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Three Pillars Coaching

The Three Pillars Coaching Program
for Ministers, Christian Leaders and Business Owners

A New Coaching Program is Specifically Designed to Facilitate the Breakthroughs
You Desire to Take Your Vision to New Heights

Have you been praying to work with a Christian leader with an apostolic mantle who will not be threatened by your gifts and calling?

Are you ready to be fully encouraged and elevated to walk in the fullness of who God created you to be?

Are you releasing a powerful message of the Lord, but feeling like you are not getting the response you desire or have envisioned?

Are you working your ministry or business but feeling overwhelmed at all that is expected of you and your time in the presence of the Lord is suffering?

Are you struggling with secret challenges and have not had a safe confidant in which to share who understands your ministry role and is not directly associated with your leadership team, ministry or congregation?

Are you feeling stuck in the messages you are hearing directly from the Lord to keep feeding your flock the deeper things of the Lord?

Are you ready to draw many, many more people to your ministry?

Do you desire to grow your leadership team and help them be more effective in the works of the Lord?

Do you feel like you are on the right track, but something is missing from you operating inside the bullseye
of what the Lord has called you to?

Are you dealing with issues in your personality that you are tired of trying to overcome and you are ready to leave it behind once
and for all before the Lord causes it to become public?

If you were called into the ministry from a broken and incomplete place and need to fortify some aspects of what it
means to be a minister for the Lord…

If you desire to be taught and trained by someone who is a pure vessel for the Lord and who clearly hears from
the throne of God on your behalf, then…

Then this brand new coaching program is for you.

This is for those who prefer private training and equipping.

There are three dimensions or journeys* that are required to master in order to build a thriving ministry that this program guides you in mastering:

The Inward Journey

The Inward journey is your journey into yourself where God takes you through emotional healing, forgiveness, and becoming whole in your inner man. It is this journey that results in a purified heart and cleansed spirit. This aspect of the ministry journey banishes self-esteem issues, insecurities and limiting habits and thinking patterns.

This is the beginning of experiencing the power, dominion and authority of Jesus within us. No more insecurities, doubts or hesitation. This is the leg of the journey in which so many Ministers get stuck and never move beyond. This is the aspect of your ministry journey where your gifts become strengthened.

The Upward Journey

Then, there is the Upward journey. This is the aspect of your walk with the Lord where He teaches you how to transcend the things of the world and earth and teaches you how to live from our Heavenly position at His right hand. This is the leg of your ministry
in which He opens up the secrets of the gospel and reveals the mysteries of Heaven to you.

This is when He is speaking to you from His very throne and instructing you on the things you are to carry out to bring forth the Kingdom of God. This is when the Lord shows you how to speak for Him to His people. It is in the upward journey that the Lord begins to use you in His works that result in signs, wonders and miracles.

The Outward Journey

As wonderful as the Upward journey is, there is a whole other aspect of this journey. It is the Outward journey. Although you go through each of these aspects of your journey all the time, there comes a point in your journey where you have mastered the first two aspects and can move fully into the Outward journey.

This is the leg of your journey in which you are all about sharing the fire of the Lord with others and taking your message to the world. No more hindrances, no more limitations, and complete clarity as to who you to Heaven and you are consumed with carrying out
your specific Kingdom calling is upon the earth. This aspect of your process also guides you in carrying your gifts and the works of Jesus to His people in a mighty way.

*This terminology is adapted from a sermon by John Arnott.

This Program Will Enlarge the Territory of Your Ministry.

Those who participate in this scripturally-based program will receive:

  • Freedom from past issues and insecurities that are stifling your ministry effectiveness and growth.
  • A purified heart that will shift the results you are getting in your ministry.
  • A Holy boldness even beyond which you have had in the past.
  • Freedom from health issues, sickness and disease.
  • The release to operate in higher levels of power, dominion and authority.
  • A proven process to guide you in making a stress-free transition from your secular job into full-time ministry or business.
  • A new depth of connection with your flock.
  • New techniques and approaches to become more effective and productive in your vision.
  • How to apply your gifts in a way that keep you moving forward and not being bogged down with the many aspects and responsibilities that leadership demands.
  • The ability to reach your goals and manifest good fruit in your business or ministry with ease.


This coaching program is not for the faint of heart or the flaky.
It requires that you are open to learning no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord.

The Three Pillars Coaching Packages








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1 monthly

60-minute session

2 monthly

45-60 min sessions

4 monthly

45 minute sessions


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Live Mini Phone Support with Ericka Between Sessions



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If you are interested in learning more about this specialized coaching program, fill out the following form and Ericka will contact you within 48 hours to set up a brief exploratory phone meeting. 


Your sessions will be at a time that works with your schedule and Ericka’s availability.

About Ericka

Although she often operates in the office of an Evangelist, Ms. Jackson carries an Apostolic mantle and is called to equip and empower those called outside of the four walls of the traditional church to build ministries and Kingdom businesses in the marketplace.

The revelation she receives from the throne of God go beyond seminary teachings and church leadership programs teach as one of Ms. Jackson’s commissions is to train up those chosen to operate in the five-fold ministry roles to operate and manifest the works of Jesus upon the earth.

Ms. Jackson’s primary gift is having ears that hear directly from the throne of God and she is blessed to be a vessel of new revelation that catapults ministries into their rightful and preordained position in order to fulfill their Kingdom Assignment. She shares her teachings as a speaker, writer and innovator.

Ms. Jackson founded The Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute was founded in 2010 by Evangelist Ericka D. Jackson in a response of obedience to the urgency of the Lord to raise up His Kingdom Ministers around the world to manifest the Kingdom of God upon the Earth.