I pray this message finds you doing wonderfully!

As I was sitting here in my quiet time easing into my day, The Lord dropped something in my heart to share with you.

He asked me to remind you that He speaks in specifics.

He desires to share the specific, step-by-step way He needs you to go about completing His instructions, yet so few of us ask Him for the specifics.

He operates in specifics and desires to share them with you. But, you have to ask.

Ask Him what He would have you work on today to His glory. Ask Him what steps He would have you take to complete the project you are working on.

Ask Him what He would have you say to those He is bringing in contact with you today. Ask Him what He meant when He had the scriptures written.

Here’s the catch – once you ask, you have to be still long enough to receive His answer. This is mediation on His Word, yet so few of His children take the time to move beyond prayer, worship and praise to get into the space of interaction with Him.

Allow the Lord to speak to you and order your every little detail today. Boldly go to His throne and request that He designs your To-Do List.

While it sounds so simple, this will require much from you. It may require you being more disciplined in your spiritual practice. It may require you shifting your evening around so you can get the rest you need to be able to sit still in His presence first thing in the morning.

Whatever it takes for you to free up the time to sit still long enough to hear His response to your questions, it is worth it.

He will pour out the specifics of who He would have you speak to, what He would like to say and how He would have you proceed toward making the calling on your life manifest in its fullness.

Take time to ask the Lord the specifics of your day. He would love to hear from you!

Have a spectacular day!

To His Glory,