Product Marketing Magic

Saturday, July 27th | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Raleigh, NC

with Ericka D. James
CEO | Keynote Speaker | Business Trainer

Take The Guesswork Out of How to Easily

Increase Your Income by Selling Your Products 24/7.

No more worrying about how to create ongoing income or constantly having to search for new private clients to generate consistent income. Learn how to get your message out into the world through products (both virtual and tangible), programs and offerings that keep revenue coming in on a consistent basis.

Ericka D. James is a master at creating and selling products. She has created and sold more than $550,000 in products, including more than 400 audio teachings (she started out with cassettes and CD’s), certifications, eBooks, books, video courses, workbooks, webinars, e-courses, membership programs, two online learning centers in addition to inspirational products.

And she is just getting started…

In this special live course that follows up the Product Power training she did last month, she shares not only her secrets to setting up a product marketing system, she shares her back-end process for launching her products and decoding how to create your own successful sales process that will add thousands to your bottom line.


Clarify the difference between marketing and promotions so you can make consistent sales.

Understand how to set up an online marketing system that sells products while you sleep.

Develop your book of business (better known as your eList) so you have a pre-qualified list of interested customers.

Learn how to create landing pages with compelling copy that easily sell your digital and tangible products online.

Learn the secrets and best practices for setting the right prices and successful product launches.

Harness the power of social media to reach new customers and sell more products.

Ericka has unlocked the understanding of how to become a product creating and selling machine.

She has developed processes and systems to  to quickly and easily create compelling content that sell various forms of products including books, e-books, workbooks, audio and video courses, online learning centers, tele-classes, certifications, webinars, and inspirational products.

Impact Many More People Through Selling Your Products and Resources Online and Offline.

This teaching is in response to the many, many questions Ericka receives on how to easily create multiple streams of income inside of your business or ministry so you can bring in revenue beyond your work with clients.

Learn how to sell your audio, visual, written and digital products quickly and for no or low cost that increase your income so you can be freed up to no longer worry about constantly having to keep your client load full or be constantly worried about how you will create consistent income.


$89 after July 24th at midnight

Your registration includes breakfast, lunch, refreshments and all training materials. You will receive a confirmation in your email inbox as soon as you get registered. Space is limited.

1631 Midtown Place | Raleigh, NC 27609

The Trainer | Ericka D. James

The Trainer | Ericka D. James

CEO | Keynote Speaker | Business Trainer

Ericka D. James discovered her gifts of speaking and leading at the age of 12. She developed a passion for entrepreneurship as she witnessed her parents build the family business they started when she was 5 years old into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Her more than 25 years of experience (she started her first business when she was 18 years old) in guiding people in becoming the person God created them to be, her anointing as a speaker, talent and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for her audiences.

She has created and sold more than 400 teachings and training programs that include collection of highly sought-after trainings, certifications, and resources that include numerous CDs, audio courses, eBooks, trainings, teaching tools and six books. She has sold more than $550,000 of products. She will be releasing her next book, Uplevel and Rise: The Christian Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Business Success in 2019.

She helps Christians build business empires. She is the CEO of The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class training organization, the Founder of The Alliance (of Christian Business Women), a training and development organization for Christian women called to build business empires for which she created the P12 Business Building System™ proprietary training system

Learn more about her life’s work and access her training programs and resources so you can live the life of your God-given dreams by visiting