Two years ago I was very frustrated with God. I was tired of witnessing so many of His beloved struggling and living beneath the promises of His Word. I worked one-on-one with Christians in various stages of bringing forth their vision both in business and ministry and there was one thing they all had in common. They knew there was more. I did, too.

I began to dig-in and deeply pursue the truth of the Lord. I asked Him to show me His ways and His statutes and was willing to release everything tradition and growing up the church taught me. After all, that is what had gotten me to this place of feeling stuck. The moment I decided to release all I thought I knew, the Lord began to mightily pour into me.

He shared four steps that all believers must go through in order to enter into His Kingdom. This was mind blowing  to me because I was always taught that one you gave you life to the Lord, you gained access and entrance into His Kingdom. I have sense learned that this is simply not true.

I went to the Lord and this is what He shared about these four steps:

  1. You must know Him and understand the power He has given you to wield. You must be reconnected with
    your Heavenly position and rank through Christ Jesus.
  2. You must have a New and Clean Heart (Ez 36:24). You have to go through the process to clean anything that is
    not of God, and from your past, from your heart. This process removes any lingering unforgiveness, resentment, hurt, or
    emotional issues from your heart so it can be clear for God to use to speak to you.
  3. You must have a Right Spirit (Psalm 51:10). You have to go through the process to remove any remaining
    unclean hindrances from the world. This includes each and every one of the stronghold spirits and their fruit.
  4. You must walk in His full power with the full manifestation of all seven characteristics of God (Isaiah 11:2).
    You will then move in signs and wonders and the way of the Apostles. You will become the fruit of The Holy Spirit. You will
    complete the work that Jesus began and become an example of the greater works that Jesus calls everyone who believes
    in Him to do (John 14:10 – 14).

This is what living beyond fearless is all about. Jesus has revealed the entire process to His people. If you are serious about God, you must be serious about living Beyond Fearless. This work makes you unstoppable in the things of God.

God literally used me as a vessel to bring this work through. I was in prayer one morning and asking God to speak to me in relation to this work and what He would have me tell His people. The words I wrote in this article are the words God’s Holy Spirit spoke to me to share with you. The Body of Christ is ready for this work. I will be sharing how to move into the dimension of beyond fearless throughout this blog.

The most amazing thing is that after I moved in obedience in understanding the profoundness of this work, the Lord then reveals that these are the four steps to experiencing Heaven while you are living right here on the earth. It’s a new day! So, stay tuned…

Love, Ericka