Ministry Mastery 101 Course

Ministry Mastery Header 2012Ministry Mastery 101: Building a Thriving Ministry – The Inward Journey  Training

 It is time to walk in the FULLNESS your destiny with no limits.

You will gain a mentor who will show you step by step what works and how to builds your ministry with ease.

This first section of the full Ministry Mastery training course focuses on your inward journey – the process of identifying and moving anything inside of yourself that can stand in the way of you fully releasing your ministry. You will gain the clarity, release old church hurts that Kingdom Ministers inevitably endure as they are being called into Kingdom work, and clarify your message and flock in addition to much more.

You are a Kingdom Minister if you are called to minister to the Body of Christ as an itinerant (traveling) minister outside of the walls of a church or a particular denomination. If you want to learn how to build your ministry and walk in your Kingdom calling on a full time basis with full financial provision and walk in the works of Jesus, then this course is for you.

This 8-week home-study course focuses on the inward journey, which clears any emotional wounds and spiritual challenges that keep you from accessing all that is possible to carry the message of the Lord via the Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute Online Learning Center.

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Each level of Ministry Mastery consists of eight (8) weeks of weekly classes via teleclass and/or webinar. Although to earn the entire Ministry Mastery Certification, you will need to complete all three levels of training, 101, 201 and 301. You can take any level of the course independently.

Ministry Mastery 101:
Eight (8) Weeks
You can enroll anytime.
You must complete 101 via the online learning center before you can move on to 201 if you want the full Ministry Mastery Certification – or – you can take 201 as a stand alone course if you do not want the certification.

The first level of this course lays the foundation you will need to build a thriving Kingdom Ministry. In addition, this level of the course also covers:

  • Elevating the discipline to grow your ministry.
  • How to set up the appropriate legal structure for your ministry .
  • Secrets to create a team to help expand your ministry.
  • How to organize the back-end of your ministry for effectiveness .
  • How to identify the spiritual needs of your flock.
  • Making a smooth transition from church ministry to Kingdom ministry.
  • Creating the blueprint for your ministry success.
  • Make peace with the value of your gifts.
  • Bringing your ministry into alignment with your calling and instruction from the Lord.
  • Clarifying your message and those to whom you are called to minister.
  • Moving beyond tradition and rudiments of man into building a true Kingdom ministry.
  • How to balance your local church with your ministry obligations.
  • Becoming the leader  Jesus has called you to be.
  • Avoiding the Top 7 mistakes ministries make.
  • Ascending  from being a member of the Body of Christ into a Kingdom citizen.
  • How to build your ministry in a way that keeps you rejuvenated , restored and ready.



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