Ministry Mastery 201 Course

Ministry Mastery 201 2013Ministry Mastery 201: Building a Thriving Ministry – The Upward Journey


You are a Kingdom Minister if you are called to minister to the Body of Christ as an itinerant (traveling) minister outside of the walls of a church or a particular denomination. If you want to learn how to build your ministry and walk in your Kingdom calling on a full time basis with full financial provision and walk in the works of Jesus, then this course is for you.

This 8-week home-study course focuses on the upward journey – clearing any spiritual challenges that keep you from accessing the room in the Kingdom of Heaven that hold the mysteries and revelation your ministry needs to prosper. Via the Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute Online Learning Center.

Ministry Mastery 201:
Eight (8) Weeks
You can enroll anytime.
You must complete 201 via the online learning center before you can move on to 301 if you want the full Ministry Mastery Certification – or – you can take 201 as a stand alone course if you do not want the certification.

The Lord is entrusting a portion of His flock to you. It is imperative that you are clear about all that your flock needs and what solutions the Lord has called you to offer them. This second course leads you to appropriate the power of the gateway for miracles so you can be the best minister possible for your flock (those you are called to).

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This second level of the full course includes:

  • Learning the way the Lord created you to always remain aligned with the things of Heaven .
  • How to purify your heart to carry and share the agape love the Lord requires of you in ministry.
  • How to identify and remove fear and any remaining hindrances and the process to getting rid of them forever so you are never tethered in building your ministry.
  • Techniques to expand your ministry and develop tools to handle the unique pressures of ministry founders.
  • How to lend your name and face to your ministry without pride or anything standing in the way of people seeing Jesus.
  • The hybrid model Ericka uses to easily create multiple streams of income .
  • The keys to being a vessel for miracles, signs and wonders , as the Word promises.
  • How to draw your flock to your ministry in mighty ways. How to strategically implement programs and resources that feed your flock.
  • Resources to automate the administration of your ministry.
  • Taking your spiritual life deeper in the Lord through receiving the “meat” of new revelation and how to access it at anytime to impact your flock .
  • How to clearly flow in the prophetic in your ministry.


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