Raleigh, NC

A LIVE training for speakers, coaches, service-based business owners and ministers who are ready to reach the masses with your message.

Finally! A LIVE Step-by-Step Guide to Walk You Though Conceptualizing, Designing and Marketing Your Signature e-Course To Expand Your Reach and Increase Your Income.


No more having to wait on booking client appointments and invoices to be paid to generate income. Learn how to get your main message out into the world through creating and selling your signature e-Course.

Creating your signature e-Course takes the limits off of your business. By having an online course, you can reach people around the globe who need what you have to share.

In this special live course, Ericka shares not only her secrets to a producing quality digital courses, you will have time to actually DO the work of creating your course.

Identify your signature message and how to package it into a masterclass or course.

Map out and write your curriculum, modules and teaching points.

Create impactful landing/sales page, sales funnel and emails that sell and follow best practices.

Ericka has unlocked the power of one of her greatest resources – wisdom – to become a product creating machine. She has developed processes to quickly and easily capture compelling content in various formats including books, e-books, workbooks, audio and video courses, online learning centers, tele-classes, certifications, webinars, and inspirational products. She has sold more than $550,000 in digital products.

She brings more than 15 years of study and mastery in creating and selling courses. She has made every mistake in the book and will shave YEARS off of your learning curve so you can start impacting more lives and creating additional income almost immediately.

This is the first time Ericka is offering this hands-on course LIVE! She will be with you every step of the way so you leave with a completed course and marketing plan.

You will leave this teaching with:

  • A draft of your masterclass or course.
  • The sales page copy for your landing/sales page.
  • A list of the resources you need to use on the back-end to simplify purchasing and automating your course.
  • An email series to sell your ebook
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to sell your masterclass/course on social media.
  • Options on how to get inexpensively get the help you need to put your course out into the online marketplace.



Your registration includes breakfast, lunch, refreshments and all training materials. You will receive a confirmation in your email inbox as soon as you get registered. Space is VERY limited.



1631 Midtown Place | Raleigh, NC 27609

The Trainer | Ericka D. James

CEO | Speaker & Trainer | Prophetic Strategist


Ericka D. James guides you in building something extraordinary.

She discovered her gifts of speaking and leading at the age
of 12.  She developed a passion for entrepreneurship as she witnessed her parents build the family business they started when she was 5 years old into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Her more than 25 years of experience in guiding people in becoming the person God created them to be, her anointing as a speaker and trainer, and talent and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create a life-changing experience for her audiences.

She has created more than 400 teachings and training programs that include collection of highly sought-after trainings, certifications, and resources that include numerous CDs, audio courses, eBooks, trainings, teaching tools and six books. She will be releasing her next book, Uplevel and Rise: The Christian Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Business Success in 2020.

She helps leaders build business empires. She is the CEO of The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class training organization, the Founder of The Alliance, a training and development organization for Christian women called to build 7-figure businesses for which she has written more than 80 proprietary training modules for its P12 Business Building System™ proprietary training system.