The Speaker’s Advantage: How to Develop and Design a Compelling One-sheeter Course


This course is for speakers, coaches, business owners, experts, teachers and ministers ready to book more speaking engagements and significantly increase your speaking income.

Your one-sheeter is the most important tool you can have as a Speaker.

The Quality of Your Speaker Sheet Gives the Potential Client An Idea of Where You Are in Your Speaking Career and How Serious You Are With It.

Even in the era of Linked-in and social media – your speaker’s “one sheet” is still an indispensable marketing tool and can optimize your bookings.

Ericka D. James has been a professional speaker for more than 25 years. She has spoken at corporations, association meetings, conferences, faith-based events, churches and many organizations.


She will guide you through every step it takes to develop, design, and complete your one-sheeter that helps you get the level of speaking engagement bookings you desire.

Maybe you have a one-sheeter or you’ve had the idea of creating a one-sheeter for some time but hit some obstacles like:

  • You are not sure how to capture your brand as a Speaker.
  • The cost of finding and paying a designer is too high or you weren’t especially pleased with the design you got back from someone you hired.
  • You are not 100% sure what information you should include.
  • You have been getting lower paying bookings and you need a compelling one-sheeter in order to move to the next level.

Approx. 90-minutes