The Realm of the Impossible Audio Teaching


The Realm of the Impossible CD.

God dwells in the realm of the impossible. Ericka guides you through the process of transcending the limitations of this world into the realm where all things are possible and your faith opens the space for miracles in your life.

It is a space that transcends being deeply affected by the challenges and demands of the world
and remain completely focused on the Kingdom of God and experiencing miracles in every area of
your life.

It is having God-given dreams SO big that they seem impossible, but you believe with ALL
of your being that you can go beyond what you have believed to be possible.

It is stretching your belief into a new space of knowing that even things that used to seem
impossible are possible.

It is understanding this that keeps me in radical belief and action for the manifestation of this HUGE
vision God has placed in me.

I call this “space” the realm of the impossible.



The Realm of the Impossible