Increase and Expand Your Time…It is Possible Power Pack

Attention All Believers,

If you feel that you are extremely busy, running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but still not getting everything done, let me show you how to take back your time and get your life in order.

Increase and Expand Your Time…It is Possible  Power Pack

Do you find yourself playing catch up, struggling to find the time to get tasks checked off your “to do” list for home, work and play? Is the notion of having a balanced life eluding you?  Is a chronic time limitation holding you back? Are you one of those people constantly saying “there is just not enough time”?

If so, it is time for that to change today.  You must no longer be a prisoner of time!

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people like you live fearlessly; beyond limitations and hindrances. The Lord has continually increased and expanded my time supernaturally and he will do it for you. This work has been referred to as the Beyond Fearless movement and I am excited to witness the results of it. I’ve been fortunate enough to see these principles, once applied, change lives instantly and I want to share some of those concepts with you in this “Increase and Expand Your Time” power pack.


Do you Desire to:


Be more productive
Have more energy
Be more organized and clutter free
Check all items off your daily “to do” list
Be more disciplined and stop procrastinating
Eliminate distractions

If so, this power pack is for you.

Get Your Immediate Audio Download and 40 Page Digital Workbook for only $14.95

While everyone has 24 hours in any given day and it seems like there is not enough time for everything, there is a spiritual process that will literally increase and expand your time supernaturally.  If you have 90 minutes to listen to a tele-seminar recording and a few minutes a day to work through your power pack workbook and read over your scripture, then you can accomplish any of these quickly and with ease.

Join me as I share revelation that will change your life by increasing the time that you have to apply to the many obligations and responsibilities you have.  This is not about time management; this is about time increase and expansion.

When you understand how to access the full power of Jesus, you will witness an increase in the time that you have to do the things of the Lord.  This is truly a sign and wonder that He desires to bestow upon you.

In this program, I will disclose the process that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that enables you to apply a simple process that seems like it gives you more hours in a day.  As a single mother who stepped out on faith to walk out God’s calling in my life, I have had to master these techniques just to get to all that is expected of me as a mother and a full time ministry professional.

In this program, I will give away some incredible gems, kind of like giving away the cart with the horse.  You will receive amazing insights, secrets and teaching like you have never heard before.  I will be sharing how to:

  • Get rid of the stronghold spirit that’s responsible for chronic lack of time
  • Change your concept of time
  • Renew your mind daily
  • Determine if your issue is natural or supernatural
  • Close the time leaks in your day
  • Check and expand your daily impossible-meter (explained in the audio)
  • Experience an increase and expansion of your time on a daily basis

Does this sound familiar?



You sit down at your table to map out your week.  You begin by thinking through what must be done at home, at work and the extracurricular.  You also reflect on your long term goals and the tasks you need to complete this week in order to move closer to accomplishing them.  These tasks, along with an endless stream of appointments are written or typed into your scheduler.

Now, that that is accomplished, you map out your “to do” list for today.  Then you begin to prioritize your items, based on what is most urgent.  It dawns on you that you will be extremely busy today. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the things you really enjoy doing that are most important to you. What a bummer.  However, that is not unusual and so you move on.  You then remember one more thing you forgot to include on your list. Oh no, you’ve got to add just one more and then another.  Before you know it, you’ve added 30 items to your daily “to do” list.

Later that evening, you look over the items you have checked off.  You seem to be accomplishing quite a bit so you give yourself a mini pat on the back and move on because you are also looking at all of the things you didn’t check off.  Now, you begin thinking about your “to do” list for the next day and all of the tasks you will likely have to transfer over to the next list.

At the end of the day, you are exhausted and it is now time to evaluate your productivity.  However, you discover you have been anything but. You know you have been busy and you have worked so hard but you still have so much left to do.

The “Increase and Expand your Time” power pack will give you the tools to get a handle on this, and then some.

This Teaching Goes Beyond Time Management


Currently, your typical time management activities might include: thinking about your goals, planning out your week/day, writing things down in your planner, creating a “to do” list, prioritizing your list, identifying your time wasters, and taking action. You’ve done all these things, yet you’re still coming up short.

Well, I am thrilled to inform you that this “Increase and Expand your Time” audio and workbook power pack is sure to transform your life.  In this groundbreaking teaching, you will discover concepts on time management never taught before.

This is not another course on basic time management skills.  The book on that has already been written.  In reality, all you need to increase and expand your time is already within you.  Believe it or not, you hold the key.


So, stop going through the motions and living a mediocre life and discover what this program can do for you.  I will teach you how to:

  • Expand and Increase your Time
  • Increase your energy to accomplish tasks
  • Do what’s important instead of only completing the urgent
  • Increase your productivity
  • Take back the power to alter time
  • Get through your “to do” list in record time
  • Accomplish more than you ever imagined, including the impossible
  • Stop allowing disobedience to hinder you

Everything in my life shifted when I began to implement these principles consistently. I went from being overwhelmed and stressed out to being organized, peaceful and happy. You can too.

Here’s what the “Increase and Expand your Time” tele-seminar participants had to say:

“Wow, Ericka, what a great call. You were on tonight!”

“This was just what God wanted me to hear. It was confirmation! I now know what to do.”

“Thank you so much, Ericka, for being obedient and sharing this revelation! I am ready to get started now.”

To Get Your Immediate Audio Download and 40 Page Digital Workbook for only $14.95

By signing up today, you’ll automatically and immediately receive this 2 part digital program to include:  Expand and Increase your Time Audio Program: Downloadable, high value, content rich tele-seminar recording that will inspire you and have you ready to implement the lessons promptly. approx. 90 minutes.  Increase and Expand your Time Digital Workbook:  40 pages of high value material, with key insights and secrets that will challenge you to take your time management skills to the next level.  Work at your own pace to complete the mini exercises that will guide you into taking action now.BONUS: Just for getting your “Increase and Expand your Time” power pack NOW, you will also get – FREE of charge!  Free Yourself from Procrastination mp3 audio recording – (Beyond Fearless Call #9 – $5.95 value).

  • Hesitation…Doubt…Procrastination…the list goes on and on. Enough is enough. If you are ready to remove procrastination from your life and move into your rightful place with certainty and without hesitation, then you are ready for this teaching. approx. 70 minutes

Yes, Ericka, I would like to move beyond the typical time management strategies and learn how to “Increase and Expand my Time” so that I can walk out God’s calling on my life.  I understand that I only pay $14.95 and I’ll not only get the Increase and Expand your Time audio download and the 40 page e-workbook that I will be able to use immediately, but I’ll also get an additional bonus recording absolutely free, that will help me eliminate procrastination from my life.  I will have everything I need to have an increase in the time I have to do the work of the Lord.  Ask yourself this question, “What is chronic lack of time costing me?”.  Your peace of mind? Your love life? Being outside the will of God?  Whatever lack of time is costing you, I am sure it is more than the investment it will cost you to banish it from your life. Your investment to get started now is ONLY $14.95.  I look forward to hearing how this teaching will impact your life.Many Blessings,Ericka  P.S. I’ve learned from experience that it’s easy to learn about a new process of doing something, but it’s usually much harder to actually do it.  However, you won’t be left wondering what to do next because I have laid it all out for you in the Increase and Expand Your Time Now power pack.  Get yours now!