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Cracking the Currency Code:
Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth 4-Part Telecourse
with BONUS Q&A Session


with Ericka D. Jackson
Evangelist. Author. Kingdom Trainer.

Thursdays, February 24th - March 24th, 2011
7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST

The World of Ministry is About to Explode with a Whole New Crop of Financially Free Kingdom Ministers and Kingdom Builders. Will you be one of them?

If You are Ready to Come Out of the World’s System so that You Can Launch Your Own Kingdom Based Business, Serve on the Mission Field or Serve God Full Time….

Join me in this jam packed live tele-course where you will learn how to put a STOP to financial struggle for good. Learn how to generate wealth in the supernatural as well as in the natural so that you are free to fulfill your Kingdom Purpose.

Sign up now for this 4-part telecourse, “Cracking the Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth” for just $127 if you register by 2/23! $147 if you register after the 23rd.


Dear Kingdom Builder,


I urge you to find a quiet place, turn off the phone and take time to read through this incredible letter now.  In it, you’ll discover how this program can help you:


·        Become a conduit through which God’s blessings flow Learn the details of how to tap into the flow of Heaven so that finances flow towards and through you, not away from you.

·        Serve as a beacon of light to those who are lost – As a Kingdom Builder, you are called to build the Kingdom of God.  You are charged with helping the lost find Jesus and learn to live a life that is set apart and truly blessed. 

·        Reflect God’s Glory and Abundance in every area of your life by learning how to take authority over your finances and by actively pursuing those opportunities that would help you grow spiritually, personally and professionally.

·        Walk in your Father’s Inheritance by activating the financial power of being set apart.  As a kingdom based leader, it is imperative that you understand how to tap into God’s reservoir full of resources set aside just for you, so that you can begin to carry out the fullness of your call and ministry.

·        Serve as a testimony of God’s grace and unmitigated favor by consistently using the key that will grant you unfailing access to your wealth

·        Create Supernatural Provision in your Life and Ministry


But, how can you fulfill your call, if you, yourself, have fallen victim to the Stronghold Spirit of Bondage, producing lack in your life, which distracts you and keeps you chasing money instead of chasing the God you so desperately love?


One of the biggest hindrances for Christians and the Body of Christ as a whole, is that of Financial Lack.  It stops you from pursuing opportunities that would help you grow spiritually, personally and professionally.  It interferes with your ability to give as the Lord leads.  It prevents you from enjoying memorable experiences with your family and friends.   And most important of all, Lack prevents you from doing the things that God has called you to do.

You cannot allow this to continue in the Body of Christ.  And as kingdom builders, you it is time to leave this behind once and for all.


“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6


What you don’t know about accessing your God given inheritance and creating wealth is delaying your blessing and costing you, your time, your money and your health.  


The Blueprint


Come on this journey with me as I reveal the short cut to living life more abundantly.  As a kingdom minister who decided to pursue God’s call full time, I have been blessed with this revelatory insight that, when fully embraced, will take your financial abundance to new heights.


However, you may simply desire enough revenue that will give you the freedom to enjoy pleasant and memorable experiences with the people you love or enough to be able to give freely to the people or ministries you are called to or simply to live free of worry and anxiety about bills and debt.  You may even be looking to secure the necessary resources that will allow you to safely leave the corporate world and pursue your kingdom based business or ministry full time.


This 4 Part Telecourse,Cracking the Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealthwill help you do just that!

This course includes all the information, tools and strategies you will need to start accessing and maintaining your financial abundance today. By embracing these teachings and utilizing these important biblical principles, you will take your financial situation to new altitudes!

You will discover how to:

·        Lord over money instead of allowing it to lord over you

·        Identify and Remove strongholds around money

·         Prepare for the currency you really need

·        Use the wealth you have to build more wealth

·        Access your God-given inheritance

·        Develop your own system for creating wealth in your life

Yes, Ericka! I'm ready to learn how to access and maintain my financial abundance and join the new of crop of Financially Free Kingdom Builders.

