I know you love speaking.

And you want to book more, higher paying speaking gigs.

But, that is not the only thing you must be great at in order to be a successful speaker.

You also need to know how to pitch yourself and get bookings.

I know you have tried to do the research and make the contacts of getting booked, but it feels
like something is missing.

That something is fearless confidence.

The truth is that until you are getting consistent speaking requests at higher dollar amounts for at least a year, you have to be your own agent. This takes fearless confidence.

But, not to worry.

Ericka’s got you!

No more doubting, hesitating or holding back taking bold action to let event organizers know
that your message will make a difference to their audience.

It takes more than luck, favor and doors of opportunity miraculously opening for you. That will get you started, but it is time for you to hand-pick your potential engagements and get on larger speaking platforms.

She gave her first speech at 12 years old and has been a professional speaker for more than 30 years. She has booked more than 400 speaking engagements to corporate and faith-based businesses and organizations. She teaching how you can book extraordinary speaking engagements in this masterclass.

It is time to not just envision your next 25 paid speaking engagements, it time to go get them.

In This Masterclass You Will Learn How To:

Apply The 8 P's of Cultivating Confidence to Get Yourself Out There.

There are 8 areas that you must demonstrate confidence in order to book your speaking engagements. Your personal, professional, positioning, pricing, practical, pitching, presentation and post-presentation all must be done with confidence and fearlessness.

Fearlessly Set Your Speaking Fee and Never Take a Low-paying or Free Gig Again.

Fearlessness goes beyond confidence and requires authority and boldness so you can ask for what you are worth and know how to pitch to the meeting planners and decision-makers who can book you to speak.

Develop and Build Your Confidence as Your Own Speaking Booking Agent.

Know who to contact, how to come across and what to say that will get you the insights and information you need to know if you are a fit for their organization. Ericka shares her secrets and insights that will make this not only easy, but enjoyable.

This Masterclass Includes:


An Audio Recording of the Class


A Video Recording of the Class


An eWorkbook Companion (35 pages)

Get Started Booking Your Next 25 Speaking Engagements Today.


$21 – New Year Special
through January 10th

Once you register for the course, you will receive a confirmation email with the course eWorkbook and recording.

About Ericka D. James

About Ericka D. James

CEO | Keynote Speaker | Prophetic Strategist


Ericka D. James helps you fearlessly build something extraordinary. She discovered her gifts of speaking and leading at the age of 12 and has spent the last 31 years guiding people in being extraordinary and building extraordinary businesses and organizations.

While overcoming years of bullying and the challenges of single motherhood, her testimony is one of overcoming, forgiveness, faith, complete surrender, obedience and an unyielding pursuit of the revelation of God.

She is passionate about three things – creating, communicating and connecting. She is the creator of a collection of highly sought-after trainings and resources that include certifications, courses, video teachings, articles and has authored six books.

She shares her passion as a communicator as a Prophet and futurist, then with others through keynote speeches, trainings, live events and experiences. She expresses her passion for connecting shines through her love of marketing and creating safe communities for those called to build something extraordinary to come together to celebrate and grow their success.

She is the CEO of The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class training organization, the Founder of The Alliance , a training and development organization for Christian women and the Founder and Apostle of The Kingdom Minister’s Association.