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1. Unusual or remarkableĀ  2. Unusually greatĀ  3. Special

outstanding, rare, singular, unique, amazing, astonishing, astounding, fantastic, incredible, magnificent, impressive

Go ahead…fully embrace the extraordinary person you were created to be. You were born to stand out, not to fit in. You were born to build something BIG.
Let’s DO this!

How Can I Help You?

Create An Extraordinary Product

Be an Extraordinary Speaker

Build an Extraordinary Business

Build an Extraordinary Team

Access Extraordinary Training

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Our Services:

Keynote Speaking & Training

  • Keynote Speaking for Businesses & Corporations
  • Custom Training Programs & Curriculum Development
  • Live Training Events & Experiences
  • Transformational Tools & Resources


Consulting & Prophetic Strategy

  • Executive Coaching
  • Product & Program Design and Launching
  • Speech Coaching & Writing
  • Prophetic Strategy & Planning


Building Membership Communities of Impact

  • The Alliance
  • The Kingdom Minister’s Association
  • Accelerate Fearless Marketing Inner Circle

My Approach To The Extraordinary

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Ericka apart from others?

Ericka is not just another speaker, business strategist or trainer. She seamlessly blends internal breakthrough with practical action that creates accelerated results. She has an inherent gift of connecting with the big picture and helping leaders implement their vision.

Is Ericka a fit to train for my company?

Ericka’s passion and understanding of business began as she witnessed her parents build a multi-million dollar company. She comes from three generations of entrepreneurs and has an understanding of what makes businesses produce extraordinary results. Her training style is full of her proprietary training models, best practices and prophetic insight that creates lasting results and impact in companies.

How Do I Know if Ericka is the right speaker for my audience?

If you are ready for a transformational speaker with more than 30 years of professional speaking experience who leaves audiences moved to actions, then you are ready for Ericka. She is a vibrant, compelling, interactive, and entertaining speaker who leaves her audiences with clear implementable steps that produce lasting results.

What is prophetic strategy?

Remember the Farmer’s Almanac? This was a prophetic or advanced look into what needed to happen to be maximize their preparation for forecasted occurrences. When Farmer’s had an idea of what was coming, they could make the shifts that would create thriving crops. It tapped into the prophetic.

Ericka brings her prophetic gifting that provides forecasting to her business and coaching clients. She shares this prophetic strategy to businesses tap into profound insights that allow businesses to fulfill their potential.

You are your company’s greatest asset. Before you can build something extraordinary, you need to be clear about what, specifically, makes you extraordinary. So, grab my eBook below and let’s get started.

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