Audio Course

Your Heart Holds The Power To Change What Manifests In Every Area of Your Life.

Your Heart Was Designed To Hold So Much Power That If You Truly Understood It, You Would Be Completely Astounded. Your Heart Holds The Power To Change What Manifests In Every Area of Your Life.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your life. You can practice mindfulness, the “law of attraction”, increase prayer, practice fasting, praise and worship, read and study the Word, attend a good church, surround yourself with more forward-thinking people, think and speak more positively and so much more. All of these are powerful.

Unleash Your Inner Healing So Nothing Stands in the Way of Being Who You Were Designed To Be.

In this course you will learn how to:


Remove the emotional wounds of your your past so you can be fully present and allow your leaders to shine their brightest.


Develop consistent faith that creates circumstances to work in your favor.


Expand your comfort zone so you can easily keep your vision, team and organization moving forward.


Learn an easy process so you can make the right decisions throughout your day.


Activate the power of the supernatural to make things happen while you sleep.

Part One: Reveal

The first part of this course will guide you in becoming fully aware of things in your “blind spot” that have been keeping you stagnant, limited and quietly frustrated.

Part Two: Release

The second part of this course teaches you how to release anything in the way of harnessing the full power of your heart.

Part Three: Manifest

The third and final part of this course teaches the step-by-step process to rewrite and easily manifest the true desires of your heart.

Participants in this 3-part audio training receive:


A training packet that you can refer to for years to come as you move to new levels of success.


Complimentary downloadable recordings of each course.


A copy of Ericka's eBook, Your Heart Is the Key: Being Emotionally Free.


Ongoing access the course's online learning center page with handouts, recordings and resources.

SPECIAL BONUS – You will also receive a copy of Ericka’s eBook, Your Heart is the Key: Being Emotionally Free.


You will receive an email with all instructions to access your course almost instantly. Your eBook is included in the course’s online learning center.

About The Trainer

Ericka D. James helps you fearlessly build something extraordinary. She is a master transformational specialist who discovered her gifts of speaking and leading at the age of 12 and has spent the last 31 years guiding people to become all they were created to be.

She has used the techniques and processes she teaches in this course to not only keep her heart free from offense so she can stay focused of her vision she has used this work to manifest provision, resources, her television show, thousands of students and countless blessings and miracles.

Her more than 25 years of experience in transformation, her anointing as a speaker, and her talent and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for her audiences.

Ericka’s passion for connecting shines through her love of creating training systems and safe communities for those called to build something extraordinary. She empowers people to come together, celebrate, and grow their success.

Ericka is the CEO of The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class consulting and training firm, the founder of The Alliance, a training and development organization for businesswomen, and the founder and apostle of The Kingdom Minister’s Association, a 501(c)(3).

She has created a collection of highly sought-after trainings, certifications, and resources that include numerous CDs, podcasts, articles, trainings, and teaching tools. She has authored six books, including The Power of Vision, The Fearless Living Challenge, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life, and Your Heart is the Key. She is also the host of The Ericka James Show.

When she is not working, you can find her reading, writing, attempting to be a painter, and doing anything that makes her laugh with her family.

View episodes of her show, The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose at