Inheriting the Kingdom of God does not automatically come to every Christian. Walking in the power, dominion and authority of the Kingdom of Heaven requires removing anything in between you and the full power of Jesus working in your life.

While each of us are loved unconditionally by The Father, access to His secrets of Heaven and mysteries of the gospel comes with conditions. (I know…we seldom talk about this truth in our walks with the Lord!). But, it is true.

The Word is quite clear about what is required in order to truly access your inheritance. And remember, to inherit something means to access it while you are living. There is a wealth of knowledge, power, revelation and authority we are not accessing on a daily basis. I am absolutely committed to fully experiencing ALL the Lord has for each of us and the impact we are called to make upon the earth.

But, what stands in the way? How do you identify it? What is the next step to you walking into accessing the promises of God? I share a bit of it in this video. I hope it is a blessing to you! Enjoy! Love, Ericka