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 Vibrant – Compelling – Captivating – Gifted

Let The Lord Use Ericka To Take Your Congregation or Audience
to a New Realm in God

Ericka is a true “mover and shaker.” She removes anything in the way of your audience or congregation moving to their next level, leaves them ignited to action, and shakes up tradition, fear and limitation that has been holding them back.

If you are ready for a speaker who is NOT business as usual and goes beyond motivation to transformation, then your organization is ready for Ericka.

She brings fresh revelation and insights that bring the word of God to life in a way that leaves each
person’s capacity to fulfill their calling enlarged and moved to take bold action.

She blends humor, revelation and practical techniques, steps and teachings that your audience or congregation will remember for years to come.

As a seasoned  Speaker and Teacher, Ericka’s style is high-energy, upbeat, interactive and intimate.
You won’t find her staying behind the podium, you will find her out in her audience or congregation
using her gifts and anointing of the five-fold ministry to bring a unique, entertaining, and solution-
specific message to your audience. She brings her natural humor and ability to entertain to her audiences as she delivers her transformational message.

 “A phenomenal woman of truth, delivered a most inspiring message that unleashed empowerment to every person under her voice. Our experience has led us to higher levels of commitment to carrying out our God given purpose.”

“We were captivated by her unique style and reaffirming spirit. Ericka used her gifts so we could experience who we are as women in leadership – special vessels of God”

“Ericka is the most inspirational woman I know! She makes you feel like you can fly. Her speaking leaves people changed, I haven’t been the same since.”

“Ericka has a unique style, filled with God’s wisdom and passion. She is a priceless vessel to the Body of Christ”

“Evangelist Ericka has the innate ability of helping her audience to sharply focus on God’s plan and purpose for their lives. The results of the Victorious Women’s Conference reflected that lives were indeed transformed.

Ericka is authentic in her delivery— reflecting her love for the Lord and for His precious Word. She is capable of divinely sensing where the audience is in their spiritual journey and to calibrate the message accordingly—through a relevant message, engagement, interaction, and conversation.”

Ericka D. Jackson guides audiences and congregations in fulfilling their Kingdom Assignment without fear or hindrances.

She believes that the best adventure of all is to live fully on purpose for Jesus. God has released her gifts of hearing His voice, teaching, prophecy, deliverance and healing for such a time as this. Through obedience and complete surrender, Ericka shares new revelation of
God’s Kingdom across the nation.

While she grew up in the church and gave her life to the Lord at a young age, it has been over the last 15 years that God has taken her
through a process of being broken and “emptied out” so she could be rebuilt according to His will. In 2001 she walked away from her
corporate job to fulfill God’s calling on her life. Her testimony is one of overcoming, forgiveness, faith, and unyielding pursuit of the Word and truth of God.

She is the author of numerous CDs and teaching packs, articles, trainings, teaching tools and five books including The Power of Vision,
The Fearless Living Challenge, Inside the Bulls-eye, When God Calls, 
Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life and her most recent work, Your Heart is the Key.

Partial Ministry Client List

Castle Rock Christian Fellowship, Manassas, VA
Christian Faith Center, Seattle, WA
Dominion College, Seattle, WA
East Coast Christian Women’s Conference, VA
Elevation Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC
Escape to Sisterhood Retreat, Wilmington, NC
First AME Church, Seattle, WA
King Solomon Baptist Church, Louisville, KY
New Millennium Revival Center, Raleigh, NC
Orange Grove Baptist Church, Durham, NC
Raleigh North Christian Center, Raleigh, NC
Rivers of Living Water Fellowship, Kent, WA
Rivers of Living Waters Ministries, Seattle, WA
St. Matthews Baptist Church, Durham, NC
Women’s Empowerment, Raleigh, NC
Victorious Praise Fellowship, Durham, NC
Victorious Women’s Conference, Sedona, AZ

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