There are unique challenges to being a minister called to the Body of Christ. I call them “Kingdom Ministers.” One of these challenges is having a “covering” that is not threatened by your gifts, insights and revelation. I have learned that it is not the call of a Pastor to be your covering if you are assigned to the Kingdom either through ministry or business. That is the unique role of a TRUE Apostle.

Years ago I was praying for the Lord to reveal who He had assigned to me as “my” Apostle. It didn’t take long for the Lord to present this Apostle, my spiritual teacher – Apostle Elijah Forte. It has been an amazing blessing to be free to do the work of the Lord and build His Kingdom along side of the prophetic leadership of Apostle Forte.

On Friday as I was praying for a Word to share with you, I received an email message from Apostle Forte sharing a Word that Jesus told him on Friday morning. I asked him if I could share this powerful Word from God with you. Of course, as a man secure in His gifting and position in the Kingdom of Heaven, He said, “Yes.”

May is a pivotal month for you and in this video I share the exact Word Apostle shared with us. He also has a word about upcoming weather that you don’t want to miss.

Thank you, Apostle!


Love, Ericka