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Access and release the untapped potential of your mind so you can naturally accelerate your clarity and productivity so you can fulfill your high calling without a hitch.

Class 1 : The Nature of Success

This class clearly defines Mindset and clarifies the nature of success. It leads you through understanding the Mind vs. The Brain and your mindset vs. your beliefs and thoughts. You will be guided through the power of thoughts, the three basic mindsets and helps you identify your basic mindset.

approx. 90 min.

Class 2 : Redesigning Your Core Beliefs

This class walks you through your keys to personal success as you uncover your core mindset. You will be walked through how to maneuver the powerful revelation of your mind and heart. You will learn how to understand The Personal Mind and the basis of your mindset along with the process to transform your personal mind. As a special gift you will also receive phrases to reprogram your personal mind.

approx. 90 min.

Class 3 : Elevating to the Mind of Christ

This class covers the keys to Christ-minded success so you can remove any lingering unholy and false agreements in which you have been subconsciously living. This class covers the revelation of creating a Christ Mind and powerful declarations that reprogram your Christ mind.

approx. 90 min.

Class 4 : Developing a Kingdom-Mindset

This class covers the keys to your Kingdom success and how to create and walk in the Kingdom mind. You also learn declarations and phrases to elevate your personal and Christ Mind to your Kingdom mind.

approx. 1 hr. 10 min

Class 5: Keys to Elevating Your Mind

This class includes the keys to developing your mindset and techniques to elevate, expand and grow your mind. You are taught the process of renewing your mind daily so it truly remains in a space of “unshakability” and how to make new and powerful decisions that fully align with your new mind and mindset.

approx. 1hr. 15 min.

Class 6: Keys to Elevating Your Mind

In this finale, you will learn how to access your joy-center through your mind so you master the art of changing the atmosphere of your life and the lives of all you come into contact with through understanding the connectedness of the mind. This class solidifies your unshakable mind and guides you in communicating your new mindset to others so they know how to interact with your new Self.

approx. 1hr. 15 min.

Ericka D. James


As a Keynote Speaker, CEO and Trainer who has been faced with unimaginable challenges, Ericka has spent years training and elevating her mindset to not be swayed by circumstances, her past or what people think.

She focuses forward with mastery and has a deep desire to see all Christian Leaders have a mindset that does not allow them to get off track so they can become the person God created them to be and complete the assignment on their lives that will change the world.

You Will Learn:

  • How to release the hidden source of ever-increasing self-encouragement and excitement that will keep you moving ahead on your path to accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your calling.
  • How to identify and accelerate the three dimensions of identity that are required to have a clear mind that remains focused on manifesting the calling on your life.
  • The process to pull down every thought that is not aligned with the success you desire.

  • The profound connection between the heart and the mindset and how you can keep them perfectly aligned to easily keep moving forward without doubt and distractions.

You Will Receive:

  • A comprehensive training packet jam packed with teachings, revelation and resources.

  • Downloadable recordings of every session so you can listen again and again.

  • Step-by-step techniques to keep your mind strong and unrelenting in the pursuit and manifestation of your vision and Kingdom Assignment in ministry and/or business.

  • 24/7 access to the course’s online learning center so you can access all training recordings, documents and information anytime.


$21 – New Year’s Special through January 10th, 2021

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