Ministry Mastery 301 Course

Ministry Mastery 301 2013Ministry Mastery 301: Building a Thriving Ministry – The Outward Journey

You are a Kingdom Minister if you are called to minister to the Body of Christ as an itinerant (traveling) minister outside of the walls of a church or a particular denomination. If you want to learn how to build your ministry and walk in your Kingdom calling on a full time basis with full financial provision and walk in the works of Jesus, then this course is for you.

This 8 -week home-study course focuses on the outward journey – sharing your message with the world. Via the Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute Online Learning Center.

Ministry Mastery 301:
Eight (8) Weeks
You can enroll anytime.
You must complete 101 & 201 via the online learning center before you can move on to 301 if you want the full Ministry Mastery Certification – or – you can take 301 as a stand alone course if you do not want the certification. 

This third level of the course covers and guides you in mastering:

  • How to identify and connect with the Kings with whom the Lord has preordained your ministry to partner.
  • How to identify which resources you are called to create in response to what your flock needs.
  • How to create books, CDs, ebooks, articles, and other tools that will guide your flock in being encouraged and equipped to do the work of the Lord.
  • How to be clear about which avenues to best use to reach your flock.
  • Setting the foundation for marketing and effectively connecting with your flock.
  • The correct way to tithe and offer that will transform your finances .
  • How to gain heavenly access to your storehouse.
  • How to open yourself up to receive the full provision of the Lord.   
  • The different forms of currency the Lord provides for you as one of His ministers and how to tap into His infinite supply .
  • How to accurately establish your value to your flock.
  • How to keep a steady flow of revenue coming into your ministry when you are operating outside of the church.

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