The Journey

Nine years ago, as a single mother without a penny saved, I walked away from my corporate job so that I could get on purpose for the Lord.  Over the course of those years, I have lost count of how many times I have gone to the Lord for instruction on the topic of money. Each time, He answered with incredible insight and revelation that I had never heard before.  

Discover and eliminate the hindrances that have been sabotaging your wealth.

God had to reveal to me the errors of my ways; my way of thinking about money and my motivations for doing the things I was doing.  I had to learn how to trust God (which wasn’t always easy), call forth provision and create revenue in a Kingdom ministry. He poured out teachings that enabled me to create a thriving ministry that serves His purpose and His people yet provides the necessary currency to support my daughter and I and allows me to serve Him full time.


It’s time for Massive Rewards

As a kingdom builder, it is imperative that you understand how to tap into the resources of Heaven that the Lord has ordained for such a time as this.  In order to carry out the fullness of your call and ministry, you must know how to manifest resources upon the earth.  Over those nine years, I wished that someone had created a process to help me understand how to trust God for my provision.  But, fortunately, for you, the necessary information is available and it is here, right before you.  


So, buckle your seat belt because this will be an exciting journey.   Many of these teachings are revolutionary and have never been revealed in such as systematic manner, until now.  I have included over nine years of my own personal and kingdom ministry development in this telecourse. I’ve left nothing out, revealing everything I know and everything that you need to know… to start building wealth now.


Unlocking the Doors to What Is Yours

If you were like me, you may have grown up in the church and saw most of the people live comfortable lives, but not the lives you knew should be possible for those who love the Lord. Or perhaps you started hearing the messages of the prosperity gospel that taught that as believers we should have the best things and ended up pursuing material things as status symbols and got into some debt.  Or perhaps you have been doing the best you know how to do and still feel like there is so much ground to gain in the area of your finances.


This process will work for you no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord. Each call will last for up to two hours (we have a lot to cover). These teachings are 100% scripturally based.


This class will give you new revelation to the Lord’s secrets of wealth, concrete steps to move from your current financial reality into the one you have been called to, and how to have the resources you need to carry out your ministry - all in one! You'll be working through these steps with me....


Class 1: Establishing Your Kingdom Wealth
Thursday, February 24th, 7:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST)


·       The traditional teachings and falsehoods that have been holding you back from achieving the wealth the Lord has set aside for you.

·        How to exceed the resources of those in the secular world (more is expected of you, therefore you need more resources).

·        Understanding what is really going on in the Body of Christ and what it takes to come out of this time of the world’s economic breakdown.

·        Revealing little-shared truths about the riches of Jesus and how to be a true reflection of who He is.

·        Uncovering the Kingdom Code of Wealth 4 secret steps that take the limits off of your earnings.

·        How to stop depending on your secular job to provide for you and step into activating the Lord’s provision .

·        Learn the true definition of Kingdom wealth.

·        Get the tools to properly measure your wealth (and it’s not your net-worth or debt-to-income ratio) .

·        Understanding of currency vs. money and how to access the supernatural provision that is promised to you.

·        Having resources is part of the seven-fold meaning of salvation.

·        Learning your two greatest forms of currency and how to access them at all times.

·   How to truly trust God with all of your provision.

·   How to access the different forms of currency you will need to fully fund your ministry work.


Class 2: Removing The Barriers to Your Wealth
Thursday, 7:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST)


Repeat after me: "It is part of my divine inheritance to have all the resources I need to impact other’s lives." Whether you are just getting clear on what your ministry is specifically called to do, you have been called to Pastor a church, or your ministry is outside of the walls of a church for the Body of Christ, it's critical you learn to use your spiritual tools to overcome any barriers or hindrances that have been invisibly limiting the resources that have come into your hands . 


But the traditional methods just won't work here, so here's what I'm going to share:


·        Dismantle the unseen forces that have been holding back the financial flow that has been set aside for you.

·        How to break any remaining strongholds that have been operating in your finances.

·        The gateway to focus on that which will make the biggest difference in unblocking the flow of wealth into your life.

·        How to manifest the clean fruit you need to transform your financial reality.

