Have you been asking yourself, “What in the world is going on???” and “How in the world do I grow my vision in these times?” This is actually a time that God is
using to position you for His overflow.

This training specifically teaches you how.

This training will cover:

  • More prophetic insight on what God desires you to be focusing on in this season.
  • Understanding the importance of bringing order to every area of your life.
  • The 3 Keys to tapping into your inheritance in all of it’s forms.
  • How to stay focused on enlarging and expanding your territory in the midst of
    stay-at-home orders.
  • More on the process of partnering with the angels who can keep this at bay on our behalf.
  • and more!


Dedicated to Your Success,


You will instantly receive the training recordings and handout as soon as you register. You will also receive an email with the training. Enjoy!