I received an email from a student of my Ministry Mastery program asking how I balance the ministry and family.

I actually started laughing when I received this. I really wanted to answer, “I don’t.” But, I did take the time to answer in a way that could give her some insights to how I attempt to work my ministry full-time as a single mother.

Now, the funny thing is that as I answered the question, I looked over on my couch where four – yes four loads of laundry were sitting there waiting to be folded. Then I thought about all the systems that I attempt to use to keep things at least from falling apart.

I answered this in the midst of feeling so stretched and behind on getting to everything that God is requiring of me right now. But, I wanted to share some of the tools I use to attempt to stay on top of being a single mother and running a full-time Kingdom (outside of the four walls of a church) ministry. I hope these steps may serve you as you move forward in manifesting your Kingdom assignment.

  • I schedule everything. I have even trained my 14-year old daughter to schedule in her requests so I avoid surprises. I schedule out at least one or two weeks in advance. This way, drama avoids my door and I can stay on top of all that needs to get done. This also enables me to stay focused no matter what is going on around me.
  • I keep a catch-all notebook and write everything down. Grocery lists, my To-Do list, messages, conversations, phone numbers, research – I do mean everything. My little brother took one look inside of my catch-all and say, “This is really amazing.” I literally write everything down so I can keep my head clear to hear the voice of The Lord speaking at all times.
  • I communicate the big picture and vision to my daughter so she understands that even though we live on complete faith with our finances, that God is taking us somewhere that is worth everything she has to put into it and sacrifice for this lifestyle that she involuntarily has taken on as my child.
  • I pray like CRAZY! I take my daily To Do list to God every morning and ask Him what I should do first and how I should go about my day. He always provides a clear path that is more simple than the one I mapped out for myself.
  • I stay present and realize that it is not me doing this work, it is God. When I begin feeling too stretched, I have to stop and remember that through obedience God will always direct my steps and is fully in charge of manifesting this vision.
  • I get to things that aren’t my top three priorities for the day as soon as I can and have to remember that I am only one person and I am doing the best I can. As a matter of fact, I often end up feeling like I’m falling short and say this to my daughter often.

And a good bath with great bubbles always help! Whew!

I guess what I am trying to say is that while there is no way to truly balance all of this, I do the best I can and stay deeply connected to God so He can direct my steps.   Here’s to living Holy!   Love, Ericka