·        What is promised to you once you overcome what has been in the way of your wealth…

·        How to parlay financial lack into financial wellness.

·        The process of moving from asking and into what it takes for the Lord to release your riches.

·        The process of moving from asking and into what it takes for the Lord to release your riches.

·        The step-by-step process to believe God for the things you have been praying for.

·        How to break the generational curses of poverty that have ran through your family lines.

·        Diminishing the mountain of money into a molehill.

·        How to access the full power of Jesus to remove all blockages and pitfalls to achieving the success you envision.

·        How to identify and cease the past lies that have been holding you back.

·        How to dispatch your angels of wealth and miracles on a daily basis.


STRONGHOLD CHECKLIST, detailing all the stronghold spirits that may still be accessing your finances.

Class 3: Realizing and Moving In Your Value
Thursday, March 10th, 7:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST)

Until you move into a place of understanding both your heavenly and earthly value, you can never fully break out of the cycle of lack and limitation. And this is part of entering in and operating from His Kingdom.


This is imperative for your own ministry, but especially to become the example of what serving the Lord and prospering looks like for those the Lord has called you to lead. Not in a fake, superficial, material way, but in the deep, freeing and biblical way God designed it.

In this class you'll learn:

·        My personal strategies for moving into a the place of understanding my value and overcoming the reality of most single parents and ministries called to the Body of Christ and the nations.

·        A life-changing Word the Lord shared with me that will give you the push you need to begin honoring your value.

·        How to active and access your inheritance so you can enjoy it right here and now.

·        The true seed you must plant daily in order to have a constant flow of provision and currency in your hands (and it’s not financial or about tithing, praying, fasting, praising or worshipping).

·        How to move into your full power, authority and dominion over your finances.

·        Identifying the one most important thing that opens the windows of heaven to you (and it’s not just tithing).

·        How to pull down your daily provision from Heaven.

·        The secret prayers that are actually codes in the Word that manifest supernatural provision and riches on a consistent basis.

·        How to communicate the true cost of your ministry to others so they respond to your value at all times.

·        How to move beyond your needs to focusing on carrying out your ministry.

·        How to activate your power of being set apart and what this means for your ministry.


Class 4: Sealing the Deal with Habits that Will Change Your Finances
Thursday, March 17th, 7:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST)

When I was home for an extended stay over the Holidays, my daughter and I visited some friends we have known for years. They said something so matter-of-fact that it stayed with me because it mirrored my belief and reality. As we were getting caught up on the activities and happenings since we last saw each other, they said,  “…And we are not participating in the recession.”  What caught my attention was that these friends are not Christians yet they had an understanding of the biblical principles and were using them to remain outside of the recession.


We as believers are not to be negatively affected by what is happening in the world. And the recession they are experiencing is no different.


As incredibly powerful and life-changing that understanding how to access supernatural provision is, the teachings will not reap their full benefit if you don’t incorporate the daily and weekly habits it takes to maintain your wealth and continue to grow the riches of your ministry. In this fourth class, I will be sharing strategic moves you can make now to avoid the impact of what is going on in the world’s economy.


Here's just a sampling of what I'll be covering:


·        How to take responsibility for whatever state your finances are in and transform them into good fruit.

·        The scriptural code that unlocks your daily provision.

·        How to create a constant flow of income for your ministry and profoundly impact the lives of those the Lord has sent to you at the same time.

·        How to tithe properly and according to the scripture (this one will leave you breathless!).

·        How to recognize your gifts and parlay them into ongoing income and revenue for your livelihood and ministry.

·        How to spend 95% or more of your time moving in your gifts.

·        Isolating and executing your RGA’s on a regular basis.

·        How to find the people who can afford what you have to offer.

·        How to keep your worship center funded according to biblical teachings and truth.

·        Creating space for the Lord to continually bless you with new forms of currency.

·        How to deal with your debt as you are building your Kingdom Empire.

·        How to immediately increase your ministry’s revenue.

·        A key to drawing your wealth and riches with ease and consistency.

·        How to unlock the infinite power of faith to continually access your heavenly treasure.

