Audio Courses

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Are you ready to step up and live the life of your heart’s desire? Are you willing to put in the work? Then you are ready to launch into the deep and take these life-transforming programs. They are listed in suggested order. 


A Three Part Audio Training Course

Your Kingdom Assignment goes beyond your calling and vision to reveal what was placed inside of you when you were created. It is unique to you and transcends your circumstances to tap into your High Calling – the single thing (or things) the Lord designed you to complete in your lifetime.


A Six Part Audio Training Course

If you are ready to release the untapped potential of your mind so you can naturally accelerate your clarity and productivity, this home-study training course is one you don’t want to miss.

Access and release the untapped potential of your mind so you can accelerate your clarity and productivity and fulfill your high calling without a hitch.

A 3-Part Audio Course 

Learn the Christ-centered approach to expand your time and leave “schedule overwhelm” behind once and for all. Get the techniques you need to easily lighten your load without feeling guilty for NOT working so hard. 


A life-changing 6-part Audio Training

Tap into your ability to clearly and concisely hear the voice of Jesus through His Holy Spirit so you can always line up with His will for your life and fulfill your high calling with absolute certainty.

Have you ever wondered what people are actually hearing when they say, “I heard the Lord say…” or, “The Lord is saying…?” Well, it is time to finally break the silence and find out by opening up the gift of receiving crystal clear communication directly from the Heart of the Father – Jesus Christ – through His Holy Spirit.

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A 3-Part Audio Training Course

Discover How You Can Open The Spiritual Gateway To The Full Power of the Kingdom of God So You Can Easily Manifest Your Vision. Go Beyond Religion and New Age Concepts to the Real Truth of How To Be Emotionally Free and Take the Limits Off of Your Life.


    There IS a way to be free from procrastination, worry, doubt or anxiety so it NEVER stops or slows you down again.

There is always a gap of time between where you are today and the complete fulfillment of the vision for your business or ministry as God gave it to you. It is in the gap that you must be unshakable, unstoppable and completely fearless.

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A 6-part audio training

If you are ready to experience more success in your business, ministry and walk with the Lord, there is a way. If you are hungry for ADVANCED Training…There is More For You and it is Time to Fully Access it So You Can Be ALL You Were Created To Be.

End all Procrastination. Worry. Insecurity. Pride. Doubt. Guilt. Depression. Jealousy. Arrogance. Rejection. Stress. ALL Sickness and Disease. Pornographic Addiction. Drug Addiction (and all addictions). Jealousy. Memory Loss. Suicidal Thoughts. Extreme “Busyness.”