Accelerate your Freedom Today!

Discover the place that believers can live that is beyond the reach of the adversary.

Announcing Your Opportunity to Experience and Learn How to Use Our Proven Beyond Fearless Experience™ process to break free from all that is holding you back from walking in your Kingdom assignment!

Attention: Believers

If you are reading this letter, you may be:  

  • ready to experience healing in your heart, mind, body and spirit  
  • facing setbacks in your personal walk with the Lord – and desire a new way to reconnect quickly
  • ready to confront and purge yourself of past offenses (by dealing with the hurts and disappointments once and for all)
  • eager to make a big difference in the Kingdom and have a tremendous impactbut need to do the work on yourself first
  • struggling to walk in your full authority and power but know there is a way to access His full authority if you just had the right process to use
  • seeking to experience a move of God in your life and in the lives of those around you  
  • desiring to learn the forgiveness process that will complement the existing services you offer (such as: counseling, coaching, ministering, healing, etc.)
  • ready to serve as a vessel for the Greater Works of Godto be displayed here, on earth – and are looking for the catalyst that will jumpstart that vision

Well, you have arrived in the right place and at the right time.  One of the easiest ways to solve these challenges is to learn a proven process for accelerating personal freedom from a fellow believer, author and evangelist who knows how to do it.  

Why continue to search and strive when the process has been laid out, has been successfully in use and is available to you?  

There is a realm in which you as a believer can walk where you become free of the works of the enemy.You become liberated to be who God created you to be.  You are able to openly manifest the assignment God gave you – your Kingdom Assignment, without any hindrances in your way.   There is a specific process to get to that place in your walk with the Lord.  

The new revelation of this full process is taught for the first time at the “The Beyond Fearless Experience™”

Based on the ground-breaking book of Evangelist Ericka D. Jackson, “Beyond Fearless: How to remove Every Hindrance from Your Life”, this work goes beyond the bounds of tradition and opens you up to experience the greater works of Jesus (John 14:12) in your life.  

What does this “Beyond Fearless” life look like?

  • FREEDOM: Be who you are called be, no longer being a people pleaser or living less than your call to make others feel comfortable.  

  • JOY: Live free from depression and anxiety by living a joyful life, enjoying the richness of every relationship, interaction and experience.  

  • PURPOSE: Identify and walk in your Kingdom assignment by being free to hear clearly from God and live your life on point every day.  

  • POWER: Walk in your authority in God by being in charge of your health, your wealth and your mind.    

Now is the Time for you to Commit to Living your Life “Beyond Fearless” so that you can take it to the world.  

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Your Flock Needs You To Be Free Now! Let Me Tell You Why   

Why the world needs your help now!

There are at least two reasons that today’s believers need your help in discovering who they are, whose they are and the vision that God has laid out for their lives:  

First: There are millions of believers living defeated lives.They are hindered in their walk with God and are weighted down by the attacks of the adversary.  They are going through the motions of living and are not experiencing the freedom and dominion that God promised in His Word.  

Second: A new global hunger for something more meaningful and significant is emerging that brings one’s life purpose and spiritual calling to the forefront of one’s life. (You’re noticing it for yourself too, right?) And with it, believers need to find a way to effectively do the following five things:  

  1. Function freely above the works of the enemy – Today’s Christians are facing more overwhelm and conflicts in their lives than ever before and need to have a method to refocus and reground themselves in the word of the Lord.
  2. Identify and walk in their Kingdom Assignment so that they begin to glorify the Father through their own life
  3. Solidify and deepen their spiritual and emotional connection with their Heavenly father
  4. Revive their life’s vision and passions which allows them to flow in their anointing in their homes, on their jobs and in their everyday lives, and
  5. Gain complete clarity so that they are free to walk in their full authority through Jesus to complete the tasks set before them with ease

The Beyond Fearless Experience will equip you with the knowledge and tools to walk in your assignment to reach the masses.  