·        Daily and weekly habits to maximize the blessings the Lord will bestow upon you.

·        How to structure your time to get these financial habits down-pat.

A template for your Ministry Provision List. (I’ll explain in the class).

A Financial Forecast template for vessels (I’ll explain in the class).

               A Daily And Weekly Habit Check-list

Class 5: Bonus Question and Answer Call
Thursday, March 24th, 7:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST)


After receiving such profound teaching on how to have all of the resources you need in your hands, I wanted to provide an opportunity for questions. The most effective way to do this is to have one session that is dedicated to answering your questions.


This is a Q&A-led class. You will be provided with a question line to leave your questions on that you would like me to cover in more detail so you get the full understanding of this new level of financial living fully under your belt. So during the course, be sure to write down your thoughts and questions, so you'll have them ready for the call.


Yes, Ericka! I'm ready to learn how to access and maintain my financial abundance and join the new of crop of Financially Free Kingdom Builders.

You might be asking yourself,how could Ericka give away this much information and guidance for such a nominal cost”.  I thought about that myself.  However, I wanted to be sure that every kingdom builder on my list would have the opportunity to participate in this incredible program.  It is simply imperative that this information gets in your hands and I didn’t want anything to get in the way, especially not money.


But, I’m not done yet. 

When you participate in this program, you will also gain access to:




Moving the Mountain of Money (mp3)

Imagine having the financial resources to do all you desire in God's Kingdom... With this teaching, you don't have to imagine anymore! This instruction goes beyond traditional teachings of creating financial increase and walks you through the steps of taking authority over currency so you have more to give to God's Kingdom and to live your life. Learn specific steps to expand your finances even if the world's finances are shrinking. If you are ready for lack of money to never stop you again, then, pay close attention as this teaching is for you!

In this teaching, you will discover how to:

ü Take authority over money

ü Increase your finances in spite of the world’s economy

ü Call forth the resources you need to walk in the promises of God


Let it Flow: Moving the Mountain of Money Pt. 2 (mp3)

God continued to pour out more teachings about how to take the lessons in Moving the Mountain of Money to new heights and to learn His principles for creating generational wealth. This teaching shows you how to get things in order in your current finances and increases your understanding on how to remove blockages around money.

In this teaching, you will find out how to:

ü Break generational strongholds

ü Change your mindset around finances

ü Determine exactly where you are financially and how you can move forward


Eliminating Financial Oppression (2 mp3s)

If you are ready to open your life to the abundance of God's promise; then you are ready for this lesson. This is ground-breaking revelation and you will learn the process to recognize the strongholds that are causing financial oppression and how to remove them from your life for good. Until you remove the oppression, the wealth that God has stored-up for you cannot be released. Listen closely and learn how to release it.

In this session, you will:

ü Learn why you are financially stagnate and what you can do about it

ü Identify your specific strongholds and eliminate them

ü Release wealth into your life (it’s yours anyway)

ü Stop wasting your time pursuing wealth and start accessing it now


Accessing Supernatural Currency (3 mp3s)

These teachings delve into the spiritual aspects of breaking bondage, such as; understanding God’s purpose for money and how you are to command it, understanding the importance of creating vessels, becoming aware of how to move from money to supernatural currency and how you can access it, and discovering the proper way we are to tithe. You will also get a clear understanding of why the Body of Christ is struggling in this area and how to align your mind, body and spirit to the abundance that is promised in the Word. These teachings uncover the spiritual side of money and currency.

In this lesson, you will:

ü Create vessels for generating wealth

ü Understand the difference between money and currency

ü Learn the true meaning of the tithe and how you can multiply your wealth if you do it right


Accessing Supernatural Provision (Handouts)

These handouts will help you gain clarity around your current financial position, discover where you might be stuck and will guide you step by step in how you can break free and start walking in your God-given inheritance.  This is where you make this process your own and develop a personalized system for increasing your wealth and taking your life to the next level.



