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If you are ready to release the untapped potential of your mind so you can naturally accelerate your clarity and productivity, this home-study training course is one you don’t want to miss.

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You have invested hours and hours in developing your spiritual life so you can understand your calling and purpose, yet you sometimes find yourself struggling to stay focused, energized and excited about doing what it takes to fulfill your vision.

You may feel stronger than you’ve felt spiritually in a long time, yet still find yourself getting easily distracted by life’s obligations and responsibilities and having a difficult time focusing in on all that needs to get done.

The missing piece to being resilient and unwavering in manifesting your heart’s desires is having a mindset that is constantly focused and fixated on victory.

If it was not for the fact that my parents deeply instilled a strong mindset in me all of my life and the immense amount of time I have invested into strengthening my mindset, I would have crumbled under the "bigness" of my calling and gotten derailed from my vision path many time over.  

When your mindset is not properly strengthened, you get easily distracted and can get down on yourself, feel unmotivated, discouraged and experiencing increased feelings of isolation and it seems as if no one understands what you are going through when they are not trying to build their visions.

You may find yourself over or under eating and uninspired to do the things you know to do (like exercise, eat right, get more sleep, etc.) that will move you forward. Your To-Do List seems to be growing with tasks that are not yet completed. It is time for your To Do list to get shorter because you are easily moving through projects and tasks with a focused and concise thought process.

You may find yourself getting easily irritated at those who are closest to you and yet cannot find the words to explain your frustration because you deeply want to be further ahead then where you are but you are having a silent struggle "wrapping your brain" around all that it seems to take to feel focused and momentous.

It is time to unlock the unbounding excitement and overflowing exhilaration it takes to achieve your vision that is each and every day with the power of your mind.

No more feeling strong in the spirit and not being steady mentally so you can wake up each and every morning with laser-beam-like focus and tenacity to walk through your day energetically no matter what hurdles you have to overcome.

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Having a strong and unshakable mindset allows you to easily glide over life’s challenges, obstacles and setbacks with joy and determination.

You can be clear about your calling and purpose, yet still fall short of achieving it because of the doubts, distractions and obstacles that your mind has to overcome in order to achieve.

Most teachings on mindset are secular and leave you trying to rely only on a single aspect of what it takes to have highly developed mind that remains undistracted, sharp, and honed in on completing your calling.

It is time to connect, activate and harness the dormant power of your mind to fulfill the spiritual calling and destiny on your life.

Women are being called to the forefront in both business and ministry, yet many of us have not known how to fortify our minds so we can be fully prepared for all the Lord is calling us to do for such a time as this.


Now is the time to align your mind, body and spirit to effortlessly accomplish the calling on your life.

In this course you will learn:

  • The keys to making the mindset shift that increases your spiritual and financial abundance.
  • Release the hidden source of ever-increasing self-encouragement and excitement that will keep you moving ahead on your path to accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your calling.
  • How to transform your mindset to one of positivity, power and persistence (in a way that feels natural and unforced).
  • How to identify and accelerate the three dimensions of identity that are required to have a clear mind that remains focused on manifesting the calling on your life.
  • The three dimensions of a solid mindset that result in you moving forward in achieving your vision no matter what is going on in your life or what comes your way to attempt to distract and delay you.
  • How to develop the mind of Christ so you move from your spiritual center in every choice and action you make.
  • Understand the profound connection between the heart and the mindset and how you can keep them perfectly aligned to easily keep moving forward without doubt and distractions.
  • How to take dominion over your circumstances so they always line up with what you need to powerfully move forward.
  • The process to pulling down every thought that is not aligned with the success you desire.
  • How to positively impact those around you so they support and encourage your vision.

Your Six Classes Will Cover:

  • 1

    Laying The Foundation of Mindset

    This class clearly defines Mindset and clarifies the nature of success. It leads you through understanding the Mind vs. The Brain and your mindset vs. your beliefs and thoughts. You will be guided through the power of thoughts, the three basic mindsets and helps you identify your basic mindset.

  • 2

    The First Aspect of Mindset

    Class 2 walks you through your keys to personal success as you uncover your core mindset. You will be walked through how to maneuver the powerful revelation of your mind and heart. You will learn how to understand The Personal Mind and the basis of your mindset along with the process to transform your personal mind. As a special gift you will also receive phrases to reprogram your personal mind.

  • 3

    The Second Aspect of Mindset

    This class covers the keys to Christ-minded success so you can remove any lingering unholy and false agreements in which you have been subconsciously living. This class covers the revelation of creating a Christ Mind and powerful declarations that reprogram your Christ mind.

