Remove the mystery and guessing from being 100% clear about what you were called to do and how to achieve it with focus and ease.

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Mission Impossible: The Secret to Accessing Your Heavenly Blueprint for Success”


~ By Ericka D. James, CEO, Keynote Speaker, Kingdom Trainer.

More than five years ago, after being VERY frustrated about the state of the Body of Christ, I began to ask the Lord what was missing and why so many Christians were not accessing the promises of scripture in our lives.

This began a process that opened access to The Kingdom of Heaven to me in a way that was beyond what I ever before imagined.

For the first time, I am sharing this process of accessing your specific blueprint for success in your business or ministry in this eBook.

Now you can learn how to know  precisely what to do each and every day to bring forth God’s vision for your life without any further delay so you can manifest the desires of your heart and the many, many blessings that the Lord has set aside just for you to access through your business or ministry.


Dedicated to Your Success,