Congratulations on taking this powerful step toward accelerating every area of your life!

Please complete the following application form and hit the submit button. Please be detailed as you are required to have very specific and measurable goals in order to be a fit for Accelerate.  

You will be notified via email within 24-48 hours of whether or not you have been selected to be a part of Accelerate or if Ericka has further clarifying questions for you. If you are not selected to be a part of Accelerate at this time, you will receive an email explaining what you may need to work on in order to be a part of Accelerate.

Once you are accepted, please be prepared to handle your payment (monthly or full payment) within 48 hours. Once we receive payment, you will have full access to the private Facebook Accelerate group and all Accelerate has to offer.

Have a FEARLESS day!

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