Creating Order: How to Grow Your Vision Without Feeling Overwhelmed Audio Teaching

Creating Order  new 3D CD coverWith so many hats to wear in business and as a visionary, how do you get it all done without going crazy!?

When the Lord begins to open up your calling and purpose to you, it seems like your To Do list becomes endless. And this is on top of all of the already-existing obligations of life. Learn how to eliminate overwhelm and access the open doors of order that God pre-ordained for your ministry and business in this audio teaching.
You can easily stay busy everyday without ever making a large impact on the big vision you have for your enterprise.  There is so much to manage in business (and in your life) that you can easily experience overwhelm and burn-out.
Learn how to create true order in your life, business schedule, and spirit so you can move forward powerfully and at a pace you actually enjoy on this audio teaching.
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