I just love it when I find new aspects of my rhythm! I did walk first thing this morning and it felt marvelous! It was the other part of my day that I’m dreading. I realize my gifts and doing tedious work is NOT one of them! Yet, on my vision-path, there has been so much tedious work and details that sometimes I just want to holler! It’s always good tedious stuff like handling financials, editing, etc, I just know I have to push myself to do it! Today I am putting the last edits on my new three books so they can go into national distribution. I will see my work in bookstores and online in a matter of days – yeah! I have been putting this off and that’s not like me. I realize that on days like today I just want to blink and have the work get itself done. When I get to these places, it often feels like I have run a marathon and I can see the finish line, yet there are just a few more steps to take. And why is it always stuff that only I can do!? I know this is just part of the process of getting from “here to there” and I will feel like a million bucks when I’m done a bit later today. Ahhh, okay…I’m on it!

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