Distractions are costing you way too much!

Research suggests that: An average of 2.1 hours are lost daily as a result of distractions. The average time spent on a task before we get distracted is 11 minutes. The amount of time it takes to  – return to a task after a disruption is 25 minutes (source:

Wait! Let’s do the math. That’s 10.5 hours per week. 42 hours per month. Let’s say your hourly value is $ $50 – 100 per hour. That means that distractions are costing you between $2,100 – $4,200 per month. That’s a WHOPPING $28,800 – $50,400 annually. Whoa!

How would eliminating distractions change your work day? Week? Life? Let’s find out!  

The simple truth is that minimizing or eliminating distractions holds the power to change your life.

There are three different types of distractions that you need to identify and eliminate. When all three types of distractions have been dealt with, you will feel like you can truly focus and have the time and space to slow down and actually complete those outstanding tasks on your To-Do list.

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