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The One Word That Will Catapult You

Greetings! In this time of pivoting and repositioning, there is one word you need that will help you make the transition smoothly. This word helps you streamline, stay focused and produce powerful results. I explain in this little video. Enjoy!

Creating an Unshakeable Sense of Self

  Your identity does not come from your past. You are not defined by your family, your relationships, your titles  or past experiences. Your identity comes from a place much higher. Once you know your true identity, life becomes a great and wonderful adventure to...

Getting Through The Entrepreneurial Stretch

 You know... the STRECTH. When you are pulled between creating right-now revenue and simultaneously working on your long-term vision. It is no joke! You are working to build your business (or ministry) for the long-haul but you have to stop and work on the right-now,...

Build Your Book of Business to Thousands

Learn How to Quickly Grow The Number of Pre-Qualified Customers and Clients in New and Creative Ways that Allow You to Easily Increase Your Impact and Revenue. Live Webinar Training Thursday, August 15th 9:00 am – 10:30 am EST with Ericka D. James Building your Book...