And it doesn’t stop there; just for registering for this program, you will also receive the “End your Cash Crunch Now” CD absolutely FREE



BONUS:  End Your Cash Crunch Now (mp3)

On the way to having your time freed up to do ministry full-time you may find yourself in a position of needing increased cash flow. But how do you increase your cash flow when you don’t have many resources to invest at this point in your ministry? Where do you begin the process of creating products that help you get the word out to the people God has ordained for you?  You can either study for years and years to learn the secrets of the masters or you can listen to this teaching and learn the insights, secrets, and tools to easily increase your income and fund your ministry.

With this teaching, you will learn how to:

·        Execute no-cost or low cost strategies (includes specific resources) to get through any cash crunch

·        Create immediate cash flow


Its Time Believers and Leaders Represent


My fellow kingdom builders, it is time that you, as Believers, represent the God of abundance that we all serve.  You must serve as models to the world of what it looks like to live for God. You can show them how you create financial freedom, even in today’s economy while following God’s plan, doing what you are called to do and living your dream. You must move beyond conventional wisdom for generating wealth, by switching off some of those old self defeating beliefs and begin casting your own net for the inheritance the Word promises. 



Yes, Ericka, I’m ready to finally learn how to live life and live it more abundantly by creating supernatural provision in my life and my ministry.

I understand I will get the entire 4 Part Telecourse + Bonus Q&A session + 6 additional mp3s:


·        4 Part Telecourse

·       Q&A Session

·        Moving the Mountain of Money mp3

·        Let it Flow: Moving the Mountain of Money Pt. 2 mp3

·        Eliminating Financial Oppression – 2mp3s

·        Accessing Supernatural Currency – 3 mp3s

·        Accessing Supernatural Provision Handouts

·        BONUS: End Your Cash Crunch Now mp3

I understand that I’m investing in myself and I promise to utilize my accessing my wealth teachings to implement what I learn so that I can begin investing in the Kingdom and living a more abundant life!


This program is worth well over $1000 

However, you can order yours today for only $147. 

 It is time for you to make the investment in yourself now


Ericka, sign me up for “Cracking the Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth” Telecourse


I am ready to begin Accessing My Wealth.

Don’t remain in the rat race. Follow this system and start living your abundant life today!


Just click the link below.

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This 4 part telecourse and 5-part audio series is the ultimate shortcut for calling forth and creating abundance

Register today!

WARNING: Some of my recommendations may be CONTRARY to almost everything you've ever learned about wealth and finances. These teachings are not based on the world’s system; they are based on the truth of the Lord.


You don't have to disengage from your walk with God to be ultra successful, and I'm going to share how in this course. I guarantee this series will be EXTREMELY enlightening, and you'll gain several "a-ha"s, breakthroughs, and “knock your socks off” moments during our time together.

Many Blessings to You,


Author, Evangelist, Kingdom Trainer

P.S. If you are ready to take your financial situation to the next level in 2011, sign up now.

About Ericka

Ericka D. Jackson's primary gift is having a heart that perpetually hears from Heaven. The Lord gave her the gift of speaking to share what she hears with The Body of Christ. She skillfully blends spiritual insights with practical knowledge that clears away anything in the way of knowing and acting on God’s path for your life. She has been completely trusting the Lord for her income for more than nine years and has had to seek Him deeply on this topic as a single mother.

Her more than 20 years of experience in guiding people in living their greatest lives, her anointing as a speaker, and talent and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for her audiences. It is not just Ericka’s profound delivery, she is a catalyst for action and leaves her audiences transformed. Ms. Jackson shares her gifts, talent and expertise with ministries and conferences across the nation.

She is a natural innovator and has developed more than 20 tele-classes, workshops, and CD’s. She is the founder of the Kingdom Minister's Training Institute. She is the author of Self Coaching, When God Calls, The Fearless Living Challenge, The Power of Vision and Beyond Fearless. She flows in the five-fold ministry as an Evangelist of Zion Christian Training Center.

Her anointing as a speaker, and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for those on her calls. Her anointing as a speaker, and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for those on her calls.  Visit www.erickajackson.com for more information and to receive your free Kingdom Ministry Manifesto.