You will leave this event transformed:

During this conference for releasing God’s glory, you will learn the ground breaking and tradition-busting teachings that will free your mind, body, spirit and soul.   You will leave this event:  

  • With a proven process for overcoming any and every offense the adversary brings your way
  • With the understanding of how to purify your heart – and why you must do this daily beginning now
  • With the knowledge of How to identify and break free of strongholds and their fruit – and how important this process is to Kingdom living
  • With a verified system for helping others break free of past offenses, hurts and disappointments – so that they will be able to hear from God for themselves with ease and less striving
  • Aware of and in the process of breaking FREE of any emotional baggage that has been keeping you from functioning fully in your calling
  • Ready to move in your full authority, power and dominion without any strongholds limiting you or keeping you down and
  • Most of all, you will leave with the understanding of how to bring forth the life God set aside for you to enjoy
  • And…much, much more

You are guaranteed to hear revelations of God you have never heard before.   

The Lord has promised Ericka that He will manifest His signs, wonders and miracles, mightily.  

Register Today for only $179

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Who Can Benefit:

This unique conference is designed for you if you are:  

  • A believer who desires to go deeper in the things of the Lord and are ready to break free of strongholds
  • A Christian based life coach or counselor
  • A minister, preacher, evangelist or if you serve in any of the five fold ministries of the Church
  • A home church or Bible study leader
  • A marketplace minister or A Christian based speaker
  • Or any other type of Christian based professional

The 6 Profound Benefits you will receive at this Conference are:

Benefit #1: Networking Event where you can meet and mingle with other believers who are ready to experience a mighty move of God in their own lives so that they are better equipped to minister, counsel, train, speak and teach  

Benefit #2: FULL Day Conference– with powerful teaching, where you will learn and experience this unique process for removing hindrances and walking in your newfound freedom. You will leave prepared to continue the work within yourself and to introduce the work to the people you are called to assist on earth  

Benefit #3: Worship Service where you experience this unique process first hand under Ericka’s tutelage and care.  

Benefit #4: Signed Copy of Ericka’s Latest Book “Beyond Fearless – How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life” this work goes beyond the bounds of tradition and opens you up to experience the greater works of Jesus in your life.  

Benefit #5: Beyond Fearless Experience™ Manual Full of information you can implement immediately and a resource that you will refer back to often as you master this process and begin to share it with others.  

Benefit #6: Recording of the teachingso that you can refer back to every time you need a refresher, a word from the Lord or a little encouragement.  

BONUS: FREE 30 day membership to the Beyond Fearless Network™ where you will be able to continue this work by deepening and strengthening your knowledge of Kingdom. (Your credit card will be charged the monthly rate of only $27 if you do not cancel after 30 days.)  

And that’s not all!

Register by FEBRUARY 8th and you will receive 6 additional, hand picked bonus products valued at over $200 absolutely FREE.

Fearless Living Pack which includes:

  1. Fear No More Audio Teaching
  2. Freedom From Fear Audio Teaching
  3. Fearless Living Challenge e-Book
  4. Fearless Living Challenge e-Course

Freedom Power Pack which includes:

*Select teachings from the esteemed Ministry Mastery Program

5.  Your Heart is the Key audio teaching  

6.  Demolishing Strongholds audio teaching  

These bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the conference!   

This is unbelievable value at an incredible low cost!  So, don’t delay.   

In order to experience the most fulfilling and the most successful life and ministry – you need to experience the freedom that the Beyond Fearless Experience sets in motion.  It empowers you, as believers and leaders, to be who God created you to be and gives you the ability to express your life’s purpose through your work, your ministry and your life. It also teaches you to connect more deeply with the Lord and your flock.   

