Happy Friday!

This is a spectacular time in the Body of Christ!

This is a time of supernatural positioning and placement. This is a time where the Lord is moving you beyond where you have ever been before and accelerating the coming to pass of the vision He has placed within you. This is a time of execution and manifestation with an ease that may feel new to you. This means that He is moving you from struggle, lack and feeling like with all you have been doing, you are slightly missing the mark of living the fullness of your calling.

Be careful not to get too comfortable with your familiar circumstances.

Here is a quick video (about 2.5 minutes) to help you maneuver this important time in your faith walk.

If you are ready to move to the next “level” or dimension and fearlessly achieve the success you have been visioning with the specific tools, coaching and an elite and intimate community of others at the same place in bringing forth their success, there is a program launching soon that is just for you.

The Fearless Success Circle ignites the power of accountability to guide and support you in BUSTING out and BUSTING loose
from all lack and limitation and walks you into success that will astound you.

Click here see the full details of the Circle

The next cycle launches on Tuesday, April 10th and is waiting for you. Spaces are very limited. There is a level specially designed for you. Enjoy!