Ericka's high-impact 12-month marketing & achievement program that guides you in propelling you to fulfill your top three goals.

We are seeing women move into self-certainty (and out of insecurity and inadequacy) about who they are, get clear about their calling, purpose and message, becoming fearless, and fully understanding the steps they need to take to manifest the promises of God in their lives and businesses.

Being a part of Accelerate moves you to a place where you are clear about your greatness and catapults you to  live in a way that you no longer hold back, the real power of Accelerate is that we help you manifest the resources you need to thrive.

What would 12 months of fearlessly consistent connecting with your target market change your business?

It is time to find out.

Let’s DO this! Let’s Accelerate!

As a Member of Accelerate You Will:

Create a Clear Strategy to Easily Reach Your Revenue Goals

  • Understand your marketing formulas for time and impact
  • Fearlessly master your marketing platforms
  • How to create the team to make it happen

Release Your Marketing Superpower

  • Deeply connect with your target market
  • How to write compelling sales copy
  • Filling Your Speaking Schedule

Create Sales Funnels That Work

  • Effective email marketing
  • Easily create value-added content
  • Deeply connecting with your target market
  • Digital product marketing

Always Have Original Content

  • Becoming a course creator
  • Building your Lists (eList & CRM)
  • Tap into the flow of unlimited content and innovative ideas

Until now, the only way to work exclusively with me for personal transformation and business development has been to set up private coaching sessions or to be a graduate of one of my advanced 12-week advanced training or certification programs.

No more having to take an overwhelming number or courses to fill in all of the blanks and questions you have about fulfilling your purpose and getting your work out into the world.

Accelerate gives you a chance to receive consistent, long-term and ongoing guidance and support with your personal, spiritual and business development so you can easily manifest all God has for you.

As an Accelerate Member, you get EXCLUSIVE access to:


Monday 15-minute POWER calls (from 12 noon – 12:15 EST each week; a $1164 value).

Complimentary reviews of your websites, product or program ideas, sales copy, or other business-building ideas that will keep your business moving forward (a $794 value).


Live daily interaction and accountability check-ins, encouragements and answers to your questions with Ericka in the Private Facebook Group (a $1164 value).

Clear templates for you to outline your specific and most pivotal goals to achieve in this program (a $297 value).

LIVE laser and group coaching during the monthly Coaching Gym (a $3000 value).

FREE Access to all of Ericka’s Masterclasses (a $1397 value).

LIVE community monthly calls every third Monday at 7:30 pm EST – 8:30 pm EST with Ericka (all calls are recorded; a $1164 value).

A system of structure and focus that keeps you on track and producing results (a $1297 value).

= a $10,277 value

The Investment:

$127.00 per month for 12 months

– OR –

a one time $1200 payment
(a more than 20% savings!!!)


Both payment plan options include a $127 initiation fee. There is an application process to be accepted into Accelerate. Please submit your information below and your application will be immediately available.

About The Host and Facilitator
Ericka D. James
Talk Show Host | Speaker & Trainer | Prophetic Strategist

Ericka discovered her passion for entrepreneurship when she was just five years old.

This was the year that her family began a successful business where she worked every summer and spent countless hours learning the inside operations that create business success.

It was this knowledge and understanding that caused Ericka to start her first business on her 18th birthday. By the time Ms. Jackson graduated from college her workshops and speaking engagements were in demand nationally.

Ms. Jackson utilizes her strong business background and passion to help people become all they were created to be to grow their businesses to fulfill the vision for which it was created. She trains visionaries all over the world.

She is a “maestro” that loves creating communities and platforms for others to shine. In 2001, she created The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class leadership training organization. In 2008, she founded The Alliance, where she trains women to build business empires.

Ericka is the creator of more than 300 how-to videos, 400 audio trainings, articles, the proprietary training models and five books including The Power of Vision, The Fearless Living Challenge, Inside the Bulls-eye, When God Calls, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life and her most recent work, Your Heart is the Key.

You can learn more about Ericka and her life’s work at