12 Week Advanced Training & Certification
via National Teleconference line

Tuesdays, March 22nd - June 7th 2016

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm EST
Q&A 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm EST


Be the vessel the Lord uses to remove brokenness, struggle,
emotional wounds, oppression and hindrances from the people
you love and care for.

It is possible to end the struggle in our walks with the Lord so we can experience joy, love and true fulfillment in every area of our lives. I call this getting to the "the other side of the cross" to access the abundant life the scripture promises us. But, for many, many Christians, there is a lot standing in the way of this reality.

Many Christians are doing all they know and are being taught to do and they are still struggling in many areas of their lives and are not seeing the promises of the scripture. There are thousands of hurting and broken Christians that the church is not helping and the church is often no longer a safe place for people to receive the emotional and spiritual help for which they are praying.

Far too many Christians are living in a way that keeps them tethered to their pasts and are in dire need of a clear process that frees them from their pasts and ushers them into who they were created to be.woman hearing God

There is a tremendous need for people to be fully equipped and taught in the area of complete heart purification and spiritual cleansing or deliverance. But this word, “deliverance” has been so misunderstood that it has taken on a “bad rap” in our worship centers, so the leadership usually shies away from it all together.

Yet, there is an ever-increasing demand for well-equipped vessels for healing and deliverance to guide others in a complete process.

The sense of urgency has increased for the people of the Lord to move into their rightful positions on the offensive of walking in the power of Jesus instead of the defensive.

Carrying emotional pain, wounds and hurts in our heart and or uncleanness (works of the flesh) in our spirits prevent us from gaining access to the mysteries, secrets and blueprints of the Kingdom of Heaven that will lead your life into fulfilling the calling you were born to live.

Even many ministries that do work in deliverance and inner healing seem to be missing the pieces that take someone beyond temporary relief to true and complete deliverance.

People are waking up and the Clarion Call has gone out for the Body of Christ to come into alignment with who we were created to be through Jesus Christ. We are no longer engaged in spiritual warfare, Jesus already paid the price and ended spiritual warfare. Now, we just have to take back the land of our bodies, families, finances, communities, churches, regions and beyond.

This is where you come in…

There are countless people you love and care for who are praying for freedom, but have not had access to this level of revelation and understanding. You are the one the Lord has chosen to reach them so they can experience the FREEDOM for which they have been praying.


Six years ago when the Lord had me write my book, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I had written a book for which the Body of Christ was not ready. I don’t know any other way to put it, but being a vessel for that book left me feeling like I wasn’t going to make it – it almost took me out!

When I asked the Lord why in the WORLD He had me write this book with such urgency only for His Children not to be ready, His reply was, “I am raising up a people inside of my Body that will cry out for cleanliness and purification. When they do, they will find your work.”

Wow! I just wrote those words in my journal and kept building the ministry and business organization He gave me. All the while I was doing steady healing and deliverance work with others and my schedule could sustain it. I just kept working with people and perfecting the process.

Then, all of a sudden something changed. My phone began ringing off of the hook. I began to receive many more Facebook messages. And people were referring others to me in ever-increasing numbers. It got to a point that both my body and my schedule could no longer sustain this level of work with all the Lord has me do and being a single mother.

I knew it was time to get people trained, but first they had to begin to understand the process of cleansing.

Now, it is time to bring it all together. It is time to put together a team of highly trained and equipped ministers and teachers who have already been called to do this work with others and have been looking for the missing pieces.

Join me in being a vessel for the signs, wonders and miracles of Jesus to manifest through you in other’s lives as a result of this amazing work. I look forward to partnering with you on this journey.

In Him,

Ericka Signature no background

The Holy Spirit has poured out a complete process that fills in the major pieces that have been missing in emotional healing and deliverance and it is time for this process to be taught so you can be a vessel for the healing and deliverance of others.

