The Lord created you with a certain rhythm. This rhythm is your natural, God-given pace and it is critical to manifesting your Kingdom Assignment.

I have learned in my own life and in the many, many lives I work with, that you must honor this inner pace in order to keep fear demolished as you build the Lord’s assignment on your life.

When you find yourself rushing beyond your natural pace, you miss the Lord and what He is instructing you to do. This is paramount because when you move so fast that you are missing the Lord, you are operating in error and sin – even if it is in His name.

This leaves the door open for the stronghold of fear to sneak in and leave you feeling anxious, stressed, worried and frantic that you are going to miss something. This is not the Lord operating.

Today, I want to remind you to slow down, find your pace and align your life in a way that honors this important aspect of building your vision.

Learn how to lovingly say “No” when a request comes that takes you off track or purpose. These requests are usually people unknowingly looking to you instead of Jesus for what it is they seek.

Make sure your calendar reflects your natural pace and flow. Schedule appointments on days and at times that you naturally have more energy to connect with people.

Block out time to complete projects and writing that get the Word the Lord has placed within you out to those He has called you to lead.

Take time to notice the needs of your body as the moment your body or temple gets off and unhealthy is the moment the message of God within you suffers.

Let the Lord lead you and stop pushing. He will show you which way to go, who to connect with and how to spread His message at the right time that will catapult you forward into a whole, new dimension in Him.

My pace is slower than most but I get a tremendous amount completed as I move at this natural slower, deliberate pace.

What is your pace?

It must be honored so your spirit feels safe in releasing the message the Lord has placed within you for His people for such a pivotal time as this.

Have a phenomenal day!

To His Glory,
Ericka J