After 11 years in full-time itinerant ministry, I have learned so much about belief, which is the precursor to faith. You cannot have faith without first passing by belief. Belief occurs when you are 100% certain about something. Faith happens when you add action to your belief. 

But nothing jolted me like the revelation the Lord gave me on believing Him for provision. I really thought I was believed until the Holy Spirit showed me my unbelief. Not only did He show me my unbelief, He gave me the specific steps to belief and how to know whether or not I am in true belief. This one teaching from the throne of God changed my life. It moved me into belief and gave me access to faith like never before.

In this video, I share the insights the Holy Spirit gave me in how to move into belief and how to always know when you are truly believing. This is critical in taking your walk with the Lord to new heights because while we all want to say we believe, it is a specific process.

Enjoy! (The video is about 4 minutes).

Love, Ericka