This Convergence Spiritual Cleansing Method™:

  • Provides the thorough and deep Biblically-based training and ongoing support to set up the administrative side of being a Christian spiritual practitioner using this method.
  • Moves you into unshakeable Kingdom dominion, power and authority where darkness literally flees from your very presence.
  • Eradicates insecurity, depression, fear, procrastination, addictions, anxiety, anger, materialism, racism, and corruption in other’s lives that have been holding them back from enjoying fulfilling relationships, happy marriages and supportive friendships.
  • Teaches you how to stop generational struggle and “curses” and break ties to less than ideal past decisions that have held them back.
  • Opens you up to more gifts and rewards of the Holy Spirit as you stand in gap for others to remove hurt and oppression from their lives.
  • Allows you to be a greater vessel for other's physical healing as well as your own as you move in dominion and authority over the spirit of infirmity.
  • Gives you tools to work alongside the church in helping Pastors “clean” their congregations so they don’t have to deal with the “drama” that can ensue and be an obstacle for their vision coming to pass.
  • Teaches you how to clearly identify those who need the work and how to set up a working relationship with them.
  • Deepens your communication with the Holy Spirit as He leads you inside the spiritual hindrances that are holding others back so they can be guided to freedom.
  • Keeps you free of emotional wounds and spiritual hindrances so you can close the doors Satan has used to access your life, body and relationships.
  • Positions you to create additional streams of income in your ministry so you can keep doing what the Lord has called you to do without having to hold down a secular job to handle your financial obligations.

And SO much more…

senior couple free from illness

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The entire training is only $897 if registered by February 26th, 2016 (ONLY $74.75 per training class!!!)

$937 after March 18th, 2016

* You must be a graduate of Clearing the Way to enroll.

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Tuesdays from 7:30 pm EST – 9:00 pm EST

Q&A Session from 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm EST

Class 1 – March 3rd

Class 2 – March 10th

Class 3 – March 17th

Class 4 – March 24th

Class 5 – March 31st

Class 6 – April 7th

Class 7 – April 14th

Class 8 – April 21st

Class 9 – April 28th

Class 10 – May 5th

Class 11 – May 11th

Class 12 – May 19th

This Training is for:

  • Those with a heart to see the people of God healed and set free.
  • Those with a heart to be a vessel for this healing and deliverance.
  • Those willing to purify their hearts and cleanse their spirits so they can be effective vessels for this work in others.
  • Ministers who are called outside of the four walls of a church.
  • Teachers who long to help others avoid the hurt and pain you had to overcome so they can become who God created them to be.
  • Ministers called to be vessels who are interested in activating another stream of income in their ministries.
  • Christian counselors tired of seeing their patients continue to struggle even after months of treatment because you know in your heart that something is missing.
  • Christian coaches who are ready to guide their clients in the true freedom and liberation that comes from understanding the revelation of Jesus as a the Son of God.
  • Those ready to take Kingdom power, authority and dominion over their children, marriages, households, places of work, communities, cities, regions, and nations.
  • Pastors ready to move their congregations beyond oppression, afflication and brokenness into being fully empowered in the Lord.

Those who take this training need to come already walking in:

  • Clearly hearing the audible voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • The gift of discernment.
  • Comfort in being still in His presence for at least one hour at a time.
  • Completed and implemented the teachings from the 6-week Clearing the Way Course with Ericka

The Required Prerequisite for this course:

Completion of your own personal healing and cleansing process through Ericka's 6-week, Clearing the Way: Walking in Emotional and Spiritual Freedom (even if you have participated in other forgiveness or deliverance experiences). If you missed the live class, you can get enroll in the home-study course.

Click Here to Full Details on Clearing They Way

You can prepare for the course by reading Ericka's Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life book

Your Training & Certification Includes:

  • This training is a 12-week training that takes place via live teleconference line classes, hands-on partnership and live cohort-style meetings so students receive the full benefits and understanding of this work.
  • Classes will be held on Tuesdays beginning March 3rd until May 19th.
  • Optional (but highly encourged) live cohort training on Saturday, April 4th in Raleigh, NC from 9am - 5 pm. Participants are responsible for their own expenses associated with attending the live cohort.
  • A certificate of completion and an icon to use on your website and other places of your choosing.
  • More than 30 handouts, sample client forms, templates, prayers, contracts, legal documents and everything you need to set up a thriving Spiritual Cleansing Specialist practice.
  • Ongoing support and guidance once you are certified as you work with more clients and expand your practice.
  • Complimentary access to the live monthly Q&A calls to stay connected with all of the certified Spiritual Cleansing Specialists from around the world.
  • A community of highly called and dedicated Spiritual Cleansing Specialists who are deeply hungry to walk in the truth and the works of Jesus (so you don’t feel isolated in this new level of understanding and operation).
  • Future access to the Kingdom Minister’s Association continuing education, financial support, and ministry building guidance and assistance.
  • There will be a live CoHort meeting for those choosing to meet in person in Raleigh, NC on Saturday, April 18th. This live meeting is optional, but highly encouraged. There is no additional cost to register for the CoHort meeting. All participants are responsible to cover their own travel expenses.

