The Power of Vision: Recognizing God’s Call Paperback Book

As a Christian Author, Ericka has written a simple, yet profound guide to identifying God’s vision for your life.

The Power of Vision 3D Book CoverThere is a sense of urgency in understanding God’s specific vision for your life. Once you are clear about this vision, you can commit to bringing it forth. But, where do you begin?

Vision. Calling. Purpose. Dreams, etc. What is the difference and how do you understand these differences in order to become crystal clear on how to manifest all God has created you to do with the specific gifts and talents He has bestowed upon you?

How do you know what God wants for your life? Get these and ten of the most important questions about recognizing and heeding God’s call on your life answered for the first time in easy-to-read book.

Ericka shares that, “When you just exist, you bound around life like the colorful ball in a pinball machine, just waiting for the next obstacle to rebound off of that send you in another random direction. Think about all of the time you may spend in The Word, attending church, doing good deeds, working to get sin underfoot and fellowshipping, but still not functioning within the fullness of your purpose.

When you pull back the layers, it’s all about you finding your vision and living it.”   Ericka extends her 18 years of expertise, skills, and spiritual gifts to assist you in identifying the seven components of vision.

Identify your purpose, calling, passion, gifts and talents dreams, desires of your heart, and area of service and learn how these critical components all converge to illuminate God’s specific call on your life. Their are people waiting for you to step into the fullness of your calling. With this booklet, you won’t have to keep them waiting another day!


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