  • 4

    The Third Aspect of Mindset

    This class covers the keys to your Kingdom success and how to create and walk in the Kingdom mind. You also learn declarations and phrases to elevate your personal and Christ Mind to your Kingdom mind.

  • 5

    Elevating Your Mindset

    This class includes the keys to developing your mindset and techniques to elevate, expand and grow your mind. You are taught the process of renewing your mind daily so it truly remains in a space of "unshakeability" and how to make new and powerful decisions that fully align with your new mind and mindset.

  • 6

    Walking in the Power of an Evolved Mindset

    In this finale, you will learn how to access your joy-center through your mind so you master the art of changing the atmosphere of your life and the lives of all you come into contact with through understanding the connectedness of the mind. This class solidifies your unshakable mind and guides you in communicating your new mindset to others so they know how to interact with your new Self.

This home-study course includes:

  • A comprehensive training packet with teachings, revelation and resources that will guide you in developing and maintaining the mindset you need be unwavering in every area of your life.
  • Step-by-step techniques to keep your mind strong and unrelenting in the pursuit and manifestation of your vision and Kingdom Assignment in ministry and/or business.
  • 6 Lessons (90 minutes each) on how to create an Unshakeable Mindset.
  • 24/7 access to Ericka's online learning center where you can download all teachings and recordings.

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About the Trainers


Ericka D. Jackson

Master Business and Ministry Trainer, Evangelist, Author, Kingdom Trainer.

Ericka was twelve years old when she discovered her gift of speaking and leading. She has been making audiences rise to their feet ever since. Her more than 23 years of experience in guiding people in living the lives they were born to live, her anointing as a speaker, talent and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for her audiences.

Ericka’s primary spiritual gift is her gift of receiving fresh revelation from the Throne of God. This makes all of her teachings and trainings different than anything you’ve ever heard before. As a single mother called to build a thriving ministry and business, she has spent countless hours intentionally developing a “Teflon” mindset that keeps her focused, production and on-track no matter what is happening in her life.

She is a master marketer and business expansion expert who works privately with business owners as well as teaches and trains women how to step into their full value and worth and build businesses that are high-impact and build significant wealth. Ericka is the author of numerous CDs, podcasts, articles, trainings, teaching tools and five books including The Power of Vision, The Fearless Living Challenge, Inside the Bulls-eye, When God Calls and her most recent work, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life.

She is also the founder of The Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute. She is the Founder of The Convergence Center LLC, a faith-based company called to train and equip Christian women to rise in ministry and business, and the co-founder of Touch and Agree (TAG) Christian Women’s Business Network as its co-founder.

She serves on the Board of Directors of LeadHer, an international women’s ministry that is equipping Christian women for leadership across the world. Her business and ministry is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can learn more about Ericka and her life’s work at http://www.erickajackson.com.

Alisa Bell HeadshotAlisa Bell

Certified Christian Counselor, Certified Professional Human Behavior Consultant, Certified Professional Life Coach, Prophetess, Kingdom Life Strategist.

Alisa has a unique ability to identify greatness in the life of an individual, group or organization. Labeled a spiritual profiler by God, Alisa has a strong passion to see people lead their best lives in the Kingdom.

Alisa specializes in inspiring budding entrepreneurs to go forth and do all that God has placed in their hearts. Functioning in her prophetic gifting, God gives her specific insight into the blueprint He has designed for the individual, group or organization, and through working together; the strategy is set for the path of success. She knows failure is not an option because God has a perfect track record.

Alisa is driven by divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit to ensure her trainings are effective and insightful. Propelling her students forward in pursuing and apprehending the things of God, she has a relentless ability to uncover every nuance of God’s word that reveals His purpose for ones life, and helps the student release its impact in their everyday lives.

Alisa’s style of teaching is powerful, engaging, and most importantly, life transforming. She does not seek to entertain you at the head level; her aim is for the heart and spirit of a man. She is best known for her mantle of joy and humor is always included in her delivery.

Alisa is the Overseer of Healing the Sheep Ministries, located in Richton Park, Illinois. HTS is best described as training/coaching ministry. It is designed to empower the people of God to go forth into all the earth and plant seeds of greatness for future generations to walk in. Healing the Sheep also has an outreach component in which we share our time and financial resources with those who are naturally and spiritually impoverished.

Alisa is the Founder of No More Cycles Life Coaching LLC. also located in Richton Park, Illinois. The name No More Cycles came about because of the cry of God’s people who suffer from generational behavior patterns that seem impossible to break and inevitable to repeat.  You can find out more about Alisa’s life work at http://www.nmclifecoaching.org

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