In addition, you will receive:

  • Full 24/7 access to Ericka’s Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute with all of the recordings, handouts and additional resources you will need as long as you need them.
  • Ongoing client referrals from Ericka.
  • Ongoing coaching and consulting as you work with clients and set up your spiritual cleansing practice. Support and partnership within a community of other fully trained ministers and teachers.
  • Access to monthly CSCM trainings, the Spiritual Cleansing Specialist site and much more...
The training has taught me how to expand my belief and how to work with the Lord without struggle. Although I experienced tests and trials, I feel and know I am unstoppable! It is a blessing to witness yourself overcoming and being victorious!
Y. Bundy
Y. Bundy Stafford, VA
Doing the work before starting training completely improved and changed my life to recognize dominion and authority through Jesus, to forgive, to be forgiven and cast out uncleanness. The training has given me the knowledge, tools, trust, connections and resources I need to move forward to share this with others.
Chris Smith, www.ReapAsYouSew.com
Chris Smith, www.ReapAsYouSew.com The Sea Ranch, CA
I am so awed by this work and have been reflecting on the place from which I came 3 months ago to now.  God is so good. Many faithful believers are looking for these missing pieces. This work is clear, pure, Biblical and powerful! Thank you! With all that is in me, Ericka, for your courage, boldness, sacrifice, obedience and faithfulness in getting this work to the world! Wow!
E. Yager Apex, NC
CSCM is for those who want to be used for some of the most powerful work in changing the lives of people in the Body of Christ. There is no way to go through the training and not be different after it’s complete. This is the Kingdom work and true solution for being free at a heart level that many people have been hungry for. My biggest take-aways were the real-life examples, the stronghold spirit fruit chart, how to take care of myself during a process with someone else, and your forms and tools. This training has given me a new perspective on work that is needed in the Kingdom, and I have a new perspective on my own heart’s needs. At the same time, I also have a new perspective as I interact with others – seeing great needs everywhere, and knowing the successful solution. I have a whole new piece of the Kingdom opened up to my awareness and understanding.
Krista Dunk, President, Koinonia Business Women, www.KBwomen.com
Krista Dunk, President, Koinonia Business Women, www.KBwomen.com Olympia, WA
The wisdom, knowledge and understanding I gained about the unclean helped me identify my unclean spirits and set me free! This training equipped me to do the same for others. Extremely beneficial! I loved it all!
K. Hammond, String of Pearls Ministry, www.stringofpearls3.com
K. Hammond, String of Pearls Ministry, www.stringofpearls3.com Collegedale, TN
I realized through this course the need for deeper heart work to get to the root of the issue. It was powerful! As I walked through the process myself, more freedom came to me. I would highly recommend the course to others. It is fresh and presents deliverance ministry in a way that is more palatable to Christians. I think it was a great course!
Prophet P. Rucker, Patty Rucker Ministries, Inc. www.pattyrucker.com
Prophet P. Rucker, Patty Rucker Ministries, Inc. www.pattyrucker.com

About Ericka

Ericka’s primary gift is her God-given ability to hear directly from the throne of God. She Scribes what she hears and The Lord gave her the gift of speaking to share what she Scribes with The Body of Christ.

She skillfully blends spiritual insights with practical knowledge that ushers you into accessing and walking in the full power of the Kingdom of Heaven in every area of your life.

She has guided hundreds of people through the inner healing and deliverance process and has perfected the teachings directly from the Holy Spirit. Her more than 20 years of walking in her anointing as a speaker and humor as a natural entertainer keep you entertained even as she teaches on the deepest of topics.

She walks in an Apostolic mantle and oversees, trains and equips ministry leaders with advanced spiritual teachings and leadership skills that take their ministries beyond where they have gone before.

Mrs. James shares her gifts, talent and expertise with ministries and conferences across the nation. She is a natural innovator and has developed more than 20 teachings and training programs. She is the founder of The Convergence Center LLC, The Kingdom Minister’s Association and The International Alliance of Christian Business Women. She is on the Advisory Board  of LeadHer, a national women’s leadership training ministry, and a Board Member of Catch the Fire USA.

She is the author of Self Coaching, When God Calls, The Fearless Living Challenge, The Power of Vision, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life and Your Heart is the Key. She has been an itinerant (called to the Body of Christ outside of the four walls of a church) for more than 15 years. She flows in the five-fold ministry as an Evangelist and is held accountable by Apostle Elijah Forte Ministries. For more information on Ericka’s life work, visit www.ErickaDJames.com.

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