Are you ready to stop working WAY TOO HARD to generate enough income to just barely get by? 

Are you ready to get off the financial roller coaster, being in over your head one minute and doing okay the next? 

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The Currency Kit: Accessing Supernatural Provision

Dear Believer,

If you are ready to experience the abundance and prosperity that the Word promises us, then you will want to keep reading this letter.

As a believer, you are called to:

  • Be a conduit through which Godís blessings flow
  • Serve as a beacon of light to those who are lost
  • Reflect Godís Glory and Abundance in every area of your life
  • Walk in your Fatherís Inheritance
  • Serve as a testimony of Godís grace and unmitigated favor
  • Create Supernatural Provision in your Life and your Ministry

But, how can you fulfill your call, if you, yourself, have fallen victim to the stronghold of Lack, which distracts you and keeps you chasing paper instead of chasing the God you so desperately love?

We may choose to turn the other check and refuse to acknowledge this but one of the biggest hindrances for Christians and the Body of Christ as a whole, is that of Financial Lack.  It stops many of us from pursuing opportunities that would help us grow spiritually, personally and professionally.  It interferes with our ability to give as the Lord leads.  It prevents us from enjoying memorable experiences with our family and friends.  


  And most important of all, Lack prevents us from doing the things that God has called us to do.


We cannot allow this to continue in the Body of Christ.  As Believers, we must put a stop to this farce today!


ďMy people are destroyed for lack of knowledgeĒ Hosea 4:6


What you donít know about accessing your God given inheritance and creating wealth is delaying your blessing and costing you, your time, your money and your health. 

The Blueprint

Come on this journey with me as I reveal the short cut to living life more abundantly.  As a kingdom minister who decided to pursue Godís call full time, I have been blessed with this revelatory insight that, when fully understood and embraced, will take your financial abundance to new heights.


I knowÖ You are not looking to only accumulate more material stuff. 

However, you may simply desire enough revenue that will give you the freedom to enjoy pleasant and memorable experiences with the people you love or enough to be able to give freely to the people or ministries you are called to or simply to live free of worry and anxiety about bills and debt. 


The Currency Kit will help you do just that!


The Currency Kit includes everything you need to start accessing and maintaining your financial abundance today. By embracing these teachings and utilizing the tools within The Currency Kit, you will take your financial situation to new altitudes!

You will discover how to:

 Lord over money instead of allowing it to lord over you

 Identify and Remove strongholds around money

 Budget and properly manage the currency you already have

 Use the wealth you have to build more wealth

 Access your God-given inheritance

 Develop your own system for creating wealth in your life

This program is worth well over $300.  However, you can order yours today for only $97.  This will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Yes Ericka, count me in.  I would like to order my Currency Kit today!



Nine years ago, as a single mother without a penny saved, I walked away from my corporate job so that I could get on purpose for the Lord.  Over the course of those years, I have lost count of how many times I have gone to the Lord for instruction on the topic of money.  However, each time, He answered with incredible insight and revelation that I had never heard before.   


Discover and eliminate the vice that has been sabotaging your wealth

God had to reveal to me the errors of my ways; my way of thinking about money and my motivations for doing the things I was doing.  I had to learn how to trust God (which wasnít always easy), call forth provision and create revenue in a Kingdom ministry. He poured out teachings that enabled me to create a thriving ministry that serves His purpose and His people yet provides the necessary currency to support my lifestyle and allows me to serve Him full time.


Itís time for Massive Rewards

As a believer, it is imperative that you understand how to tap into the resources of Heaven that the Lord has ordained for such a time as this.  In order to carry out the fullness of your call and ministry, you must know how to manifest resources upon the earth.  Over those nine years, I wished that someone had created a process to help me understand how to trust God for my provision.  But, fortunately, for you, the necessary information is available and it is here.


So, buckle your seat belt because this will be an exciting journey. 


Many of these teachings are revolutionary and have never been revealed in such as systematic manner, until now.  I have included over nine years of my own personal and kingdom ministry development into this Currency Kit.  Iíve left nothing out, revealing everything you need to knowÖ to start building wealth now.


The Currency Kit Includes:

Part 1: Moving the Mountain of Money (1 CD)

Imagine having the financial resources to do all you desire in God's Kingdom.. With this teaching, you don't have to imagine anymore! This instruction goes beyond traditional teachings of creating financial increase and walks you through the steps of taking authority over money so you have more to give to God's Kingdom and to live your life. Learn specific steps to expand your finances even if the world's finances are shrinking. If you are ready for lack of money to never stop you again, then, pay close attention as this teaching is for you!


