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I have loved business as long as I can remember. Upon further investigation, I learned that I come from a long line of entrepreneurs on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family. I guess you can say that business literally runs through my veins. It is a part of who I am.

That is why I co-founded Touch and Agree (TAG) Christian Women’s Business Network in 2008. I was noticing specific challenges that Christian women were having that were compounding the challenges of other women-owned businesses and I am on a mission to help Christian women build businesses that have no limits and fulfill the mandate for women to rise up and take our place as natural leaders in the Body of Christ.

Called to build a business that has a HUGE impact in the world? The bigger the better!

I utilize my spiritual gifts to “see” into your purpose and calling and help every aspect of your business align with it. I also bring a deep understanding of the tactical side of what makes a business successful and can help you identify your business success formula and work it in a way that produces continual increase. All while helping you clear any and every thing in the path to bringing forth the business empire you were called to build.

If you are ready to move your business forward in BIG ways, then here are some programs and resources we have created for you:

For Small Businesses & Corporations

Business Team Training

Speaking Engagements

For Business Leaders

Beyond Fearless:  How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life Paperback Book

More Than Enough: Unlocking the Hidden Income Stream That Will Set Your Business Audio Training

Developing an Unshakeable Mindset of Success 6-session Audio Training

Time Management Mastery: The 7 Keys to Effective Christ-Centered Productivity Business Audio Training and Handout

Sales is a GREAT Word: The Art of Closing the Deal Every Time Business Training and Handout Audio Training

Turn Your Business Into A Money-Making Machine Business Training and Handout

Touch and Agree Christian Women’s Business Network Live Meeting (Raleigh, NC)

A Business Breakthrough Day: 3 Key Strategies To Create A Clear Path to Profits So You Can Exceed Your Business Goals in the Next 90 Days Live Training

Business Mastery: A 12 week Business Training for Christian Business Women Live Course (Raleigh, NC)

Private Business Coaching with Ericka


Ericka has created a full line of books, audio recordings, CD’s, resources and trainings in her Success Store.

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