End Your Cash Crunch Now Audio Teaching

We often say, “Where there is a vision, God brings the provision.” But, you must take action and know how to take the opportunities He presents to you and package them in a way that people can easily purchase them.

Have you ever had a week that you just HAD to increase your income, but didn’t know what to do to increase your income in 24-48 hours? This audio teaching walks you through how to increase your cash flow so you can keep moving forward.

Where do you begin the process of creating products that help you get the word out to the people God has ordained for you?  You can either study for years and years to learn the secrets of the masters or you can listen to this teaching and learn the insights, secrets, and tools to easily increase your income and fund your ministry.
In the midst of developing and creating wealth through your  ministry, there are times you have to increase your cash flow now. Partially out of necessity and partially out of my willingness to try new things, I have gotten good at creating immediate cash and I want to share some great ideas with you that can turn into cash in your bank account within just hours or days. This will save you from having to read ten different books to learn how to execute no-cost or low-cost ways (includes specific resources) to get through any cash crunch and take you to new levels of financial wealth.
1:06 hours of teaching

What people are saying about End Your Cash Crunch Now

I listened to the recording for the above class, it was absolutely the best! All were great but there were a few important ones to me was: # 6 Block out self-time as a priority #13 Fear. Also in the beginning you talk about God multiplies, putting God First, put your vision first everything will fall into place. This has richly bless my life, thank you so much for this gift that you are sharing, what was important to me I wanted to make sure I was in God’s will, all along I have been but I was not sure how to use what God was given me. Thank you again! – S. Atterberry
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