It is the eve of a 33-year promise coming into fruition. When I was 17 years old, God promised me my own show. The show will launch on Wednesday, March 24th with 11 episodes of power-packed, fun, transformation and inspiration.

I want to remind you today to pull your God given dreams off the shelf. Make sure you stay focused and get busy doing those things that have been in your bosom since you were a little girl or boy. Complete those incomplete projects and put them out into the world.

In this age of social media, it is so easy to look at what we think someone else has or what we think they’re doing, or how advanced their business is. Take your eyes off of other’s vision.

Put all of your time, energy, focus, talent and treasure on yours.

Look within focus in on your vision. No matter what. Single motherhood. The weight of building multiple businesses (and a ministry) without all of the help I really needed. Adjusting to marriage after 44 years of singleness. It has been no joke! Whew!

I am so grateful that I didn’t quit.

I’m so grateful! I believed God for this impossible vision of a show of my own that would transform people’s lives and not be just another talk show.

I want to remind you not to give up on the promises that you have received, those things that you have seen in a vision, those things that you have believed for yourself.

Be on the lookout for The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose. We are releasing the promos tomorrow.

I’ll talk to you soon!