Saturday, January 28th, 2023
2:00 pm EST – 5:30 pm EST/11:00 am – 2:30 am PST
via National Video Platform 

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You were born to soar. this is actually your natural state.

There is a book with YOUR name on it in the Kingdom of Heaven (see Psalms 139:16). It holds God’s plans for your life and your predestined path to get there. The problem is, most of us veer off this path.


2023 is the Year of Order and Achieving The Impossible!


 2022 was a year of expansion, overflow and multiplication for those of us who did the inner work that the Lord was urging us to complete. It all about His Kingdom exploding forth in every of the earth. He stretched your capacity last year and this year is all about getting order in every area of your life and business and doing those HUGE things that were stirred up in you last year.


The way you have operated will no longer due. He has elevated your position and this Eagle’s Prophetic Roundtable is all about deeply understanding how you are now to operate to maximize all He has set aside just for YOU.


Now, more than EVER,  you need to be 100% focused on His call, purpose and provision for your business, ministry and life.

This event is a time to hear directly from YOUR book for God’s instruction for 2023 and make sure that you are fully operating in HIS plan and path for your life.


And precisely what your next steps should be.


All of this is in your Book and God has gifted me with the ability to access people’s books and predestined blueprints.


Be a part of a casual prophetic gathering of leaders (both men and women are welcomed) who have removed the invisible tethers and soar at the “eagle level” in every area of their lives.

Experience the Power of Tapping into your Heavenly Blueprint.

Take the guesswork out of knowing precisely what your next steps are to create the life of your God-given dreams as Ericka is a vessel to access God’s original plan for your life.

Gain New Focus and Clarity in Understanding Your Position in the Kingdom of God.

When you know the season of life you are in, it becomes easier to focus in on operating in your natural, God-given design and destiny. You will uncover and express your brilliance and shine without apology or hesitation.

Unleash Your Gifts and Talents and Leave Struggle Behind.

You already have that which you are seeking within you. This will give you time to concentrate on only what you need so you can easily integrate new realizations and “A-ha” moments you will experience into your life, business or ministry.

This Prophetic Roundtable is for you if:

  • You are no longer struggling with self-esteem or self-worthiness issues.
  • You are ready to actively build or are already building a vision for the Lord (a business, ministry or organization).
  • You are no longer dealing with fear about moving forward and getting your work out into the world.
  • You are not dealing with depression or overwhelming sickness.
  • You are ready to uplevel in a BIG way.
  • You know there is greatness inside of you that you have not yet tapped into and/or released and you are READY to release it.

If you are not in this place, please hold off in registering. It can be overwhelming to receive a Word from your Book of Life if you are still struggling with self-issues, depression, anxiety or a lot of sickness.

I have some other resources to help you move past these issues to get you ready for a future Eagle’s Prophetic Roundtable. If you have questions about this, feel free to email me at

As an participant, you will:

Get key questions that will take you to your next level answered.

Tap into the Kingdom of Heaven and receive specific instructions for every area of your life.

Get to experience being with other eagle leaders who are committed to soaring.

Share in a safe space of transformation and breakthrough.

Leave clear, focused and activated to take align your action with your heart's desires in this season.

Have time to create a step-by-step plan that lines up with the prophetic word you receive so you know your immediate next moves.

Life-changing!” – Katrina

WOW!! I have never had an encounter like today.  The mask was removed and confirmations were revealed.  Thank you for divinely interceding on my behalf.  I came in a wounded chicken, but left as an empowered eagle ready to SOAR.  Your ability to walk confidently and boldly while clothed in humility operating in the authentic unique gift God has graced you with genuinely inspired me.” – Yolanda

I really appreciate your help and prophetic Words from God!! I have been stuck for a while and feel so much better now!!! Thank you!“- Debbie

This was mind-blowing and confirming all at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect and it was awesome!” – Sharon

“Wow that was an amazing time with you and all the other ladies on Saturday at the (virtual) Eagles Roundtable!” – Mary

“Oh my! What a wonderful (virtual) session that was last Saturday. What I hear clearly is that it’s time TO DO. I’ve got everything that I need to move forward. So, thank you for being faithful and using your gift.” – Elaine

“WOW! I feel to blessed to have been able to receive your gifting. Ive never received a prophetic word and this was amazing! I want to thank you so much and let you know that it was so spot on. I just want you to know – you nailed it. Not a single thing was off.  And I cannottttt wait to be apart of more of your trainings!!!!” – Alyssa

- Roundtable Attendee



The event will be held online. You will receive the access info as soon as you get registered. Your registration includes a handout and complimentary audio and video recordings of the Roundtable. Space is limited to the first 10 people who register and seats fill up fast so don’t hesitate.


The event will be held online. You will receive the access info as soon as you get registered.

The Facilitator

Ericka D. James, Keynote Speaker & Trainer, Prophetic Strategist

Ericka D. James, Keynote Speaker & Trainer, Prophetic Strategist

Ericka’s deep hunger and mission to become the fullness of who God created her to be began when she was 12 years old. Growing up in a successful entrepreneurial family who encouraged her to live her dreams was just the beginning.

She has learned how to tap into her gift of having ears that receive new revelation, the power of the prophetic and unshakable self-certainty to seamlessly blend deep spiritual understanding with practical application. Mrs. James brings humor and fun in the midst of transformation for her audiences.

She has been speaking and training for more than 30 years. She is the Founder of The Convergence Center, a world-class training & consulting firm, The Alliance, the premiere training organization for Christian Business Women, and The Kingdom Minister’s Association, a training organization for Minister’s called to found ministries that walk in the works of Jesus and beyond.

She is the author of 6 books, including Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life and The Fearless Living Challenge and a prolific library of audio courses, eBooks, certifications and resources.