It is not about what anyone else is doing. It is about what you were CREATED to do.

Take the guesswork out of being crystal clear about your purpose.

There are 8 components that come together to help you
determine your unique wiring.

It all begins with knowing your God-given vision and Kingdom Assignment. Get your free copy of Accelerate Your Vision: The 8 Keys to Understanding Your Kingdom Assignment today.

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    About Ericka

    Ericka was 12 years old when she discovered her gift of speaking and leading. This was the same year she discovered her passion for business and creating the life of her dreams.

    Her continued pursuit of fulfilling 100% of who God created her to be and seeing this transformation in the lives of others continues to challenge her to deeply seek the mysteries of life. She share these insights and revelations in resources, training and tools so others can create the lives of their God-given dreams.

    When she is not building her two businesses, The Convergence Center, a training & development company and The Alliance (of Christian Business Women), or her nonprofit, The Kingdom Minister’s Association, you will find her laughing, convening with God, reading, watching inspiring documentaries and enjoying life with her family.

    Learn more about her life’s work at