In this teaching, you will discover how to:

  • Take authority over money
  • Increase your finances in spite of the worldís economy
  • Call forth the resources you need to walk in the promises of God


Part 2: Let it Flow: Moving the Mountain of Money Pt. 2 (1 CD)

God continued to pour out more teachings about how to take the lessons in Moving the Mountain of Money to new heights and to learn His principles for creating generational wealth. This teaching shows you how to get things in order in your current finances and increases your understanding on how to remove blockages around money.

In this teaching, you will find out how to:

  • Break generational strongholds
  • Change your mindset around finances
  • Determine exactly where you are financially and how you can move forward

 Part 3: Eliminating Financial Oppression (2 CDs)

If you are ready to open your life to the abundance of God's promise; then you are ready for this lesson. This is ground-breaking revelation and you will learn the process to recognize the strongholds that are causing financial oppression and how to remove them from your life for good. Until you remove the oppression, the wealth that God has stored-up for you cannot be released. Listen closely and learn how to release it.


In this session, you will:

  • Learn why you are financially stagnate and what you can do about it
  •   Identify your specific strongholds and eliminate them
  • Release wealth into your life (itís yours anyway)
  • Stop wasting your time pursuing wealth and start accessing it now

Part 4: Accessing Supernatural Currency (3 CDs)

These teachings delve into the spiritual aspects of breaking bondage, such as; understanding Godís purpose for money and how you are to command it, understanding the importance of creating vessels, becoming aware of how to move from money to supernatural currency and how you can access it, and discovering the proper way we are to tithe. You will also get a clear understanding of why the Body of Christ is struggling in this area and how to align your mind, body and spirit to the abundance that is promised in the Word. These teachings uncover the spiritual side of money and currency.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Create vessels for generating wealth
  • Understand the difference between money and currency
  • Learn the true meaning of the tithe and how you can multiply your wealth if you do it right

Part 5: Accessin g Supernatural Provision (Workbook)

This workbook helps you gain clarity around your current financial position, discover where you might be stuck and shows you step by step how you can break free and start walking in your God-given inheritance.  This is where you make this process your own and develop a personalized system for increasing your wealth and taking your life to the next level.


As part of this package; you will also get a Supernatural Provision calculator and an ink pen, made especially for Godís chosen ones.


And it doesnít stop there; for ordering the Currency Kit today, you will also receive the ďEnd your Cash Crunch NowĒ CD absolutely FREE


BONUS:  End Your Cash Crunch Now (CD)

On the way to having your time freed up to do ministry full-time you may find yourself in a position of needing increased cash flow. But how do you increase your cash flow when you donít have many resources to invest at this point in your ministry? Where do you begin the process of creating products that help you get the word out to the people God has ordained for you?  You can either study for years and years to learn the secrets of the masters or you can listen to this teaching and learn the insights, secrets, and tools to easily increase your income and fund your ministry.

With this teaching, you will learn how to:

  • Execute no-cost or low cost strategies (includes specific resources) to get through any cash crunch
  • Create immediate cash flow

Itís Time Believers Represent

My friends, it is time that we, as Believers, represent the God of abundance that we all serve. We must serve as models to the world of what it looks like to live for God.  We can show them how we create financial freedom, even in todayís economy while following Godís plan, doing what we are called to do and living our dream. We must move beyond conventional wisdom for generating wealth, by switching off some of those old self defeating beliefs and by beginning to cast our own net for the inheritance the Word promises. 


Yes, Ericka, Iím ready to finally learn how to live life and live it more abundantly by creating supernatural provision in my life and my ministry.


I understand I will get the entire 5-part audio and workbook Currency Kit which includes:

  Accessing Supernatural Provision CD and Workbook Binder

  Moving the Mountain of Money CD

  Let it Flow: Moving the Mountain of Money Pt. 2 CD

  Eliminating Financial Oppression Ė 2CDís

  Accessing Supernatural Currency Ė 3 CDís

  Accessing Supernatural Provision Workbook

  Accessing Supernatural Provision Calculator

  Accessing Supernatural Provision Pen

  BONUS: End Your Cash Crunch Now CD



I understand that Iím investing in myself and I promise to utilize my accessing supernatural workbook to implement what I learn so that I can begin investing in the Kingdom and living a more abundant life!


Your investment for this complete Kit is only $97
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This program is worth well over $300.  However, you can order yours today for only $97.  This will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

 Ericka, please send me my Currency Kit

I am ready to begin Creating Supernatural Provision in my Life.

Donít remain in the rat race. Follow this system and start living your abundant life today!

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This 5 part audio and workbook kit, which includes 6 CDs + a Bonus CD, a workbook, calculator and pen, is the ultimate shortcut for calling forth and creating the abundance you have been waiting for.

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In His Service and With Love,

Evangelist, Author, Speaker, Kingdom Trainer

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