Kingdom Diversity: Building Truly Diverse & Inclusive Organizations

A Training for Christian Leaders and Their Teams

This training is for Christian leaders who have a heart to see racial diversity, inclusion and equity throughout their organizations and desire a clear pathway to implement the necessary organizational awareness and change.

This powerful live training event for Christian businesses, non-profits and churches with Ericka D. James will leave you clear and with immediate actions you can take to transform your teams and create a more diverse organization.

It is time to be equipped to know how to value each other’s cultural, intellectual, emotional and spiritual gifts so we can create organizations and communities that are inclusive and effective.  

Diverse ideas, opinions and the process of collective thought brings innovation and clarity that adds value to your organization.

The Kingdom Diversity Formula Difference

Maybe you’ve experienced racial diversity training that left you hopeful, but with no coherent and specific plan to actually activate and bring true racial inclusion in your organization. Or perhaps you have attended a training that left you feeling guilty and hopeless.

Or you have invested in diversity training that did not create lasting change. I call this “The Traditional Approach.”I am clear that this change has to come from Christians who have a heart to change but don’t know how to get beyond challenging or courageous conversations to solutions.

What Others are Saying About The KINGDOM DIVERSITY Training

Working with Ericka has been nothing short of fabulous! She has met each of our staff exactly where we are with so much love and grace. Currently she is helping me put together a strategic plan for Kingdom diversity at Hope Reins. We are already making important shifts in our culture!  It is a delight to partner with Ericka and tap into her expertise!

Barbara Foulkrod

Vice President, Hope Reins

Thanks so much Ericka – greatly appreciate your partnership, leadership and encouragement.  I really felt the Holy Spirit’s presence – and the feedback from all ministry leaders has been extremely affirming of our heart to respond and take action. The Lord is using you mightily, Ericka!

Jim Dotson

Executive Director, Mission Triangle

Ericka’s approach and methodology is powerful and gracious, and we are hopeful and clear about our action plan. Our team loved her positivity, ability to create a safe space for vulnerability and transparency, engaging story telling and challenging questions. 

Murray Smith

Lead Pastor, Catch The Fire Worship Center

I wanted to sincerely express my gratitude for your leadership. I look forward to using the teaching and the hand-outs as an artifact to build our staff, board and community moving forward. These will become “live” documents that guide our work. It was truly awesome. Thank you for taking the time to build into CORRAL and ultimately the girls we serve.

Joy Currey

Executive Director, CORRAL Riding Academy

Take the Guesswork Out of Knowing Where Your Organization Stands and create A Step-by-Step Pathway To Reach Your Implementation Goals

Our Proprietary Diversity & Inclusion Lifecycle and Honor Scale Provide Quick Organizational Assessments.

Understand the Stages of Your Organization and How to Move to the Next Level of Diversity & Racial Inclusion Implementation.

Create A Clear Pathway of Solutions to Implement Diversity & Racial Inclusion at All Levels of Your Organization.


Class One Will Cover:

  • Breaking down some of the most familiar myths about state of racial issues.
  • Identifying key blind spots that exist in your organization.
  • Understanding the distinctions of the Kingdom-based approach to Racial Diversity.
  • Utilizing proprietary assessments to identify where your organization stands.
  • Having clear guidelines about how to get your organization aware and committed to racial transformation.
  • Understanding the characteristics of the stages of where your organization stands.



Class Two Will Cover:

  • Creating a pathway to what true diversity can look like in your organization.
  • A special guest that shares how they did it.
  • A deep dive into best practices and how they work best inside of organizations.
  • Determining which solutions that are a fit with where your organization stands.
  • Distinguishing what barriers stand in the way of your organization’s fulfillment of their diversity and racial equity goals.
  • Establishing a first draft of racial diversity & equity goals.
  • Clarifying your organization’s next steps.

About the Trainer

Ericka D. James

Ericka D. James

Transformational Facilitator, Trainer, Prophetic Strategist

 Ericka’s deep hunger and mission to be a space for transformation in diversity, equity and inclusion began as she grew up in Olympia, Washington being racially bullied throughout elementary school. At the age of 17, she made a commitment to be a part of the solution.

She is the Founder of The Convergence Center, a world-class training & development organization, The Alliance, the premiere training organization for Christian Business Women, and The Kingdom Minister’s Association, a training organization for Minister’s called to see racial diversity and restoration in the Body of Christ. She works with churches, organizations, companies and corporations to train and guide them in implementing racial diversity and equity. She is also the Founder of The Diversity Collaborative, a team of highly trained DEI trainers and facilitators. 

She is the author of six books, including Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life and The Fearless Living Challenge and a prolific library of audio courses, eBooks, certifications and resources. She is on the Boards of Catch the Fire USA and the Better Together Foundation.