude.
  • Fear does not go away when you quote the scriptures on fear.
  • Fear does not go away when you courageously take action in spite of your fear.
  • Fear is not a natural part of a Christian's life.
  • Fear is not something you have to live with.

There are FIVE levels of fearlessness at which the Lord has called you to operate. When you master all FIVE levels...you are unstoppable.

Yet, most Christians have not even mastered the very first level.

There are SIX new revelations on fear that you need to operate at each of these levels.

Group of happy people workers.

You will no longer have to deal with fear of failure...fear of success...fear of rejection...fear of the unknown...fear of what people will think...fear of being alone...fear of intimidation...fear of not knowing enough...fear of not being good enough...fear of provision or lack...fear of responsibility...fear of change...fear of loss of privacy...fear of disappointing others...fear of intimidating others...or any other type of fear you have experienced.

You will leave this experience with a whole new understanding of living 100% with no fear.

Fear is costing you WAYYYY too much.

It is costing you being on purpose and fulfilling your calling.
It is costing you relationships.
It is costing you sales.
It is costing you lost clients.
It is costing you a loss of income.
It is costing you your health.
It is costing you your spiritual divine right and inheritance.
It is costing you love.
It is costing you time.
It is costing you stress.
It is costing you your peace.

It is costing you far too much to remain in fear.

This experience will take you beyond temporary relief to the elimination of fear. After participating in this experience, you will be free to fully focus on moving forward with no detours, obstacles, stuck areas or delays. No more holding back.

This means that fear won't even cross your mind. You will never have to push against or talk yourself out of fear again. It will be gone forever.

This tele-course will guide you in making significant shifts at deep levels that will invigorate every area of your life.

Until now, you have to travel to Raleigh, NC to get this training. In this 4-part tele-course, I will share fresh insights and new revelation on fearlessness that you have NEVER heard before.

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Participants will learn how to:

  • Be truly fearless on all five levels of fearlessness.
  • Identify which form of fear with which you have been dealing.
  • The specific steps and process to remove any form of fear from your life.
  • Operate in the flow of your genetic make-up with ease.
  • Complete projects that will catapult your vision forward in a simple way.
  • Expand and increase the impact of your business or ministry.
  • Increase your income and easily bring forth the resources you need to grow your vision.
  • Make a supernatural connection to the power, dominion and authority of Jesus that resides inside of you.
  • And much, much more!

This course have given me a life of freedom! A life that truly shows God's Glory and being able to live my life on purpose! I am excited beyond belief!

G. McIver

This course has given me the bridge I needed to step into the next area of my life!

R. Hango

I'm so glad that I made the choice to take this course! This course made me realize who I am in Christ and that it is time for me to act on the dreams and visions He has given me.

A. Underwood

This course has re-affirmed that I am on the right path and I feel confident and powerful in the purpose that God has for my life. I am ready to move from contemplation to action. I have the power!

F. Bandele

I don't have the words to express how grateful I am to have been blessed to attend this awesome course!  Ericka so graciously and wonderfully presented the information God gave her to share with with us. I am FREE!

C. Williams

This course was an answer to a long-awaited prayer. I was missing the connecting factors of how to not just experience fearlessness, but to manifest it. I got it!

R. Peacock

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This 4-Week Tele-Course Covers:

Session One:

  • The Truth About Fear
  • Creating Fearless Agreements
  • Designing Your Fearless Life
  • Your Heavenly Rank
Session Two:

  • Understanding the Spirit of Fear
  • Eliminating the Spirit of Fear
Session Three:

  • The Revelation of  the Heart
  • The Five Levels of Fearlessness
  • Mastering the Five Levels of Fearlessness
Session Four:

  • Expressing Fearless Communication
  • The Fearless Heart
  • Structures for Your Fearless Success
  • The Art of Fearless Completion
  • Guidelines for Fearless Living

$157 if registered by Sunday, January 28th $177 after the 28th


- OR -

Payment Plan

$57 deposit

register-now_blue You are able to select payment plan (there is an additional $20 admin fee) dates that work for your budget. You are required to return the Credit/Debit Card Authorization form within 48 hours of your registration that specifies your payment dates. Your payment plan must be complete no later than February 13th, 2018.

You will receive an email confirmation as soon as we receive your registration.

Your registration includes:

  • A 4-part Freedom From Fear Forever Workbook.
  • Recordings of each session that you can download and keep as long as you'd like.
  • Full access to the online learning center.
  • Connection with other fearless Christians.
  • A Special SURPRISE!

It is time to remove any fear in the way of truly manifesting the life of your heart's desires.

We can DO this!
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Ericka D. James guides, supports and equips Christians in building business EJ in pink standing full bodycroppedFINALand/or ministry empires. 

She believes that fearless Christians will change the world. She carries fresh and new revelation on true fearlessness that she shares in this powerful training.

It is not just Ericka’s profound delivery, she is a catalyst for action and leaves her audiences transformed.

While overcoming years of bullying, teasing and fear she learned how to remove these insecurities and focus into inspiring those around her. She has been making audiences rise to their feet ever since.

During her more than 25 years of building businesses (and a ministry), she has created a vault of highly sought-after trainings, certifications, and resources, built an international network of thousands, and is proficient in the transformational process that accelerates clients and audiences into living their visions faster than they can achieve on their own.

Mrs. James is the author of numerous CDs, podcasts, articles, trainings, teaching tools and six books and the creator of the P12 Business Building SystemTM Curriculum and continues to train and equip Christians to build thriving ministries beyond the walls of the church structure and businesses that improve lives and impact communities.

She is a natural innovator and has developed more than 20 tele-classes, workshops, and CD’s. She is the founder of the Kingdom Minister's Association and The International Alliance of Christian Business Women (formerly Touch and Agree (TAG) Christian Women's Business Network). She is also the author of Self Coaching, When God Calls, The Fearless Living Challenge, The Power of Vision and Beyond Fearless and Your Heart is the Key.

She is called to guide Christians in being completely fearless and fulfilling their callings.

Mrs. James is available for keynote addresses, Training & Development. You can learn more about Ericka and her life’s work at www.ErickaDJames.com and www.IACBW.com.