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It is time for Christian Women to RISE

It was my 30th birthday and I sat at my desk on the verge of tears. My life was suffocating me. I was living grossly beneath the level to which I was called. I felt as if I was floating away from my true life. No more. I had enough.

That day I decided  that I was going to live the life for which I was created.

It was as if I came back to life in that moment and reconnected with the young woman who started public speaking and leading student assemblies at age 12; began her first business at the age of 18; was very involved in student government all of my years in school and who had a huge calling. It was time for the little girl who was always rooting for every one and always voted, “Most Inspirational” by team mates to get busy.

The amnesia that struggling through life had created lifted off of me and I remembered that the years of bullying and cruel teasing, severely low self-esteem and countless struggles of single motherhood were allowed so I could continue to impact and transform lives around the world.
It was not time to quit. It was time to dig in and fight for my dreams and calling.

That was more than 14 years ago and I am continually humbled and blown away at what the Lord has placed inside of me since I made that decision on my 30th birthday.Through countless hours in His presence, I began accessing new realms in Heaven and receiving fresh revelation for such a time as this. I accessed my Heavenly Blueprint and life has been incredible ever since!

Then the Lord begin pouring out keys that the Body of Christ needs to elevate back to our rightful position. I made Him a promise that I would share these keys and spiritual technologies with anyone who would listen.

There is a Heavenly Blueprint in the Kingdom of Heaven that has your name written on it. This blueprint holds every step and instruction of your calling and precisely how the Lord intends you to carry it out. Having access to your Heavenly blueprint right here and now is mandatory.

If you are serious about making a bigger impact in the world, living 100% on purpose and building a thriving business or Kingdom ministry, you have come to the right place. If you are ready to receive advanced training that will shake off tradition and life-as-usual then I am here to work with you to fulfill the life already written in your spiritual DNA. Let’s DO this!

Dedicated to Your Success,
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