Vision Precision Audio Teaching

vision precisionYour vision is God’s assignment for your life.

It is something as unique to you as your fingerprint. Ericka teaches the 7 components of vision, how God shows you your vision, how to know where you were born to apply your vision and this call has an amazing special bonus…how to open the rooms of Heaven to provide for your every need. Shared by Cindy Garrett, a participant on the call as her revelation from The Holy Spirit, she teaches how to pull down the resources of heaven for supernatural provision.

Learn how to clarify the vision God has placed inside of you with unmistakeable precision. This teaching is the basis of everything else you to to move forward in manifesting His vision for your life. Only available in mp3 recording.

  • Do you know the fingerprint God created you to make on His Kingdom?
  • Do you know the specifics of your assignment?
  • Do you know what your assignment looks like when it has been fulfilled?
  • Do you know what people you were born to help?
  • Do you know what gifts and talents God needs you to use to manifest your vision?
  • Do you know the specific steps you are to take?
  • Do you know how to access the resources you need for your vision?
  • Do you know the 7 components of vision and how they all work together?

I teach you how to answer each of these questions and more in this teaching.

This 90-minute teaching will change your life!

Act on this opportunity to get the tools to manifest God’s calling on your life.