2 Conference Locations:

  • Birmingham, AL – March 11 – 12, 2011
  • Alexandria, VA – March 25 – 26, 2011

Conference Agenda:

Friday Evening: Networking Event (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm)   

Saturday: Conference Sessions (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)   

Saturday: Worship Service– evening of deliverance and healing (7:00 – 9:00 pm)  

Topics Covered:

  • Untruths within the Body of Christ
  • The Truth about Salvation
  • Becoming Fearless
  • Heavenly Rank
  • The Truth about Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Purifying the Heart
  • Identifying the Strongholds and their Fruit
  • And much, much more

This process honors who you are, meets you wherever you are and provides a safe environment for the Holy Spirit to flow and do a quick work within you.  Once you use the Beyond Fearless process to hone in on the exact strongholds that are hindering you and give them their marching orders, you will be able to reconnect to your life’s purpose, passion and the people you are called to help. (No, it is not too good to be true!)  

Only $179 if you register by Feb 28th (a $40 savings).   

The price increases to  $219 on March 1st  

You will receive incredible value for such a low registration rate. Do not allow this opportunity to pass you by.  Not only will this work impact you but it will affect everyone who comes in contact with you.  So…get in on this now so that you can begin helping those in your circle walk in freedom.  

We fully expect to sell out and space is very limited in this exclusive event.  Don’t delay – Reserve Your Space Today!  

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Final Deadline to Register:   

March 9th for Birmingham   

March 23rd for Alexandria   

No Registrations can be taken at the Door.   

Remember…Register by Feb 8th and you will receive 6 additional bonuses, hand-picked by Ericka, just for acting now (Valued at over $200 – even more than the cost of the conference).   

These teachings are 100% scriptural and breathed from the Holy Spirit.  We pray that we see you soon!  


Birmingham Information: March 11-12, 2011

“The Beyond Fearless Experience™” will be held at the Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park.  

This boutique – style hotel is located near a wide array of attractions, such as the Botanical Gardens, Birmingham City Center, RiverchaseGalleria, Birmingham Zoo, Birmingham Museum of Art, Summit Shopping Center and many more.  If you are traveling and will need lodging, the Hilton offers spacious rooms with ample amenities to meet your needs.  

Room rates are only $109 per night + tax if you reserve your room by February 11th and mention the Beyond Fearless Experience Event!  

Call 1-205-961-2700  

Click here to visit the hotel site  

Alexandria Information: March 25-26, 2011

“The Beyond Fearless Experience™” will be held at Courtyard Alexandria in Alexandria, VA.  

This Courtyard by Marriothotel is located near a wide array of attractions, such as Alexandria Old Town, Smithsonian Museum, Lincoln Memorial and is only 8 miles away from Washington DC, which boasts several additional widely known attractions, such as the White House, the Washington Monument among others. If you are traveling and will need lodging, the Courtyard offers spacious rooms with ample amenities to meet your needs.  

Room rates are only $119 per night + tax if you reserve your room by March 4th and mention the Beyond Fearless Experience Event! Call 1-703-329-2323  

Click here to visit the hotel site  

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In His Service,  

Ericka and Ministerial Team  

P.S. God is calling His chosen.  Will you answer?   Ericka D. Jackson is a visionary who is changing the way we operate in The Body of Christ. She combines her ministry with her years of business success to create a new model for ministries and businesses both online and person-to-person. She loves innovating and masterfully packages her gifts into products and services that continue to get the word out around the world about her calling to guide others in living God’s vision with no fear or hindrances. She will show you how to do it with little or no budget required. She is an Evangelist, Author, and Breakthrough Coach and is the Founder her ministry, The Convergence Center LLC. You can learn more about her life’s work, 5 books and many CD’s at  

Event Cancellation Policy: Fees for all services including live events, coaching or tele-classes are non-refundable.  Fees for live Beyond Fearless Experience events that you are unable to attend can be applied to a future Beyond Fearless Experience event. If you unexpectedly are not able to attend an event for which you paid full registration before the Final Registration date for that particular event, send request via email requesting that your registration be applied to a future event. After the Final Registration date, your registration was already applied to expenses and cannot be refunded or transferred to another event.